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Full text of "Catalogue of the tombs in the churches of the city of London, A.D. 1666"

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<>.■■■ "■ 

< T ■ ■ 1 r 




of Moft of the Memorable 

TombeSy Grave ftones. Plates, Efcutcheons, or Atchievementa 
in the Demolifht or yet Extant Churches of 


from St Katharines beyond the Tower, 
to Tempk?Barre. 

The Out-Pari(hes being included. 


to be indulged and Countenanced by iuch who are 

gratefully ambitious of Preierving 

the Memory of their anceftors. 

By P. Fijher ibmetimes Seijant Major 
of Foot. 


Printed Anno. MDCLXVIII. 

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Ca(alope of tfie ^omH 

In the Churches of the City 


7i.^. 1666. 



g/ blacker morgan. 


Printed 1668. 

Privately re-frinted 1885. 

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This edition is limited to twenty-five large-paper copies {demy quarto) 
on Whatman's hand- made paper, and feventy-five finall-paper 
copies (crown quarto) on antique paper. 

This copy is numbered 

r ^7 

Pfiomi*fy^Hmi$dh Hsuii^ H^mtMm, 6* yim^, Ld,, ^ JCirfySirtti, Lmidm, S,C. 

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The ''Catalogue of Tombes of London" was publiihed by Major Payne Fiflier in 1668 — ^two 
years after the Great Fire. The names of the churches where the infcriptions were evident 
are entirely omitted by Fifher, rendering his work in its original (late comparatively ufeleis. 
\ In its prefent revifed form the Catalogue is arranged alphabetically. The original entries 
in Fiflier's catalogue have been retained, while many additions have been made to the work 
from the bed editions of Stow's " Survey of London," etc. 

Fifher's original work may be identified by the abfence of the name of the church, or where 
it is added infquare brackets. The remainder of the entries in this catalogue are additions 
made from the fources named. Further particulars of the infcriptions will generally be found 
on reference to Stow's " Survey of London " under the name of the church. 

The number of churches in the City and Liberties of London (exclufive of S. Paul's Cathe- 
dral) that exifted before the Fire was 108. Of thefe, thirteen within the City, and nine within 
the Liberties thereof, furvived the Fire, while eighty-fix churches were deflroyed. Of the latter 
number fifty-one churches were rebuilt, and the remainder of the parilhes, thirty-five in number, 
were annexed to the new churches. 

A moll ufeful lift of " Printed parifli regifters," by Dr. Marftiall, will be found in The 
Genealogift for July 1885, (New Series, vol. ii., No. 7,) which may be advantageoufly referred 
to for information on this fubject. 

The following table has been carefully compiled from various fources. The dates of 
rpgifters are taken from the Return of Parifh Regifters in England and Wale9. 

Cable Qiotoing tbe ^vxtSm tottliin tbe Citp ann ILiberttes of lUmtion 
befiire ann after tbe jFire of 1666* 

*«* The names of Churches tUfiroyed hy the Fin amd rehtili an printed in ordinary type ; thefe which furvived the 
Fin within the City and Liberties are printed in black type ; and thofe Chunhes deftreyed by the Fin and 

net rebuilt^ of which the parifhes wen annexed to others^ an printed in italics. 

Name of Church. 

miallslM. Itarftiaff 

AUhallows, Bread SU 
AilhallowSf Honey Lane 

AllhaUows, Lombard St 


Date of 

, Great Tower St ... 1558 

. Watling St 1538 

.(With S. Mary-le- 

Bow) 1538 

Lombard St ... 1550 

flUIIallotof. ftonlroit WM New Broad St ... 1559 

Name of Church. 

Slllanstof , SMiniXit 

AUhallows the Great... 
Atlhaliaws the Lefs ... 

S. Alban, Wood St ... 


Date of 


..(With S. OUve, 

Hart St) 1643 

.. Upper Thames St 1668 

.. (With AUhallows 

the Great) i$$8 

.. Wood St 1566 

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Name of Church. 

Name of Church. 

^^**^^' npum. 

ft. fllf^gt. l^onlroil nun London WaU ... 1613 | 

.(WithS. Mary Mag. 

ft. Stilnrfto. ftolbom 


dalen, Knight- 

S, Andrew Hubbard 

. (With S. Mary-at. 

rider St) 


Hill) 1791 

ft.ftel(it.»titi09ftatf .. 

. Greats. Helen's... 


ft. flnHtfto niilrft««ft .. 

. S. Mary Axe ... 1558 

ft. Mamn, Bufcc'f Vlare.. 


S. Andrew by the Wardrobe Doctors' Commons 1558 | 

S. James, Garlick Hythe .. 

. (Garlick HiU 


S. Ann and S. Agnes 

S.MartinVle-<}rand 1640 

S, John the BapHft, Wal 

S, Ann, BUukfriars 

.(WithS. Andrew by 


. (With S. Antholin) 


the Wardrobe)... 1560 

S, John the Evangdifl .. 

.(With Allhallows, 

S. Antholin» 

(With S. Mary 

Bread St) ... 


Aldermary) ... 1538 

S, John Zachary 

. (With S. Anne and 

S. Auguftine, Watling St.. 

.Old Change 1559 



S. Bartholomew, Exchange (With S. Maigaret, 

ft. Katlrriite Colmuni .. 

. Fenchurch St. ... 


Lothbury) 1558 

ft. lUttrrtne Ctf e Clurcl Leadenhall St. ... 


ft. Sarttoloinrto tfe ®mt Weil Smithfield ... 1616 | 

S. Lawrence Jewry 

. GrelhamSt 



S. Bartholomew's 

S, Lawrence Pountney 

. (With S. Mary Ab- 

Hofpital 1547 



S. Benet Fink 

. (With S. Peter-le- 

S, Leonard, EaJUheap 

.(With S. Benet, 

Poer) 1538 

Gracechurch St.) 1559 

S. Benet Gracedbuich 

.(With Allhallows. 

S, Leonard, Fofter Lane .. 

. (WithChriftCh.)... 


Lombard St.) ... 1559 

S. Magnus-the-Martyr 

. Lower Thames St 


S. Bennet, Paul's Wharf .. 

. Upper Thames St 1 6 19 

S. Margaret, Lothbury .. 

. Lothbury 


5. Bentut, Shtnhcg 

. (With S. Stephen, 

S, Margaret Mo/es 

. (With S. MUdred, 

Walbrook) ... 1557 

Bread St.) 


ft. ISotoIyt mtttomt .. 

. Alderlgate St ... 1640 

.S: Margaret, New Fifli St, 

(S. Magnus the 


. Aldgate High St 1558 



S. Boiolph^ Billing/gatt .. 

.(With S. George, 

S. Margaret Pattens 

. Rood Lane 


Botolph Lane)... 1685 

S. Martin, Ludgate .\. .. 

. Ludgate HUl ... 


ft.»otol9t.niit)omt .. 

. Bifliopsgate St ... 1558 

S, Martin Organ 

. (With S. Clement, 

S. Bride, Fleet St. 

Fleet St 1653 



S. Clement, Eaflcheap .. 

. Clement's Lane ... 1539 

ft.«fUl1t1t®llttot(|> .. 

. (With S. Helen's) 


Chriftchurch, Newgate St.. 

. Newgate St 1538 

S, Martin Pomeroy 

.(With S. Olave, 

S. Chriftopher-lc-Stock .. 

. (With S. Maigaret, 



Lothbury) 1558 

S. Martin Vintry 

. (With S. Michael 

S. Dionis Backchurch 

. Fenchurch St ... 1538 



S. Dunftan-in-the-East 

. Great Tower St. ... 1558 

S. Mary Abchurch 

. Abchurch Lane ... 


ft. 9ttnaaii:>iii«t»e««ilrft 

Fleet St 1558 

S. Mary the Virgin 

. Aldermanbury ... 


S. Edmund King and Marty 

r Lombard St ... 1670 

S. Mary Aldermary 

. Bow Lane 


ft. ^Ftjelbttrga 

. Bilhopfgate St 

S. Mary Bothaw 

. (With S. Swithin) 


Within 1671 

S. Mary-le-Bow 

. Cheapfide 


S. Faith under S. Paul .. 

. (WithS. Auguftine) 1645 

S, Mary CoUchurch 

. (With S. Mildred, 

5". Gabrid, Fenehurch 

. (With S. Margaret 

Poultry) • 


Pattens) 1571 

S. Mary-at-Hill 

. Love Lane, Eaft- 

S. George, Botolph Lane .. 

. Btllingfgate 1547 



ft. ^\\n ltiltt«ottt Cnp« 

5. Mary MagiaJen, Milk St, (With S. Lawrence, 


. Fore Street 1561 



' Rebuilt after the Fire, but deftroyed by Ecclefiaftical Commirfioners in 1876. 
' Surrived the Fire, but deftroyed in 1874. Tombs, Sec, removed to S. Helen's. 

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Nmm oCCbukJi* 

S. Mmiy Magdalen 

51 M^fy Mmmtkmw 

S. Maiy Somerfet 

S. Mmiy^ Siaimi$ig .. .. 

£ M^fy WMckureh Haw 

S. Maiy Wooboth 

S. Matthew, Friday St ., 

S. Michael Balfifliaw 

S. MidiaeU Conihill 

S. Michael* Crooked Lane., 
S. Midiad, Queenhithe . 
S. MUkatl-U-Qmim ... . 

S. Michael Rojal ... .. 
S. Michael, Wood St 
S. Mildied, Bread St 
S. Mildrad the Viigin . 
S. NkkUta A€9m ... . 

S. Nidiolas, Cole Ahbey . 
51 HicMmt Olmot ••• . 



. Knightrider St ... 1717 

. (With S. Mary 

Somerset) 171 1 

.Cole Abbey 1711 

. (With S. Michael, 

Wood St) ... i6S5 
(With S. Maiy 

Woohioth) ... 1558 
. Lombard St ... 1538 

.Friday St 1558 

. Bafingball St ... 1538 

. Comhill 1546 

. Crooked Lane ... 1539 
,. Upper Thames St 1653 
.(With S. Vedast, 

Foster Lane) .:. 1558 

.. College Hill 1558 

..Wood St 1559 

..Bread St 1658 

,. Poultry 1538 

.. (With S. Edmond, 

ICandM.) ... 1539 
.. Knightrider St ... 1538 
.. (With S. Nicholas, 

Cole Abbey) ... 1704 

Name of Church. 


S. Olave, Old Jewry 

S. Olaue^ SUvtrSL 

S. Fkmaras^ Scper Lam 

S. Peter, Comhill 

S. PeUr, P^uts Wkwf . 

lb, 9<tfr«lHPitt ... . 
.S: PtUr^ Wtft Chmp ... .. 

S. Sepulchre Without. . . . 
S. Stephen, Coleman St .. 
S. Stephen, Walbrook 
S. Swithin, London Stone. 
S. ThmiuuAp9jlU ... . 

RtllCfillttltlfAffil . 

S. Vedaft, Fofter Lane . 
TrfMSQ^*.. ..• ••* ... 


Date of 


. Mark Lane 1563 

. Old Jewry 1558 

.(With S. Alban, 

Wood St) ... IS66 
. (With S. Maiy-le- 

Bow) 1538 

.Comhill 1538 

.(With S. Bennct, 

Panl*s WharO ... 1607 
.. Old Broad St ... 1561 
. (With S. Matthew, 

Friday St) ... 1663 
.. Holbora Viaduct... 1663 

. (>>lemanSt 1558 

,. Walbrook l$$7 

.. Cannon St 1536 

.. (With S. Mary 

Aklermary) ... 1558 
..(With S. James, 

(Sarlkkhithe) ... 1547 

.. FoderLane 1558 

.. (With S. Michael, 

(Jueenhithe) ... 

5, Dmndey R^od^ Rcyal Crr/cemi^ IK, 
Chrifimas, 1885. 


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of M oft of the Memorable 

Tombes, Grave ftones, Plates, Efcutcheons, or Atchievements 
in the Demolifht or yet Extant Churches of 


from St Katharines beyond the Tower, 
to Temple*Barre. 

The Out-Parifhes being included. 


to be indulged and Countenanced by fuch who are 

gratefully ambitious of Preferving 

the Memory of their anceftors. 

By P. Fijber fometimes Seijant Major 
of Foot 

Printed Anno. MDCLXVIIL 

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T Have feen this your Synopjis^ by which I guefs at the full pro- 
^ portion of your Noble^ and indeed, moft necejfary defigriy fince to 
quote that Authentick Expreffion of your Friend, the Alderman. / 
hold it as a Piece of as necejfary Piety ^ to repair and reedifie the collapfed 
memories of fo many worthy Patriot Sy as almoji to 'Rebuild the City; by 
whoje Beneficence the City gradually arrived formerly to Jo tall a pitch 
and fiat ure. 

Sir, I muft confefs I (among many Thoufands) have read and 
admired your fublime Productions in moft happy Heroicks^ which have 
difFufed your Name and Fame into thofe Countreys you have perfonally 
feen, to the Benefit and Advantage of your Obfervation. And now let 
me tell you, as your Latin Elucubrations have made you famous abroad, 
fo this Great and weighty Work you are imbarked in, will make you 
highly efteemed at Home, efpecially among fuch, whofe Interefi and 
Honor it is to Buoy up the fhipwrack'd and ruin'd Memories of their 

I have no more, but cordially to wifh, that fo Generous and Publick 
a Defign may meet with fuch fuitable fucceis, as may principaUy 
conduce to that great end^ for which this Piece is to be compiled : and 
collaterally, fuch influential advantages of your own, as may propoftion- 
ably ftand in competition with the Scope and Latitude of fo brave an 
undertaking. This is the wifh of 

January 14. Your true Friend, 

1667. and faithful Servant, 

Sr Hen. Hianjbn^ Baronet. 

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Cbe Catalogfue of tjbe moQ a^emorable Perrons tobo tiao 

t)i(it)le Comt)0, platen i^ratieaones, crcutcbeons, or ^atcb-- 

ment0, in tjbe Citp of iLonDon^ tiefore tfyz iafi nreanfui jFire, 

9.D* 1666 [ann conttnuen to 9«D. 1700#] 

/(^A» Abbot. (S. Lawrence, Jewry.) 
^ Roger Abde. (Allhallows, Bread Str.) 
Antonius Abdy^ Armig., Anceftor to Sir 
Robert Abdy, and Sir Thomas Abdy, 
both of Effex, Knights Ba. [and 
Abigail his w. 1640: S. Andrew 
Jane Abraham. 

Nic. Achele. (S. Botolph, Alderfgate.) ' 
Rich. Acheley^ Grocer. (S. Stephen WaU 

Roger Acheley^ L. Mayor. 151 1. (S. 

Elizabeth Acton, daughter of Hen. Acton. 
Hugh Acton, 1520. (S. Antholin's.) 
Hugh Acton. (S. Mary Woolnoth.) 
Hugh Acton, 1530. (Chrift Church.) 
The Lady Adams, wife of the learned, 
and true lover of learning, the hon^ 
ourable Sir Thomas Adams, Knight^ 
Baronet, and father of the City. 
Anne Adams, wid. 1684. (S. Lawrence, 

Mris Jane Adams, wife of Thomas 

Adams of Baterfea, Efq. 
Elizabeth Ade, wife or John Ade. 
[16 19: S. Andrew, Holborn.] 

Henry Ade, Grocer, 15 16. & wives 

Margaret & Julian. (S. Peter, Corns 

Sir John Adler, Knight, buried at S. 

Amy Adlyn, or Edlyn. 
John AdySy 1461. (S. John Zachary.) 
Thomas Adys, Goldfmith. 
Thos. Agar, 1673. (Temple.) 
John Agges, one of the Warders of the 

Philip Agmondejham. (S. Lawrence, 

Joane, w. of Richard Ailjbury. (Auftin 

John Ailworth, Grocer. 
Sir Edward Aker, Knight, Lo. Maior. 

[S. Pancras, Soper^lane.] 
John Aker. (S. Pancras, Soper^lane.) 
fVilliam Albany, Efq; [1589. & w. 

T'A^wii?/?//^, 1 5 6 5 . Al Ihallo ws, breadStr.] 
Philip Albert. (S. Lawrence, Jewry.) 
Dame Julian Alberton. (Aullm Friars.) 
Alderban, a Gafcoigne. (S. Bartholomew, 

Samuel Alderfey. [1633: S. Stephen, 

Coleman Str.] 

Digitized by 




William Aldridge. 

Richard Aldworth^ Efq ; with Elizabeth 

his wife. [1603: S. Andrew, Hol^ 

Laurentius AUrthorpy one of the Czm 

nons of S. Pauls. 
Sir John Aleyn [or Allen\ Knight, Lord 

Maior, [1544.] one of the Privic 

Council to Hen. 8. anceftor to the 

now Sir George Aleyn of Eflex, and 

Sir Thomas Aleyn of London, 

Knight and Baronet. [Mercers' Cha^ 

Alice the mother, Lucy the w. & 

Richard the s. of Richard Alie^ Efq. 

(S. Dunftan's in the E.) 
Cmftance Alford. 
Sir John Aliffe, Knight, anceftor to Sir 

Benjamin Alifie in the county of 

Richard Alington^ Efq ; Mafter of the 

Edmund Ali/on^ Prieft, 15 10. (S. Mary 

Magdalen, Guildhall.) 
miliam Alkin. 
Edward Allen^ Efq ; Sheriff, Alderman, 

one of the anceftors of the honours 

able Sir Thomas Allen of Finchly, 

Knight ; and one of the Knights of 

the Shire for the County of Middlefex, 
John Allen, 1441. (S. Michael, Wood 

Ralph Allen.Shmff. 1546. (S. Matthew, 

Friday Str.) 
Thos. Allen, 1630. (S. Martin, Ludgate.) 
Thos. Allen, 1698. and John 1699. (S. 

Thos. Allen, 1699. (S, Mary Abchurch.) 
fVilliam Allen : * His Banners and Arms 

*are there, but no monument.' (S. 

Botolph, Bifhopfgatc.) 

Sir JVill. Allen, Alderman, 1574. (Mer* 

cer's Chapel.) 
IVilL Allen, 1677. (S. Bartholomew the 

Joan, w. of Tho. Alleyn, Alderman, 

1560. (S. Leonard, Eaftcheap.) 
Thos. Alleyne. (S. Lawrence, Jewry.) 
Martin Alleyn, 1432. (Allhallowssinj: 

Metcalf Allington. 
Sir John Allot, Knigh^ Lord Maior. 

[1591 : S. Margaret^Mofes.] 
Sergeant^Major Alfop. 
John Alfop, 1 66 1, & w. Frances, 1687, 

(S. Bride.) 
Ferdinando Alvazey, Mercator eminens. 
Nicholas Alwine, L. Mayor. 1505. (S. 

Robert Amades, . Goldfmith. (S. Mary 

Sir Fanhope, Lord S. Amand, & w. 

Elizabeth. (S. Anne, Blackfriars.) 
Richd. Lord S. Amand, 1 508. (S. Anne» 

Sir Henry Amcots^ Knight, Lo. Maior. 

[1554: & w. Dame Joan, 1573: S. 

Michael, Crooked lane.] 
John Amerfe. (Mercer s Chapel.) 
Sir Henry Anderjon, Knight, Lord 

Maior. [1599. & w, Eliz: 1605. S. 

Olave, Jewry.] 
Thomas Anderjon, 1696. (S. Catherine's, 

E. Smithfield.) 
Mris Anne Andrews. 
fVill. Andrew. (S. Sepulchre.) 
Nicholas Andrewes. i6o6. (Allhallows, 

Lord Angleure of France. (Auftin Friars.) 
Dr. Francis Antony, M.D. [1623. & s. 

John, 1655: S. Bartholomew the 


Digitized by 




Thomas Antrobus. [1611; S. Martin, 

Sir fVilUam Apleton. (Chrift Church.) 

Thos. Apleyardj 15 15* (S. Auguftine.) 

IVill'. Appleyard. (Whitefriars.) 

John Aprocherch. (Whitefriars.) 

Sir Allen Apjley^ Knight, Lieut, of the 
Tower, anceftor to Sir Allen Apfley 
Knight, &c. 

Sir Alan Apjly^ Knight, Leivetenant of 
the Tower. Father of the worthily 
honoured Sir Alan Apfly Knight &c. 
G)mptroler to his moft illuftrious 
Highnefs James Duke of York. 

John Archer^ Fifhmonger,i487. (S. Mary 

Ame Argally daughter of Thomas Argall 
Efquire, and wife of Clement SyU 
vefter Efquire. 

Nicholas Arguz^ i494- (Mercers' Chas 

JVilliam Armorer of Northumb. Efq ; 
Governor to the Pages of Honour 
of Hen. 8. and anceftor to Sir 
William and Sir Nicholas Armorer 
Knights, and neer kinfmen. [1560: 
AJlhallows, Barking.] 

John Arnoldy 1438. (S. Stephen, Cole^ 
man Str.) 

Sir lohn Arundell^ Knight Banneret, and 
Knight Battchellour, Receiver Genes 
ral for the Dutchey of Lancafter, a 
branch of that fo antiently flourifhing 
Family of the Arundells of Lanthem 
in the County of Cornwall, of which 
honourable Family there are fome 
memorable Perfons at this day living. 

Sir John Arundel^ Knight of the Bath, 
and KnightsBanneret. 

John Arundely of Quarnick, com. Corn. 

Sir Reinfrede Arundel^ 1468. (Chrift 

Richard Earl of Arundel &c. 1397. 
(Auftin Friars.) 

John A/cue, Efq. (S. James', Piccadilly.) 

Dame Elizabeth A/cough. 

James A/coughy Gent. 

May d. of Lady AJhbomham. 161 9. 
(S. Botolph, Alderfgate.) 

Sir John AJhbumham Knight, one of the 
ancienteft families in the kingdom, 
and one of the anceftors to the 
honourable Colonel John Aihburn^ 
ham; both of his late and prefent 
Majefties Bedchamber. [1620: S. 
Andrew, Holborn.] 

lohn AJhburnham Hofpitii pracd. Efq; 
a branch of that moft antient and 
fairely flourifhing family of the Aih$ 
bumhams, in the County of SuiTex, 
whereof the honourable lohn Aih« 
burnham is the chief. 

Robert AJhcombe. (S. Alban, Wood Str.) 

Margaret y w. of Abraham AJhcy d. of 
Arthur Decy 1638. (AUhallows, Bark jj 

Tho. AJhehilL (S. Mildred, Poultry.) 
John AJhfieldy Efq. (S. James', Picca^ 

Miis Ccecilia AJhford of the county of 

Mris Elizabeth AJhton. 
Sir Chriftopher AJkeWy or Afcoughy 

Knight, Lord Maior. [1533 : S. John 

the Evangelift.] 
fVilliam AJkhamy Alderman. (S. Peter, 

John AJkoughy Citizen and Grocer, 

hun>and to Mris Alice Aikough 

now living. 
Margaret Affelky. (Chrift Church.) 

Digitized by 




Sir Thomas AJfeldy Knight, fub:!Marftial 

of England. [Crutched Friars.] 
Sir John Aftley. (Whitefriars.) 
Will. Aftley, 1676. (S. Bride.) 
Edvardus Afton hofpitii prsed. Efq ; 
Sir Ralph Aftry Knight, Lord Maior, 

anceftor to the Af&ies of Woodend 

in the county of Bedf. [1494. & Man 

garet & Margery 1492. his wives: 

S. Martin, Vintry.] 
Radolphus Aftry ^ Efq. [1501 : S. Martin, 

Will. Athawe, 1484. (S. Leonard, Eafts 

John Athey & wives Elijaheth^ Eleoner^ 

& Sibel. (S. Leonard, Eaftcheap.) 
Elizabeth^ Countefs of Athole. (Whites 

John Atkenfon. (S. Lawrence, Jewry.) 
Thos. Atkins, Efq. i486. (S. Peter, 

Will At kin/on, 1678. (S. Dunftan in 

the Weft.) 
William Attewel. (S. Giles, Cripplegate.) 
Robert de Attrabate. (S. Anne, Blacks 

Walter Atwoody 1683. (S. Margaret, 

John Aubryy 1368. s. of the Mayor of 

Norwich. (Chrift Church.) 
James Purchety Lord Audley, 1497. 

(S. Anne, Blackfriars.) 
Catherine, w. of Benedict Auguftine. (S. 

Martin Outwich.) 
Abrahamus Aurelius. 
James Auftin^ Efq ; anceftor to William 

Auftin,formerlyofLincolnsInne,Efq ; 

and bothanceftors to Sir James Auftin 

of the County of Surrey, Knight, 

e5?r. [1602: S. Bcnet, PauFsWharf.] 
John Auften, Efq ; 


Thomas Auften, Efq; a memorable 

Thomas Auften, Efq; his fons; two 

hopeful Gentlemen, lately of lin^ 

coins Inne. 
William Auftin, Efq; father of Sir 

James Auftin of Surrey, Knight ; and 

William Auftin of Grays Inne, Efq. 
William de Avenger. [1360: S. John 

the Evangelift.] 
Sir Alexander Avenon Knight, Lord 

Maior. [i 570 : S. Peter Cheap.] 
Lady Alice Avenon. [1574: S. Law$ 

rence, Jewry.] 
Lady IJabel de Averne. (Chrift Church.) 
William Avery, 1671. (S. Mary Mags 

dalen, Guildhall.) 
Nicholas de Avejey, & w. Margery. (S. 

James', Piccadilly.) 
Dame Anne Awnfliam, Lady of the late 

Sir Gideon Awnftiam Knight. [1613 : 

S. Benet Fink.] 
Henry Axe^ 1699. (S. Dunftan in the 

Tho. Aylefl)ourgh. (S. Swithin.) 
Mary, w. of Tho. Aylward. 1694. (S. 

Michael Baftiftiaw.) 
Elizabeth, Peter ^ Margaret, £5? Eliza^^ 

beth, children of Peter Aylworthy & 

s. Thomas & w. Margaret, 1675. (S. 

John Aylworth., 1693. (S. Mary Ab« 

Sir Simon Ayres Knight, Lord Maior. 

Matthaus Babalius, 1567. (S. Olave, 

Hart Str.) 
Thomas Baby, 1452. (S. Vedaft Fofter.) 
Sir Edmund Bacon Knight. 
James Bacon, Alderman. [1573 : S. 


Digitized by 




Johannes Bacon. 

JVilliam Bacon, 1480. (S. Botolph, BiU 

Henry (1665.) & IVilliam Bainbrigg 

1672. (S. Chriftopher.) 
Roger Bainton & d. I/abel Luther. 

(Chrift Church.) 
Edward Baker. 1602. (S. Gregory by 

S. Paul.) 
John Baker (S. Lawrence, Jewry.) 
yVilliam Baker. 
Nicholas Bakhurft, SherifF. 1577. (S. 

Michael BafTifhaw.) 
Sir Thomas Baldry Knight, Lo. Maior. 

[1523 : Mercers' Chapel.] 
John Baldwin, of Grays Inn, Common 

Serjeant of London, 1469. (Chrift 

Sir Samuel Baldwyn^ 1683. (Temple.) 
Peter Baliell, 1516. & w. Annis. (S. 

Mary Somerfet.) 
Edw. Ball. 
Thos. Bally 167^. znd W.Frances 1680. 

(S. Mildred, Bread Str.) 
Alice Balftred. (S. Bartholomew the 

Robert Balthorp, Efq. [1591 : S. Bars 

tholomew the Lefs.] 
Adam Bamme, Maior of London, 1397. 

[S. George, Botolphslane.] 
Richard Bamme, his fon, of Gilingham 

in the County of Kent, Efq. [1452 : 

S. George, Botolphdane.] 
Robert Banburghy 1437. (S. Mary Ahs 

Richard Bancroft, bifhop firft of Lon^ 

don, and next Archbimop of Canters 

Margery, w. of Thos. Band (or Baud) 

& d. of John Huch. (Auftin Friars.) 
Ralph Bane, Bifhop of Coventry & 

Lichfield, 1559. (^* Dunfbin in the 

Edw. Bankes, Alderman, 1566. (S. 

Thos. Bankes, 1598. (S. Michael Ic 

John Banks, Efq; Alderman Deputy 

of BafingsHall Ward. [1630: S. 

Michael le Quern.] 
John Bannifter, Efq ; SherifF and Alders 

man of London. 
John Bannifter, Efq ; of the late Sir EA 

Bannifters family. 
Drugo Barantine. [& w. Chriftian 1427, 

S. John Zachary.] 
Francis Barantine, 1557. (S. Mary 

Sir John Barceter Knight 
Robert Barer oft, 1679. (S. Andrew, 

mil. Barde, 1528. (S. Nicholas Cole 

Dame Agnes w. of Sir fVilliam Bar^ 

dolph, 1403. (S. James', Piccadilly.) 
Bardolfs, of Florence. (Chrift Church.) 
Mary Bareford, with feveral children 

of Mr. Jonathan Bareford. 
Margaret Barentine. (Auftin Friars.) 
Colonel Barijf, his Enfignes hanging 

over him. 
Abraham Barin, 1693. (S. Stephen, 

Mris Anne Barker, [w. of John Barker. 

1629: S Lawrence, Jewry.) 
Mary Barker. 
Nicholas Barker, 1 524. (S. Benet, Paul's 

Sir Edward Barkham Knight, Lo. M. 

anceftor to the now Sir Robert and 

Sir Edward Barkham Baronets. 

[1622: S. James', Piccadilly.] 

Digitized by 




Sir Jofin Barkley. (see Lady M. Chenie.) 
Lord fVilliamy Marquis of Barkley ^ & 

Earl of Nottingham 1491. & w. 

Dame Joane. (Auftin Friars.) 
Edw. Barnard^ 1660, (Temple.) 
Johannes Barnard. [1503: S. Andrew 

Sir George Bame, L. Mayor, 1552. (S. 

Bartholomew^ Exchange.] 
Sir George Barne, L. Mayor, 1586. (S. 

Benedict Barnehamy Efq ; anceftor to the 

now Sir Robert Bameham of Bough:; 

ton in Kent, Baronet, &c. [1598: 

S. Clement, EaftcheapJ 
Francis Bameham^ Efq ; SnerifF. [1576 : 

S. Clement, Eaftcheap.l 
Bartholomew Barnes ^ Efq. [1606: S. 

Sir Cuthbert Barnes^ Knight, Lo Maior. 

[1521 : S. Mildred, Bread Str.] 
Elifabethy w. of Richard Barnes. (S. 

Giles, Cripplegate.) 
John BarneSy Mercer and Maior. 
Richd. Barnes, 1479. (S- Michael Bzffu 

Robert Barnes, p Mrs. Barners, d. of 

George Cotton & w. of] a great 

Beneractreis. [1616: S. Catherine 

Sir Thomas Barnes, (see Lady M. Chenie.) 
William Barnocke. (S. Michael Royal.) 
Tho. Barnwell, SherifF, 1434. (S. Mil^ 

dred, Bread Str.) 
Richard Baron, 1 598. (Mercers' Chapel.) 
Sir Ralph Barons. (Chrift Church.) 
Francis Barrantine de Hajely Com. Oxf. 

Rob. Barre. (S. Michael, Crooked lane.) 
Anne Barret, wife of Henry Barret; 

with ten of her children. 

Humphry Barret. [1501: S. Leonard, 

Captain Barrow, the fourth fon of CoL 

Barrow of Dublin. 
Hannah Barrow, daughter of Mr. Giles 

Barrow, WoUen Draper. 
Thomas Barry, Merchant, 1445. (S* 

Anne Bartelet, wid. 1596. (S. Stephen, 

Coleman Str.) 
John Barter. 
Laurentius Bart let. [1470: S. Dunftan 

in the Weft.] 
Simon Bartlet, 1428. (S. Lawrence, 

James Bartlot, & w. Alice. (S. Martin, 

Johannes Barton, Armig. [1439 • S* 

Martin, Ludgate.] 
ff^ill : Barton, 141 o. (S. Lawrence, 

Robert Bartram, Baron of Rothale. 

(Chrift Church.) 
Alice, wid. of John Barvis. (S. Gregorys 

by^. Paul.) 
Edward Barwick, Brother to the late 

Reverend Dean Barwick, Dean of St. 

Pauls, and the learned Dr. Peter 

Barwick. MDCL. 
Dr. John Barwick, Dean of S. Pauls. 
Margaret, w. of Arthur Bqfano, 1620. 

(Allhallows, Barking.) 
Humphry Bajkervile, Efq ; SherifF. 
Sir Humphry Bajkerville, Mercer, Shes 

riff, 1 56 1. (Mercers' Chapel.) 
Robert Buffet, L. Mayor, 1476. (Al^ 

hallows. Bread Str.) 
Elizabeth Bajfock. 
Robert Bateman, Efq ; Chamberlain of 

London, and anceftor to Richard 

Bateman, Efq ; Sir Anthony, Sir 

Digitized by 




William Bateman, Knights ; and Sir 
Thomas Bateman, Baronet ; all four 

John de Bath^ 1390. (S. Botolph, 

Dom. Johannes Epifcopus Bathonia £5? 
IVellen. [1540: S. Botolph, Aldgate.] 

Lancelot Bathurjiy Efq ; Alderman, and 
anceftor to Edward Bathurft, Efq; 
and Alderman, now living, [i 594 : S. 
Mary Bothaw.] 

Johannes BattaiL [Reftor : 1426 : S. 

Ralph and IVilliam Batte. (S. Chrifto:: 

Thos. Bayholt. (Whitefriars.) 

James Bayles^ of the middle Temple, 
Efq ; very anciently of Potters News 
ton, in the County of York, Efquire ; 
one of the Progenitors of John Bayles, 
of Willy, in the G)unty of Suffolk, 
Efq ; now living ; and of his brother 
Thomas Bayles, one of the benchers 
of the middle Temple, Efq ; and 
Counfellor at Law; who with his 
young fon and heir Oneale Bayles, 

i there alfo admitted) compleateth 
even defcents of that name and 

family which have been members of 

that lUuftrious Society. 
John Bayliffe^ and Elizabeth his wife. 
Alice^ w. of Nicholas Bayly. (S. Bars 

tholomew the Lefs.) 
Sir IVilliam Bayly ^ Knight, and Lord 

Maibr of London. [1533. and w. 

Dame Catharine : S. Michael Royal.] 
Andrew Bayning^ 16 10. (S. Olave, 

Hart Str.) 
Paul Bayningj Efq : 161 6. (S. Olave, 

Hart Str.) 
Sir Henry Baynton, Knight, Treafurer 

to the Chamber of Hen. 8. and one 

of the anceftors of that anciently 

knightly and opulent family of the 

Bayntons of Bromhal in the County 

of Wilts. 
Robert Beadles^ 1682. (S. Catherines^ 

E. Smithfield.) 
Robert Beal^ Efq., i6oi. (AUhallowss 

Johannes de la Bearne, Med. Temp. 
* Socius. 
John Beauchamp^ 1407- (S. Peter, Corn. 

Dame SibiUy w. of Roger Beauchampe. 

(S. Anne, Blackfriars.) 
Thomas Beaumond^ i457- a'^d w. Alice. 

(AUhallows, Bread Str.) 
Lady Catharine Beaumont. [1621 : S. 

Botolph, Alderfgate.] 
Francis Beaumont^ Efq ; fometimes 

Governour of the Charter.houfe. 
George Beaumont ^ D.D., 1571. (S. Mar. 

garet, Lothbury.) 
Henricus Beaumont [? Knight] int. Temp. 

Armig. [S. Botolph^ Alderfgate.] 
Lord Beaumont y dau. of. (Auftin Friars.^ 
Lord Beaumont. (S. Anne, Blackfriars.) 
Nicholas Beaumont y Efq. [1598 : w. 

Anney 1581.] 
Thomas Beaumond or Beaumont, [s. 

of Henry, Lord Beaumont, Chrift 

IVilliam Becam, 1494. & w. Joanna^ 

1493. (S. Martin Vintry.) 
Thomas Beckenhamy Efq ; [or Becking^ 

hamy 1576. & Anne his wife, 1565 : 

S. Olave, Hart Str.] 
Fredericus a Beckery a Gentleman of 

Holland. [1663 : S. Catharine's, E. 

An/eline Becket. (S. Margaret, Lothbury.) 

Digitized by 




ThomaSj s. of Sir fFilL Beckland (or 

Berland) Knt. (Auftin Friars.) 
Thomas Beddingfeild^ Efq ; fon and heir 

of Sir Thomas Beddingfeild, Knight 
John Bedham, 1472. (S. Mary^at^Hill.) 
Henry Beecher^ Efq ; Alderman, one of 

the anceftors to that worthy family 

of the Beechers in the County of 

Bedford. [1570 : S. Chriftopher.] 
William^ s. of fVill. & Anne Beejion^ 

1 68 1. (S. Catharine Cree.) 
Thos. Bekhemton^ Clerk of the Pipe. 

1429. (S. Anne & Agnes.) 
Walter Belengham. (S. Michael, Corn^ 

David Belgajfy or Balgay, Efq. 
Robert Belgrave. (S. Magnus.) 
Sir James Bell (or Boel), Kt. (Auftin 

Rev. frill. Bell, D.D., Reftor. 1683. 

(S. Sepufchre.) 
Robert Bellefdony L. Mayor, 1591. (S. 

Richard Belliman, of Erringham Efq. 
Hieronymus Benalius. 
Henry Belwa/e, 1458. (S. Martin, Lud? 

John Belwiny 1467. (S. Olave, Jewry.) 
Mary Benam, 1577. (AUhallows, Stains 

Joan, w. of John Bence, d. of Samp/on 

Cottony 1 6 84. (Allhallowssin^thes 

Colingey s. of Nic. Bendy y 1687. w. 

Sarahy 1691. (S. Peter, Cornhill.) 
Richardus Benefeildy Eiq. 
Francis Benejon. (S. Michael, Cornhill.) 
WilL Benet. 1492. (S. Sepulchre.) 
Lydiay w. of Tho. Benly^ Jun., 1637. 

(AUhallows, Staining.) 
Katherine Bennet. 


Lady Bennety daughter of Sir Chriftos 
pher Draper. [S. Dunftanssin^thesE.] 

Sir John Bennety Knight, LL.D., and 
Judge of the high Court of Ads 
miralty, a defcendant from the no 
lefs honourable then antient Family 
of the Bennets, of which the right 
honourable Henry Lord Bennet and 
Baron of Arlington, &c., with his 
Elder Brother Sir John Benet, arc 
chief of that name, and fpreading 

Robert Bennety Efq ; fon and heir of 
Sir Robert Bennet of Broadwinfor, 

Sufan Bennety wife of Roger Bennet. 

Sir Thomas Bennet Knight, Lo. Maior, 
anceftor to Sir Thomas Bennet of 
Babraham in the County of Cam:: 
bridge. Baronet; and Sir Humphry 
Bennet of Hants, Knight and Colonel. 

Tho. Bennet. (S. Martin, Vintry.) 

Simon Benningtony & w. Joan. (S. Law« 
rcnce, Jewry.) 

Thomas Benolty Efquire, Clarentius King 
at Armes. [1534 : S. Helen's.] 

Robert Ben/on. 

Gulielmus Bently. 

Thos. Bentleyy Efq. (Temple.) 

Sini^ de Berching. (S. Alban, Wood Str.) 

Dame Elizab. Bercklayy wife of the late 
Sir Maurice Bercklay, Knight. 

Edmund Berford. (Temple.) 

Sir Simon de Berford. (Whitefriars.) 

Berkenheady Efq. 

Anthony Berkley^ Elq ; of the noble 
family of the Berclcys of Berckly 
Caftle, com. Gloceft. of which the 
truly right honourable the Lord 
George Barcldey, is the long lind 

Digitized by 




Edward Berkley^ Efq., 1669. (S. 

Francis Berkley ^ prsed. Hofpitii Efq. 
Francis Bermerijon. 
Edvardus Bernard^ Armig. 
Francis Bernard^ M.D., 169 J. (S. 

Botolph, Alderfgate.) 
Henricus Bernard^ inter. Temp. Armig. 
John Bernes^ L. Mayor, 1370. (S. Pan? 

eras, Soper^lane^ 
John Bernighamy Efq. (S. James', Piccas 

Vr^ula Beftneyy daughter of Nicholas 

Beftney, Efq. 
fVilliam Beftone, Efq. 
fTilliam Be/wick, Alderman. [1567: S. 

Lawrence Pountney.l 
Simon Betach^ fon of Rooert Betach, Efq. 
Thos. Bet/on. (S. Martin Vintry.) 
fValter Bever. (Chrift Church.) 
Mris Frances Beverjham^wift of William 

Beverfham of Grays Inne, Efq. 
Mr. Thomas Bewly^ late of Grays Inne, 

their fon. [1658 : AUhallows, Stain? 

Mris Bewly^ wife of Thomas Bewly of 

Hallsplacc in the County of Kent, 

Gent. [1651^: AUhallows, Staining.] 
Theophilus Biddolph, fon of Sir Theb? 

philus Biddolph, Knight and Bargnet. 
John Bide J Efq ; and Alderman of 

London, Father of the worthy Sir 

Thomas Bide^ Knight B., now living. 
Benjamin BiddUy 1690. (S. Magnus.) 
Reginaldus BienSy Armig. [i6ii: S. 

Andrew, Holborn.] 
Bartilmew Bildington. (S. Bartholomew 

the Leis.) 
Johannes Billy Armig. father to Sers 

geant^Major Bill of Cainwood, dfc. 

[1630 : S. Anne, Blackfriars.] 

Henry Billidgey Silk^dyer. 

Captain Billier's two daughters. 

Mrs. Bridget y 2nd w. of Sir Henry Bu- 
lingjleyy d. of Sir Chriftopher Draper. 
(S. Dunftan in the R) 

Sir Henry Billingfleyy Knight, Lord 
Maior.[i6o6: S. Catharine Coleman.] 

Lady Elizabeth Billingfleyy his firft wife. 
[1577 : fame church.'] 

Elizabethy wife of Tho. Billingfly, Efq. 

Tho. Bilfington. (S. Botolph, Alderfgate^ 

Edith Biljon, Daughter of Peter Bettes? 
worth of Finning comit. Suflex, 
Efq ; and wife ot Thomas Bilfon 
of Maple Durrham, Efquire, from 
which worthy Family and faire feat, 
the worthily honoured both for his 
learning and humanity Leonard Bilibn 
of Maple Durrham, Efquire, and 
Sei|[eant Major of the County Forces, 
is lineally delcended, with his Brother 
William both living. 

Thomas Bilfony Efquire, fonne and heir 
of Sir Thomas Bilfon of Maple Durr^ 
ham comit. Hants, Knight, Stylo 

John Binghamy Efq. 

Sir lohn Bingham or Binghams Melcombc 
Com. Dorf , Knight, and fometimes 
Gcnerall of Queen Elizabeths Armies, 
and one of the long lined anceftors to 
lohn Bingham of Binghams MeU 
combe, com. praed., Efq ; at this day 

William Birdy 1698. (S. Lawrence, 

Capt. James Birkdel. [1652 : S. Catha^ 
rine Coleman.] 

Elizabeth Birkenedy 1659. (S. Bartholo:s 
mew the Great.) 

Edward Birkheady Efq ; brother to 


Digitized by 




Major Birkhead of Holbom, Citizen 

and Goldfmith of London. 
Catharine^ 1686. d. of Samuel (lyoo.) & 

Sarah Bifcop (1690.) (Auftin Friars.) 
Rogerus Bifliop^ Gen. [Temple.] 
Mris Eliz. Bifpham^ late wife of Dr. 

William Bifpham, Prebend of Weft^ 

Elifabeth w. of Samuel Blackerbyy 1691. 

(S. Sepulchre.) 
Arthur Blackmore^ Painter^ftainer, or 

Arms^Painter, fon of Capt» Ralph 

Blackmore, Mercer, and fometimes 

Pro^Govemour of Berwick. 
Mark Blackmoore^ J. C. 
Sir Thomas Blackwell, Knight, deicended 

from the worthy Family of the Blacks 

wells in the North. 
Mary, d. of Col. Blagge. (S. Dunftan 

in the W.) 
Benjamin & Thomas^ fons of Thos. 

Blagravey 1676. (S. Chriftopher.) 
Sir Thomas Blanck^ Knight, Lo. Maior. 

[1588.] Dame Margaret Blanck^ 

his wife. [1596: S. Marys^atsHill.] 
Sir John Blanckwelly & w. (Auftin 

Robert Blanckworth. 
Thomas BledloWy Sheriff, 1472. (S. 

Dunftan' s in the E) 
Jejrey Bli/s & w. Elifabeth, 1689. (S. 

Mary Magdalen, Old Fifti Str.) 
Henry Blitheman. [1591 : S. Nicholas 

Edvardus Blomley^ Armig., heir of that 

ancient family of the Blomleys in 

Chefheir, whence Laurence Blomley 

of the Inner Temple, Efq ; and 

Counfellor at Law, of a good ftand? 

ing, is original defcended. 
Elizabeth Blofs. 


Nicholas Blondell^ Efq. (Auftin Friars.) 
Mris. Anne [w. of Charles'] Blount. 

[1686: S. Bride.] 
Charles Blount y Lord Mountjoy, 1545. 

(S. Mary Aldermary.) 
John Blounty Citizen. [1599: S. Michael, 

Wood Str.] 
Sir Michael Blount y Lieut, of the Tower. 
Sir Richard Blount j Knight, lieuL of 

the Tower. 
Thomas Blount de Glajby, in the County 

of Salop Efq ; and chief Cuftomcr of 

the Port of London, and one of the 

long lind anceftors to Collonel Thomas 

Blount de Writtle Marfti C. Kent 

Efq ; originally defcending from that 

truely noble, and renowned Fanuly 

of the Blounts de Sellington alias 

Sadington, in the faid 0)unty of 

S'u- Walter Blount, Knight of the Garter. 

[1474 : Chrift Church.] 
John Blund, L. Mayor, 1307. (S. 

John Blundely Citizen and Fruiterer of 

London. [& wives Margaret ScAlicCy 

1474 : S. Mary Somerfet.] 
Walter Blundel, 1320. (S. Lawrence, 

Alice Blunty Lady Mountjttfy w. of Will. 

Browne, 1521. (Chrift Church.) 
Anne, d. of John Blunt^ Lord Mountjoy. 

(Chrift Church.) 
Edward Blunt, Lord Mountjcy, 1475. 

(Chrift Church.) 
Henry Blunt & Dame Elizabeth. 

Sir James Blunt. (Chrift Church.) 
John Blunt y Lord Mount joy, 1485^ 

(Chrift Church.) 
Sir John Blunt, 1531. (Chrift Church.) 

Digitized by 




Rowland Blunt ^ Efq., 1509. (Chrift 

JVilliam Blunt ^ Lord Mountjoy^ 1534. 

(Chrift Church.) 
ff^illiam Blunt, Efq. (Chrift Church.) 
Dame Anne Bodely^ wife of the late 

Sir Thomas Bodely. [? S. Bartholo? 

mew the Leis.] 
Sir Humphrey Bohun^ Earl of Hereford^ 

fc?r., T361. (Auftin Friars.) 
Robert Bois, 1485. (S. Mildred, Poultry.) 
Peter Bold^ of Boldhall comit. Lancaft., 

Thomas Bole, 1427- (S. Bartholomew 

the Lefs.) 
Thos. Boleyne, Efq., 147 1. (S. Law? 

rence, Jewry.) 
Sir John Bolle, Baronet, 1685. (S. 

Sir George Bolles, Knight, Lord Maior, 

anceftor to the now Sir John BoUes 

of Scampton, Baronet [1621 : S. 

John Bolt, 1459. (Allhallows, Barking.) 
Agnes Bondy wife of the late William 

Bond, Efq. 
Sir George Bond, Knight, Lord Maior. 

[1587 : Mercers' Chapel.] 
John Bond, 1 504. (S. Dionis Backchurch.) 
Captain Martin Bond, his [William'sJ 

Ion; both immediate anceftors to the 

moft obliging William Bond, Efq ; 

and Alderman of London^ now living. 

[1643 : S. Helens.] 
Nicholas Bond. (S. Dunftan's in the E.) 
William Bond, Efquire, Sheriff and 

Alderman of London. [1576: S. 

Roger Bont/ant. (S. Lawrence, Jewry.) 
John Booker, Aftrologer, 1667. (S. 

James', Piccadilly.) 

GuiL Booth, eldeft fon of Sir George, 
now Lord Booth, Baron of Delamere. 
JVilliam Borejhie, (S. Chriftopher.) 
Edw. Borias & w. (S. Olave, Jewry.) 
John Boftocke, Efq. (Allhallows, Stains 

John Bofton and his w. (S. Pancras^ 

Francis Bofwel. (See F. Walker.) 
William Botelar. (See J. de Mollintor.) 
Dame Jane Boteler. (S. Anne, Blacks 

Sir John Boteler. (Chrift Church.) 
Thomas Boteler, fonne of the faid James, 

and Brother of James Earl of Wilt^ 

fhire and Earl of Ormond ; both of 

them the illuftrious Progenitors of 

His Grace James, Duke, Marquefs 

and Earl of Ormond, and Lord Lieu$ 

tenant of Ireland, &c., now living. 

"1515 : Mercers Chapel.] 

7//. Bothe, 1434. (S. Mary Wools 


Elizabeth Boulen. (Chrift Church.) 
William Boulton, the laft Prior of great 

S. Bartholomews. 
John, Duke of Bourbon, &c., i433» 

(Chrift Church.) 
Sir Per/yval Bourbon. (Chrift Church.) 
W. Bourdeaux. (See W. Multon.) 
Su/an & Margaret d's. of iValter 

Bourchier, 1690. (S. Andrew, HoU 

Lady IJabel Bourgchier, 1500. (S. 

Proctor s. of Edw. & Elifabeth Bourn, 

1688. (S. Andrew Undcrftiaft.) 
Sir IV. Bourjer. (Auftin Friars.) 
Joane de Bovelin. 
Richard Bowdler, Draper, 1603. (S. 

Bartholomew, Exchange.) 



Digitized by 




Sir Martin BoweSy Knight, Lord Maior. 
[1566 : S. Mary Woolnoth.] 

Robert Bowes. 

William Bowes. (Crutched Friars.) 

Francis Bowyer^ of Chichefter, Efq ; 
Alderman. [1581:8. Nicholas Aeon.] 

Robert Bowyery^Kfq ; Alderman, very 
anciently of Kinperfley ; anceftor to 
Sir William Bovryer of Denham in 
the County of Buckingham, Knight, 
and of Sir Edmund Bowyer, on. 
ginally of Suffex, now of Camberwel 
in the County of Surrey, Knight, 
Baronet, and Knight of the Shire. 
[& w. Margaret : S. Olave, Jewry.] 

Sir William Bowyer^ Knight, Lord 
Maior. [i 543 : S. Peter, Conihill.] 

Elizabeth Boyd. 

Sir Philip Boyl^ a valiant Knight of 
Arragon, whofe Anceftors were 
Founders of Abby, or Abbats Boyl 
in Ireland ; which Sir Philip was 
one of the ancient Progenitors of 
the Right Honourable Richard Boyl, 
Earl of Burlington, and Earl Corck ; 
and of his two noble Brothers, the 
right honourable Roger, Earl of 
Orery, and the right honourable 
Robert Boyl, his younger Brother, £sff. 

Sir Matthew Boynton^ Baronet. 

Johannes BoySy 1430. (S. Michael, Com* 

Lady Beatrix Brabazon. (Chrift Church.) 

Margaret^ w. of John Bracebridge^ 
1446. (Mercers' Chapel.) 

Stephen Brackenberry^ Gent. 

Richd. Bradbandge. 1497. (S. Nicholas, 
Cole Abbey.) 

Barbara Bradberry. [1583. & Mary 
SomerSy 1598: S. Botolph, Alderfgate.] 

Robert Bradbury ^ 1489. (Chrift Church.) 


Thomas Bradbury ^ L. Mayor, 1509. 

(S. Stephen, Coleman St.) 
Thomas Bradbury. (Chrift Church.) 
Richard Bradley ^ Citizen. 
John Bradmore^ & wives Margaret & 

Catherine^ 141 1. (S. Botolph, Alders^ 

Peter BradJhaWy Efq ; anceftor to Mr. 

Francis Bradfhaw, late Draper of 

London, &fr. 
Stephen Brakynbury^ 1563 : & w. Joan. 

(S. Anne & Agnes.) 
John Brampton. (S. Michael, Crooked 

William Brampton^ Alderman. (S. Peter, 

William Brampton. (S. Magnus.) 
John BramrCy of Gray's Inn, 1498. 

(Chrift Church.) 
Anne Branch, [w. of John. 161 1 : S* 

Botolph, Alderfgate] 
Sir John Branchy Knight, Lord Maior. 

[1588.] Dame Hellena Branchy his 

wife. [S. Mary Abchurch.] 
Robert Branchy 1567. (S. Magnus.) 
Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolky his 

Armes in St. George's Church wins 

dows in Southwark, to which he 

was a good Benefactour. 
Sir Thos. Brandony K.G., 1509. (S. 

Anne, Blackfriars.) 
William Brane. (S. Magnus.) 
Sir Hugh Brawncy Knight, &c. 
Nicholas Bray. (S. Margaret Mofes.) 
Reginold Bray, Efq. (Arms in Temple 

William Braynwoody Parifti Clerk, and 

w. Margery, 1586. (S. Andrew 

Adam Breakfpearcy Chaplain, 141 1. (S. 

Olave, Jewry.) 

Digitized by 




fVilliam Break/pear^ 1461. (S. John 

Martha^ d. of Francis Breerewood^ Efq., 

and w. of Roger Burroughs^ 1698. 

(S. Peter, Comhill.) 
Sir Nicholas Brembar^ Lord Mayor, 

1386. (Chrift Church.) 
Nicholas BremifgravCy Armig. [? Rev., 

1 41 6: Allhallows, Barking.] 
Allen Bret J 1425. (S. Botolph, Alders? 

John Breton^ Efq. (S. James', Picca? 

Johannes Breton^ 1500. (S. Peter, 

Robert Brett. [1580: & w. Elizabeth, 

1596 : S. Auguftine.] 
Mris Elizabeth Bretton, £sff . 
Rev. John Breux^ Rector, 1492. (S* 

Martin Outwich.) 
Richard de Brewes. (S. Anne, Blacks 

Daniel Brewfter^ 1697. (S. Chriftots 

John Brewfter^ Efq ; one of the an« 

ceftors to John Brewfter, of Gray's 

Inne, Efq ; and alfo of Mr. Edward 

Brewfter of St. Paul's Churchyard, 

Citizen and Bookfeller. [1609 : S. 

Samuel Brewfter^ of the Inner Temple, 

1684. (S. Alphage.) 
John Brian. (S. Olave, Jewry.) 
John Brian^ Alderman, temp. Henry V. 

Thomas Briar ^ 14 10. (S. Benet Fink.) 
Guy Brice (or Boys). S. Mary Wool* 

Sir Hugh Brice^ Knight, Lord Maior. 

[temp. Henry VII. : S. Mary Wooh 


Johannes Brickies. [Draper, 145 1: Alls 

Capt. John Bridaly 2indw. Mary^ 1694. 

(S. Dunftan in the Weft.) 
Sir John Bridges^ L. Mayor, 1520. (S. 

Nicholas Aeon.) 
Georgius Briggis, Armig. Capitaneus. 

[1663 : S. Helen's.] 
David BriggeSy Efq ; Sheriff, anceftor 

to William Brigges of Rickmerss 

worth. Esq ; [1626: S. Mary, Alders 

Mary Brigges. [d. of Thomas Crofts 

& w. of David BriggSy 1610 : S. 

Mary Aldermanbury.] 
John Brigget. (S. Giles, Cripplegate.) 
IValter Briggin. 
William Briggin^ Merchant Taylor, 

1625. (S. Helen's.) 
Richard Brigham^ Efq ; Controuler to 

George and William, Archbifliops of 

Ralph BrifcOy 1673. (S. Sepulchre.) 
Jordm Brijety Founder of ClerkenweU 

Robert Briftow. (Whitefriars.) 
Tho. Britainey 1501. (S. Dionis Backs 

Beatrix, Duchess of Britanny^ d. of 

Edward III. (.? Chrift Church.) 
Eleanor^ w. of John Duke of Britantty. 

(Chrift Church.) 
John Briton. (S. Mary Aldermary.) 
Sir Robert Brocas. (Whitefriars.) 
Thomas Brocas, Gent, fervant to the late 

Earl of Surrey. [151 1 : S. Mary 

Alan Brodericky fon of Sir Thomas 

Broderick, Knight, &?r. 
John Broke. (S. Chriftopher.) 
Alice Brome. (Sec John Coventry^ 


Digitized by 




Sir Hugh Bromeftete. (Whitefriars.) 
Edward Bromfit^ 1460. (S. Michael 

Dame Anne Bromley y wife of Sir John 

Bromley, Knight. 
Humphrey Brook, M.D., 1693. (S. 

Andrew Underfhaft.) 
Dame Mary Brook [or Broke'jy daughter 

to the Lord Brook, one of the Barons 

of the Exchequer. [1589: S. Thomas, 

Thomas Brook [or Browke']^ Efq. [i 546 : 

& w. Alice. S. Dunftan in the 

Anney d. of Jqfeph & Alary Brookbanky 

1697. (S. Olave, Jewry.) 
IVilL Brookes. (S. Bartholomew the 

John Brookingy of the Middle Temple, 

1 69 1. (S. Catharine Cree.) 
JFilliam Brojkedy Efq. (Crutched Friars.) 
William BrotherSy 1547. (S. Mildred, 

Will. Browdercey Efq. (Auftin Friars.) 
Mary Browny 1699. (Chrift Church.) 
William, s. of William Brown, 1683. 

(S. Vedaft Fofter.) 
Browne and Fijhboume. 
Appolina Browne, of Shredicote, co. 

Stafford, &c. (See P. Gunter) 
BeatriXy d. of Will. Browne. (S. Catha$ 

rine Cree.) 
Elizabeth Browne. (See E. Rawfiome.) 
Sir George Browney & w. Elijabeth. (S. 

Anne, Blackfriars.) 
Hanna, w. of Daniel Browney 1695. (& 

fon^in^law Dixi Kent : & his w. 

Janey 1696.) & he d. 1698. (S. 

Stephen Walbrook.) 
Henricus Browney a memorable Mer^ 



Sir Humfrey Browne^ Lord Chief Jus^ 

tice, 1562. (S. Martin Orear.) 
James Browney fon of Humphrey 

Browne, Merchant. 
John Browney SergeantsPainter to Hen. 8. 

and Alderman of London. [1532: 

S. Vedaft Fofter.] 
John Browney Alderman, 1474. (S. 

James, Garlickhithe.) 
Sir John Browney L. Mayor, 1497. (S. 

Mary Magdalen, Milk Str.) 
Sir John Browne. (Whitefriars.) 
The Lady Browney late wife of the now 

Sir Richard Browne, Knight and 

Baronet, and Major^General of all 

the Militia of London. 
Mrs. Maryy 1692. d. of John Browning, 

1687. (S. Lawrence, Jewry.) 
Randulphus Brownrigge, Epifc. Lond. 

[? Exon : Temple.] 
Richard Browney Efq., 1546. (Alls 

hallows. Barking.) 
Thomas BrownCy Efq., of Shredis 

eote, CO. Stafford, &c. (Sec P. 

Sir Thos. Browney & w. Eleanor. (S. 

Anne, Blackfriars.) 
Sir William BrownCy L. Mayor, 1507. 

(S. Mary Aldermanbury.) 
William Browney L. Mayor, 15 13. 

(Mercer's Chapel.) 
William Browne y L. Mayor, 15 13. (S. 

Mary Magdalen, Milk Str.] 
Edward Lord Bruce, Baron or Kinlofle, 

one of the Princely Progenitours of 

the Right honourable and eminently 

noble Edward Earle of Alift>ury and 

Earle of Elgin, now living. [16 10: 

Rolls Chapel.] 
Sir John BrudgCyh. Mayor, 1530. (S, 

Nicholas Aeon's.) 

Digitized by 




Sir Thomas Brugge or Bruges^ of 

Dimmock in Gloucefterfhire, Knight. 
Lady Elizabeth Bruges^ wife of the 

Lord Chandois. 
Joarty w. of Richard Bruyn, de Elfing^ 

haniy 1462. (Allhallows^the^Great.) 
Ade de Buck. 
Jams Buck, S.T.P., 1^5. (S. Peter, 

IVilliam Bucke, 1501. (S. Mary Alders 

If^ilL Buckbyy 1685. (S- Sepulchre.) 
Edward^ Duke of Buckingham, 1521. 

(Auftin Friars.) 
Eleanor y Duchefs of Buckingham. (Chrift 

Tohn Bucklandy hofpitii praediAi, Efq. 
Sir Cutbert Buckle^ Knight, anceftor to 

Sir Chriftopher Buckle Knight ; and 

both to Lieut.sCol. Buckle of Bur^ 

rough neer Bamfted^downs. [1594 : 

Mary, w. of George Buckley^ 1677. (S. 

Botolph, Alderfgatc.) 
Johannes Buckley. 
John Buckftony & w. Ceciliay 1425. (S. 

Leonard Eaftcheap.) 
John BuggCy temp. Hen. VI. (S. Dionis 

Stephen Bugge, 141 9. {S. Mildred, 

Bread Str. 
Adt de Buke. (S. Mary le Bow.) 
George Buggins. 

Arthur Bulkley, hofpitii praed, Efq. 
Matthew Bull. 
Nicholas Bull. (S. Antholins.) 
Sir Godfrey Bullen, or Bollen, anceftor 

to Anne Bullen, mother of Qucene 

Elizabeth of famous memory. [1463 : 

S. Lawrence, Jewry.] 
Sir Godfrey Bullen^ or Bollen ; one of 

the fons of Sir Godfrey, buried in 

Mercers' Chapel. 
Richard Bullen, or Bollen. [1563 : S. 

Giles, Cripplegate.] 
William Bu/len,i^j6. (S. Giles, Cripple. 

Lady Anne Bulftrode^ widdow of the 

{aid John Bannifter. 

Henry Daniel \ Brothers 

Mary DanteL > j c-n. 

jt T\ • / i and Sifters. 

Anne Darnel, j 

James Bunce^ Efq ; father of the 

honourable Sir James Bunce, Knight 

and Baronet, Qc. [1631 : S. Benet 

Cuthbert Burhy. (See H. Turner.^ 
Thos. Burdety Efq. 1477. (Chrift 

Sir W. Burfire. (See Lady M. Chenie.) 
Rob. Burgener, 1361. (S. Leonard, 

Thos. Burgeyn. (S. Bartholomew the 

Hubert de Burgo, Earl of Kent. (S. 

Anne, Blackfriars.) 
James Burkin, Merchant, & his w. 

Jane, d. of John Letbienler, 1675. 

(S. Dunftan' 
Edmund Burlacy, 1583. (S. Olavc, 

Robert Burley, 1360. (S. Pancras, 

Henry Burnefold, Citizen, with his wife. 
Sir Edmund Burnel. (Chrift Church.) 
Edward, s. of Lord Burnel. (Chrift 

John Burnel. 
Mary Burnel. [.^ 1562 : S. Botolph, 

Tho. Burne/. [or Burnall, 1548 : S, 

Olave, Hart Str.] 


Digitized by 




Barbara BurnelL (window in S. Law:: 

rcnce, Jewry, 1 6 1 8 .) 
Sir Thomas BurgotUy Knight, [?] 

anceftor to the Knightly tamily of 

the Burgoines in the county of Bed; 

ford. [1517 : S. Lawrence, Jewry.] 
Andrew Burrel^ of Gray's Inn, 1487. 

(S. Michael, Crooked-lane.) 
Roger Burroughs, (see M. Breerewood.) 
Robert Burfted. [141 7 : S. Auguftine.] 
Edw. BurtoHy M.A., 17CX). (S. Mary 

John Burton^ 1460. (S. Michael Baffin 

Symon Burton. [1593: S. Andrew 

Thomas Burton. 
Sir Bartholomew Burwajh^ w. Elifabeth 

& s. John. (Chrift Church.) 
Captain Wtlliam Bujhel. 
Thomas Bujby^ a memorable Patriot, 

one of the anceftors of Sir John 

Bujby^ of Buckinghamihire, and of 

the moft eminently learned and ex$ 

emplarily obliging Doctor Richard 

Bufby^ Prebendary of Weftminfter, 

and many years the moft happy 

Mafter of that fo famous Freefchool. 

[1575 : S. Giles, Cripplegate.] 
Mr. Bufs (or Brifs\ 1559. (S. Mar- 

Matthews Buji. 
Elianor^ d. of Sir Thomas Butler^ Lord 

Sudley. (S. Helen's.) 
Francis Butler. 

Lord Francis Butler^ or Boteler. 
James Butler or Boteler^ Earl of Ors 

mond. [& Dame Johan his Countefs, 

1430 : Mercers' Chapel.] 
John Butler^ Sheriff in 1420. (S. Peter, 



John Butler y Sheriff, 1420. (S. Swithin.) 
Thomajincy w. of Thos. Butler^ I573- 

(S. Andrew Wardrobe.) 
Sir JVilliam Butler^ L. Mayor, 151 5. 

(Mercers' Chapel). 
AlanBuxhall. (Chrift Church.) 
Hutton Byerleyy 1695. (Temple.) 
Alice Byngj ^ of Simon Burton^ 1616, 

& w. of Richard IVaterfon^ and of 

Francis Coldock and of IJaac Byng. 

(S. Andrew Underfhaft.) 
Robert Byrche^ I433' (S. Olave, Hart 

John Byrz^ 1417- (S. Bartholomew 

the Lefs.) 

Rev. Thomas Cafiy 1475. (Allhallows, 

Anthony Cage. [1583: S. Matthew, 

Friday Str.] 
Robertus CagCy Armig. 
Robert Caldcot & wives Johan & Agnes. 

(S. Bartholomew the Lefs.) 
Florence Caldwell Efq. [1590 : S. 

Martin, Ludgate.] 
Laurence Caldwel [1625.] & w. Mary. 

[162 1 : S. Michael, Comh'dl.] 
Ralph Caldwely of Gray's Inn, 1527. 

(S. Anne & Agnes.) 
John Caler^ w. of, 1694. and s. John. 

(S. Clement Eaftcheap.) 
John Calfe^ 1426. (S. Nicholas, Cole 

Sir Henry Calthorp^ Knight, defcended 

from Sir Henry Calthorp, Knight, 

temp. Hen. 7. 
Robert Calthrope^ L. Mayor, 1588. 

(S. Peterde^Poor.) 
Thomas Calvtrt, Citizen and Merchant- 
Richard Cambden^ Gen. 

Digitized by 




Sir James Cambel^ Knight, Lo. Maior, 

Grandchild of the faid Sir Thomas. 
Robertus Cambely Efq ; Alderman, fon 

of Sir Thomas, father of the late Sir 

James Cambel. 
Robert Cambel his fon, Alderman. 
Sir Thomas Cambel [CampbelFL Knight, 

Lord Maior. [1613 : S. Olave, 

Sir Reynold de Cambrey. (Chrift 

JVill. Cambridge^ L. Mayor, 1420. (S. 

Dame Joany d. of Sir John Caine^ & w. 

of Sir Guy Brian. (S. Anne, Black- 
Edward Campion^ pned. hofp. Efq. 
Giles Campion^ 1697. (S. Dunftan in 

the Weft.) 
Will. Campneis. (S. Thomas Apoftle.) 
William de Mmte Canijio^ w. of. 

(Chrift Church.) 
Rev. Thos. Cane^ Rector, 1444. (S. 

Mary Somerfet.) 
Thos. Canon^ or Gemon^ Sheriff, 1410. 

(Mercers* Chapel.) 
Henry Canielaw^ Mercer, and Merchant 

of the Staple of Calice. [1495 : S. 

Mary Magdalen, Milk Str.] 
Su* William Cantlow^ 1462. (S. Mary 

Magdalen, Milk Str.) 
Sir William Capel^ Knight, Lo. Maior ; 

one of the anceftors to the now Earl 

of EfTex. [1509: S. Bartholomew, 

Mr. Capwooa. 
Peter, Bifhop of Carbon, Hungary, 

1 33 1 . (Chrift Church.) 
Roger Cardiffe^ hofpitii pnedicfti, Efq. 
Lady Elizabeth Carew. (S. Botolph, 


Sir Matthew Carew of Comwdlj Knight; 

one of the anceftors to George Carew 

of Richmond, Efq ; and one of his 

Majefties Privie Chamber. [1538 : 

S. Botolph, Aldgate.] 
Sir Nicholas Carew, Knight of the 

Garter, and anceftor to the now Sir 

Nicholas Carew of Beddington. 
Thomas Carew de Haccomb in the 

County of Devon, Efq. 
John Carleton. (S. Bartholomew the 

Alexander Carlile, Vintner. 
Roger Carlile. [? Caril, 1665. &c: S. 

Andrew, Holborn.] 
The Lord Caroone, Embaflador Leidger 

from the States of Holland, his 

Atchievement in the fame Church. 
Alice Carpenter. 
Jane Carpenter. 
John Carre. • 

Nicholas Carre. (S. Anne, Blackfriars.) 
Joane Cartwright. [1609: S. Andrew 

Samuel Cartwright. 

William Cartwright^ hofpitii pned. Efq. 
Paul Carter, 1699. ^S. Mary^lesBow.) 
Henry Lord Cary, lonne to the late 

Henry, Earl of Monmouth. 
Sir Bartholomew Cafter. (Chrift Church.) 
William Caftleton. (S. Martin, Vintry.) 
Tho. Catazii. 
Edward Catcher, Pewterer. (S. Peter le 

Henry Caufton, 1396. (S. Thomas 

Alice, w. of Tho. Cavendi/k, 151 5. (S. 

Botolph, Alderfgate.) 
Catarina, w. of Wilhelmi Cavendifli, 

1499. (S. Botolph, Alderfgate.) 
Margaret, w. of William Cavendi/h^ 


Digitized by 




s. of Alice J 1540- (S- Botolph, Alders J 

Sir Stephen Cavendijh^ Knight, [?] Lord 

Maior. [1362: Mercers' ChapeL] 
Tliomas Cavendiflly 1524. (Mercers' 

William Cavendijhy Efq; SherifF. [Mer^ 

cers* Chapel.] 
William Cavendi/h^ Efq ; one of the 

anceftors of the Illuftrious William 

Cavendifh, Duke, Marquis, and Elarl 

of Ncwcaftle. 
Will. Cawle. (Whitefriars.) 
Anne Cawood. (S. Mary Woolchurch.) 
Robert Cawoody 1466. (S. Botolph, 

Matilda Caxton. (S. Swithin.) 
William Ceely^ J662. (Temple.) 
Richard Cely. [& Robert Cely: S. Olave, 

Hart Street.] 
Sir Julius. Cajar [alias Adelmare^ 

Knight, Mafter of the Rolls, ances^ 

tor to Sir Henry Gefar of the 

County of Hertf. [1636. & yf.Anne : 

S. Helens.] 
Dr. Chadwell. (S. Benet, Paul's Wharf.) 
Sir John Chadworthy or Shadworthy 

Knight, Lord Maior. 
S'u" Robert Chalons y & s. Johny 1439. 

(Chrift Church.) 
Thomas Chalton, Lord Mayor in 1550. 

(S. Alban, Wood Str.) 
John Chamber. (Holy Trinity the Lefs.) 
Abraham Chamberlany a memorable 

Merchant, and Father of Sir Thomas 

Chamberlan of Middlefex, Knight, 

now living. 
Charles Chamberlain. (See Laurence.) 
Chriftopher Chamberlainy 1640. (S. 

Hefter^ d. of Sir Thomas Chamberlain 


& w. Mary Burlamachi, 1691. (S. 
Stephen, Coleman Str.) 

Richd. Chamberlainy SheriiF, 1566. (S. 
Olave, Jewry.) 

Sir Robert Chamberlainey alias Tankeviky 
Knight of the Bath, anceftor of that 
Knightly family of the Chamber- 
lains, alias Tankeviles in the County 
of Oxford. [161 5: S. Bartholomew 
the Great.] 

Seagrave, fon of the Hon. Col. Edmund 
Chamberlain^ 1675. (S« James, Gar- 

Thomas Chamberlainy Purveyor, 1684. 
& w. Mary, 1686. (S. Helen's.) 

John Chamberlayne. [w. Joany S. Giles, 

Richardus Chamberlayne, Generojus. 
[Auftin Friars.] 

Thomas Chamberlayne, M.D. 

Judithy w. of Richard Chambers, Efq., 
1668. (S. Martin Outwich.) 

Mary, w. of Henry Chambers, 1680. 
(S. George, Botolph^lane.) 

Peter Champion, 1 5 1 1 . (Chrift Church.) 

Sir Richard Champion, Knight, Lord 
Maior. [i 568 : S. Dunftan in the E.] 

Walter Champion, SherifF, 1529. (S. 
Anthony s Hofpital.) 

William Champion, Citizen and Grocer. 

William Chapman, Citizen and Mer- 

Richd. Chandler, 1691, and brother 
John, 1686. (S,Mary, Aldermanbury.) 

John, s. of Robert Chanlowes. (White- 

Dame Ifabel,vf. of Roger, Baron Chanoyes. 
(Chrift Church.) 

Francis Chape. (Chrift Church.) 

Anne, w. of Jojeph Chaplain, 169^- 
(S. Margaret Pattens.) 

Digitized by 




Edmund Chapman^ Efq ; fervant to 

Queen Elizabeth. [1588: S. James, 

Guil. Chapman. [1446 : S. Dunftan in 

the Weft.] 
Henry Chapman^ 1700. (S. Margaret, 

Sir Ambroje CA^irr^m, Knight. [S. James*, 

CHARLES the Firft, of moft blefled 

Memory, his Epitaph. 
Thomas Charles^ Efq. (Auftin Friars.) 
Em.\jne\ CharUton. [1622: Allhallows, 

Mris Mary Charleton. 
Henry Charton^ of Wolverington in the 

County of Salop, Armig. 
Robert ChartJey^^mS^ 1548. (S.Laws 

rence, Jewry.) 
Walter Chartjey^ 1430. (S. Lawrence, 

Mris Chatterton^ wife of Mr. Chatterton 

of Patersnofter row. 
Thomas. Chatworth^ L. Mayor, 1443. 

(S. Alban, Wood Str.) 
Richard Chaucer^ Vintner, father to Sir 

GeofFey Chaucer. [1348 : S. Mary 

William Chavvorthj Efquire, fecond 

fonne of the late Sir John Chaworth 

of Winnerton, in the County of 

Nottingham, Knight. 
Sir Richard Chaury^ L. Mayor, 1509. 

(Allhallows, Bread Str.) 
Sir John Cheke, (moft antiently Cheque) 

tutor to Edvrard the fixth. [1557 : 

S. Alban, Wood Str.] 
Sir Thomas Cheke^ Knight, his Gran? 

child; both anceftors to Robert 

Cheke of Pergoe in Eflex, Efq ; &c. 

and Thomas Cheke his brother, one 

of the Efquires of his Majefties 
body, and one of the captains of his 
Majefties Guard. 

Agnes Chenie, wife of William Chenie, 

Sir Allen Chenie^ Knight. [Chrift 

Dame Margaret^ daughter of Sir Ralp 
Chenie. [w. of Sir John Barkley^ of 
Sir Thomas Barnes^ and of Sir W. 
Burfire : S. James', Piccadilly.] 

Richard Cheney. (See B. Elmore.) 

Thomas^ s. of William Cheyney. (S. 

Sir William Chenyy Knight, a defccndant 
from that moft antient and Lordly 
Family of the Chenies: often Barons 
of the Realme, and eminent long 
before the Barons' warrs: and the 
lineal anceftors of the worthy hon^ 
oured Charles Cheny de CheJhamtbqySy 
Com. Bucks, Efq; at this day living. 
[Sons Thomas^ John^ & William^ & 
d. Joan. S. Alphage: Sir William 
& w. Margaret : S. Benet, Paul's 

Alexander Cheny. (S. Helens.) 

Francis Cherry. 

Che/ham. (S. Michael, Comhill.) 

Robert Chejlyn^ Alderman. 

Robert Chejlyny a Divine, his fon. 

John ChefteryDr2cptT. (Mercers' Chapel.) 

Richard Chefter^ Alderman, 1484* (S. 
Botolph, Aldgate.) 

Sir William Chefter, Knight. [L. 
Mayor, 1560 : S. Edmund.] 

Anne Chetwind^ wife of Henry Chet^ 
wind, Efq. 

Sir Robert Chicheley^ L. Mayor, 1437. 
(S. James, Garlickhithe.) 

Sir Robert Chichely^ Knight, Lord 


Digitized by 




Maior. [1428 : S. Stephen, Wal^ 

Robert Chickefyj Efq ; one of the an^ 

ceftors of the worthily honoured 

Henry Chichely, Efq. &c. 
Roger Chilbury^ Efq. (Auftin Friars.) 
Robert Chilcot. 
Robert Chirwide, Efq. (S. James*, 

Marfy w. of Richd. Chi/wel^ 1698. 

(Chrift Church.) 
John Chitcrofty Efq. (S. Catherine Cree.) 
J of per Cholmeley. [1586: S. Martin, 

Ralph Cholmeley y 1 563. (S. Dunftan in 

the Weft.) 
Sir Roger Cholmeley ^ ^538. (S. Dunftan 

in the Weft.) 
Sir Roger Cholmeley, Knight. [S. Martin, 

Richd. Chopping SheriflF in 1530. (S. 

Giles, Cripplecate.) 
John Chornety Elq. (Auftin Friars.) 
Gulielmus ChriJimaSy Armig. and 

Alderman, anceftor to the worthy 

William Chriftmas, Efq., now living. 
John Chriftmasy Stone:<:utter and 

John Chriftopherfon, M.D., 1524. (S. 

Mildred, Poultry.) 
Thomas Church, Draper, 1616. (S. 

Bartholomew, Exchange.) 
John Churchil. (Temple.) 
Jajper Churchill, Gent, defcended 

from that ancient family of the 

Churchills in the Weft, and father 

of the worthily honoured John 

Churchill of Churchill, Efq ; one of 

the Seniors of Lincolns Inne; and 

alfo of Mr. Jafper Churchill, Gold? 

fmith, with his brother Thomas. 


John Churchman, Sheriff in 1385. (S. 

Martin Outwich.) 
Richd. Churchyard, of Grays Inn, 1498. 

(Chrift Church.) 
George Chute, Efq ; Standard-bearer to 

H. 8 at BuUoigne, and anceftor to 

that Knightly ^mily of the Chutes 

in Kent. 
Margaret Chute, daughter of Sir George 

Chute of Stockwel, Knight, 6f r. 
Amoldina, daughter of Heer Arnold 

Citters, 1686. (Auftin Friars.) 
Lore Clakus. (Chrift Church.) 
Stephen Clamparde. (S. Sepulchre.) 
Johannes Clapham, Generos. [ 1 6 1 8 : 

Chrift Church.] 
Johannes Clapham, 61ms. [1621: Chrift 

Sir Hugh Clare, 1295. (S. Anne, Blacb? 

Thomas Clarel, & w. Maud; their 

children. (S. Giles, Cripplegate.) 
William Clarell. (Whitetriars.) 
Dame Anne Clarke, wife of the now Sir 

Francis Clarke late of Exeter. 
Humphry Clark, Efq ; Deputy of AU 

hallows Ward, and father of Humphry 

Clark, of the M. Temple. 
Matthew Clark. 
Robert Clark, Efq ; fon of Roger Clark, 

Tho. Clark, & w. Alice, 15 13. (S. 

Michael, Comhill.) 
Will. Clark, & wives Jane fc? Chriftian, 

1505. (S. Nicholas Cole Abbey.) 
Eliz. Clarke, wife of Henry Clark, 

Ellinor [w. of Hamlet'] Clarke. [1626: 

S. Martin Pomeroy.] 
George Clark, 1606. (S. Botolph, Ald^ 


Digitized by 




Robert Clarke^ Fifhmonger, 1521. (S. 

H^ill. Clarke, 1501. (S.Nicholas Cole 

Sir John Claron. (Chrift Church.) 

Clavering. (S. Michael, Cornhill.) 

John Claveringj 1421. (S. Chriftopher.) 
John -Clay ham. (S. Lawrence, Jewry.) 
IVilliam Claytwel^ Citizen and Fruiterer. 
Joane Gierke^ wid. 1490. (S. Peter, 

Thomas Clere^ Efquire, eldeft fbnne of 

Sir Thomas Clere of Norfolk, Knight. 
Cecilia^ wid. of Rich. Cieyion, 1602. 

(Window in S. Lawrence, Jewry, 

Sir Ja/per Cleyton^ Knight, Sheriff; very 

anciently of Oakenmaw in the county 

of York ; father of the worthily 

honoured Sir John Cleyton, Knight, 

and Mr. George Cleyton, Mercer, of 

Sir Roger Clifford. (Auftin Friars.) 
William Clifford. (S. Anne, Blackfriars.) 
Sir Nicholas Clifton. (Chrift Church.) 
George Clint. [Parifti Clerk 35 years. 

S. George, Botolph^lane.] 
Jane^ Lady Clinton^ 1458- (S. Bartholo:: 

mew the Lefs.) 
John^ Baron Clinton. (Chrift Church.) 
Elifabethy w. of Will. Clipfam^ 1694. 

(S. Sepulchre.) 
John Clipftoney Prieft, 1457. (S. Mary 

Magdalen, Guildhall.) 
Sir Chriftoph. Clithero, Knight, Lord 

Maior ; anceftor to James Clithero 

and Henry Clithero, Efquires. 

[1642 : & d. Bridget^ 1683 : S. 

Andrew Underftiaft.] 
Maryy w. of James Clitherow^ 1662. 

(S. Andrew Underfhaft.) 

Will. ClitheroWj and w. Margaret. (S. 

Martin Outwich.) 
Thomas Clivelod. [1558 : S. Mildred, 

Bread Str.] 
Hugh Cloptony L. Mayor, 1496. (S. 

Margaret, Lothbury.) 
MargeriCy wid. of Robert Clopton^ Alders 

man, 1462. (S. Peter, Cornhill.) 
Ja/per Clutterbuck, 1697. (S. Martin 

Jerom &? Mary Clutterbucky children 

of. (S. Alphage.) 
Alys Cobham. (S. Anne, Blackfriars.) 
John Cobham^ Baron of Kent. (Chrift 

Theodore^ s. of John &? Hanna Cock, 

169I. (Auftin Friars.) 
Thomas Cockain, Recorder. (S. Michaefe 

William Cockaine, fen., 1599 : & ist w. 

Elizabeth Medcal/e, 1589: & 2nd 

w. Catherine Wonton, 1596. (S. 

Joan J w. of John Cocken, Efq., 1509. 

(S. Helen's.) 
Robert Cocks, Citizen. 
Roger Cogger, 1384. (S. Botolph, 

Joannes £ Coggeflial, a moft ^unous 

Citizen. [1384 : S. Margaret, Fifh 

Will. Coggejhal, 1426. (S. Nicholas 

Cole Abbey.) 
Guil. Coggejhal, Civis 6f Pi/cenarius. 
Clement Coke, of Langford in the county 

of Derby, Armig. [1629: Temple.] 
Robert Coke, 1561. (S. Andrew, HoU 

Sir Thomas Coke, L. Mayor in 1462. 

(Auftin Friars.) 
Anne Cokerer, 1549. (S. Bride.) 

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Mr. Hen. Colbom. [1567 : S. Dunftan 

in the Weft.] 
Alice Coldocky or Bing. 
Francis Coldock. (See A. Byng.) 
Gregory Cole, of Buckifh in the county 

of Devon, Armig. [Temple.] 
Alice Coleman^ daughter of George 

Gainsford, Efq ; fon of Sir John 

Gainsford of Crowhurft, Knight. [See 

G. Coleman.'] 
George Coleman y 1558 : & w. Alice^ 

1 58 1. (S. Mary Magdalen, Old Fifti 

Reginald^ s. of Robert Coleman^ 1383. 

(S. Margaret, Lothbury.) 
Thos. Coleman^ 1685. (^' Andrew^ 

Henry Colfer^ hoijpitii pnedict. Efq. 
lacobo ColiOy 1591 : & w. Elizab. 1593. 

(S. Dionis Backchurch.) 
Elizabeth Colledge^ wife of Ralph G)U 

Henry Collet^ L. Mayor, bur. at Stebonsr 

heath, but pictures of himfelf and 

family in windows of St. Antholin's 

Sir Henry Collet^ Knight, twice Lord 

Maior of London. 
Johannes Collet. [& w. Alice : S. Alban^ 

Wood Str.] 
Mary Collet of the family of Sir Henry 

Collet, Knight, [w. of John Collet, 

1613 : S. Mary Magdalen, Milk 

Jo/eph Collier. 
IVilliam Collingboume, Efq., 1484. 

(Auftin Friars.) 
Sir Stephen Collington. (S. Anne, Blacks 

Thomas Collins, Gent. [S. Mildred, 

Bread Str.] 


Thos. Collins. (S. Catherine's, E. Smith? 

IVilliam Collins. 
IVilliam Collyns, Ibidem, Efq. 
Mary, w. of Edward Colman, 1693. 

(S. Dunftan'ssinsthe^E.) 
Richd. Colfel. (S. Stephen, Coleman 

Abigal Colt. [? Coult, 1629 : S. Bars 

tholomew the Great.] 
Michael Lewis de Colywejion, Efq. 
Robert Combarton, 1422. (S. Mary 

IVilliam Combarton, 14 10. (S. John 

fVilliam Combes, of Stoke, near Guild? 

ford, 1502. (S. Michael^ Crooked 

IVilliam Combes^ Stocl&^fifhmonger, 

Sheriff of London, 1452 : a great 

Benefiictor to his Parifh^hurch. [S. 

George, Botolph-lane.] 
fVill. Comerton. (S. Michael, Comhill.) 
Mary, d. of Robert Compton, & w. of 

Capt. John Perry, 1676. (S. Giles, 

fVilliam Lord Compton, his armes ; one 

of the anceftours of the Right Honour; 

able the Earle of Northampton now 

Mary, w. of Edw. Conant, 1698. (Alt 

hdlows, Bread Str.) 
Allen at Condit. (S. Matthew, Friday 

Nicholas Coningfton. (S. Dunftan in the 

John Conftantine, Efq ; anceftor of 

William Conftantine of Dorfet, Efq ; 

and one of the Benchers of the 

Middle Temple. [1116 : S. Mary, 


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ff^ilL Canftantine^ Alderman, & w. 
Anne. (S. Martin Outwich.) 

Anne, w. of mil. Coode, 1688. (S. 

Edw. Cook, 1652. (S. Bartholomew the 

Frances Cook, wife of Paulus Ambro^ 
fius Cook. 

Jane, w. of John Cook. (S. Bartholo? 
mew the Lefs.) 

Thomas Cook. [1608 : Scw.Jcyce, 16 12: 
S. Martin, Ludgate.] 

Sir Thomas Cook, Knight of the Bath, 
Lord Maior of London, 1642 ; des: 
fcended from a good Family of that 
name in Norfolk, and one of the 
Anceftors of that worthy family of 
the Cooks of Hindham-Hall near 
Glocefter, from whence William 
Cook, Efq ; and Lieutenant:Colonel 
in that County, and Colonel Edward 
Cook his brother (both fons of the 
late Sir Robert Cook, and nephews 
of the living Colonel Thomas Cook) 
are lineally defcended. 

Edward Cooke, Efq. 

Francis Cooke, 1460. (S. Michael Bafli? 

John Cooke. 

Rob. Cooke de AGleham comit. Norf. Efq. 

Henry Cook/on, Gent., 1638. (AlL 
hallows. Barking.) 

fVilliam Coolly. (S. Benet Fink.) 

John Cooper, Butcher, & w. Alice, 1533. 
(S. Leonard, Eaftcheap.) 

Johannes Cooper, Armig. 

Henry Coote, Sheriff, 1509. (S. Vedaft 

Sir John Cootes, Knight, Maior. [1542: 
S. Stephen, Walbrook.] 

George Cope. (Holy Trinity^thesLefs.) | 

Aluredus Copeley, 1598. (S. Gregorys 

by S. Paul.) 
mil. Coplaye. (Whitefriars.) 
Mris Joane Ccj^/w^^r, widow of William 

Coppinger, Efq. 
Tho. Copynger, 15 13. (S. Mildred, 

Bread Str.) 
John Coraunt. (S. Michael, Wood Str.) 
John Corbet, 161 1. (S. Andrew, Hok 

Sir John Cordel, Knight, Lord Maior ; 

anceftor to Sir Robert Cordel, of 

Long Melford in the county of Nor:s 

folk. Baronet. 
Edward Cor dwell. [? Cor dell : S. Duns 

ftan in the Weft.] 
Sir Edmond Cornewall, Baron of Burford. 

(S. Anne, Blackfriars.) 
Mary, wid. ofThos. Corney, 1694. (S. 

Andrew, Holborn.) 
John Comijh, 1470. (S. John Zachary.) 
Odde Cornijb, 13 12. (S. MUdred, Bread 

Countefs of Cornwall 6? Chefter. (S. 

Lawrence, Jewry ) 
Col. Henry Cornwall. (Sec M. Laus 

Sir John Cornwall. (S. Anne, Blacks 

John Cornwalleys, 1436. (S. Martina 

Thomas Cornwallis, Efq ; Sheriff. 

[1384 : S. MartinsVintry.] 
John Collin, 1442. (AUhallows, Stains 

John Cofton, 1637. & w. Frances. (S. 

Botolph, Alderfgate.) 
Robert Cojyn, Efq. [w. Eliz : & s. 

Robert : S. Martin Orgar.] 
Sir Allen Cotton, Knight, Lord Maior. 

[1628 : S. Martin Orgar.] 

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Charity^ w. of George Cotton^ Efq. 
Henry Cotton^ 1614. (S. Sepulchre.) 
Johannes Cotton^ Armig. [16 14: S. 

Botolph, Aldcrfgate.] 
Roger Cotton. (S. Martin Vlntry.) 
JNicholas CouderoWy & w. Elizabeth. 

(Crutched Friars.) 
John Couper^ Alderman, 1584. (S. 

Sir Francis Courte^ Earl of Pembroke^ 

6?c. (Auftin Friars.) 
Sir Edw. Courtney. (Whitefriars.) 
Sir Hugh Courtney. (Whitefriars.) 
Sir Thomas Courtney ^ Knight, fon of the 

then Earl of Devonlhire, which Earls 

of Devonlhire were the noble Pros 

eenitors of that Illuftrious and 

rrincely Family of the Gjurtneys, 

time out of mind, in that County ; 

from whom the now living Sir 

William Courtney is lineally dcs 

fcended. [Auftin Friars.] 
JVill. Courtney. (S. Anne, Blackfriars.) 
I/abely d. of Edward III., w. of Lord 

Coufty of France, afterwards Earl of 

Bedford (Chrift Church.) 
Francis Covell^ Gent. [1625 : All? 

hallows, Barking.] 
Catherine Covelly his wife. 
Sir John Coventry ^ Knight, Lord Maior. 

[1425 : S. Mary le^Bow.] 
John Coventry^ L. Mayor. & w. Alice 

Bromcy 1433. (S. Dunftan's^in^thcsE.) 
Thomas^ Lord Coventry ^ Lord Keeper 

of the Great Seal of England^ and 

Father of the Right Honourable Sir 

tVilliam Coventry ^ Kt., &c 
Miles Coverdale^ BiAiop of Exeter. 
Thos. Covil, Efq. 1422. (Chrift Church.) 
fniliam Cowch^ 1583. (S. Botolph, 



Sir Edward Cowper J 1685. (S.Midiad, 

John Cowper^ 1609. (S. Michael, Com;' 

Sir fVilliam Cowper^ Baronet (?), 1671. 

& w. Dame Martha Mafter^ & s. 

Spencer Cowper^ 1676. (S. Midiael, 

Richardus Coxe. [1467 : & w. AgneSy 

1472 : S. Auguftine.] 
Sarahy w. of John Coxony 1683. (S. 

Mildred, Bread Str.) 
Lady CradockCy w. of Sir David Cradocke. 

(Auftin Friars.) 
Uonel Cranjieldy Earl of Middlefex, 

anceftor to the Right Honourable 

Earl of Middlefex now living. 
Richard Crajhaw [? CrofluweJ, Gold^ 

fmith. [1631 : S. Bartholomew, 

Sir William Craveny Knieht, Lord 

Maior, anceftor to the Right 

Honourable and truly Noble Lord 

William Craven, Baron of Hemfted, 

and Earl of Craven. [1617 : S. Am 

drew Underftiaft.] 
Sufannay w. of James Crawford. (S. 

Catharine Cree.) 
William Crayhayy temp. Edw. IL (S. 

Stephen, Coleman Str.) 
Ambrofe Crefacre. (Mercers' Chapel.) 
John de Creffingham. (S. James, Garlick? 

Sufannay w. of Robert Crefwelly 1590. 

(S. Botolph, Alder%ate.) 
William Crefwicky 1405. (S. Catharine 

William CreweSy Efq ; and Alderman 

of London, anciently of Leton in 

Norfolk ; from whence the now Sir 

John Cremer, of Sechee, in the fame 

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County, Knight, and late High 
Sheriff thereof together with his 
nephew Charles Cremer, of Snetii: 
flum, Efa ; and Couniellor at Law 
in the Illuftrious Society of Grays 
Inn, are originally defcended. 

Edmofui Crick, Efq. 

Edmcnd Crichy filius. 

Ellis Crifpe, wife of the late Ellis 
Crifpe, Alderman ; father and mother 
to the honourable Sir Nich. Crifpe, de-- 
ceafed. [1625: S. Mildred, Bread Str.] 

Sir Nicholas Crijpe, Knight^Baronet and 
Colonel, and father to the now Sir 
Nicholas Crifpe, of Hammerfmith, 
Baronet, &c. [1626 : S. Mildred, 
Bread Str.] 

Mris Rebecca Crifpe, wife of the late 
Sir Nicholas Crifpe, 6?r. [i6i6 : 
Allhallows, Lombard Str.] 

Elizabeth Crofts. 

Mrs. Frances Croke, 1605. (S. Catherine 

Valentine Crome, 1662. (S. Bartholomew 
the Great.) 

William Cromer. 

Charles Crompton, 1676. (Temple.) 

John Croncar. 

Dr. William Crone, F.R.S., 1684. (S. 
Mildred, Poultry.) 

Edward Cropley, Efq ; Alderman, and 
anceftor of the honourable Sir John 
Cropley, Knight and Baronet. 

Edward Cropley, Efq ; fon of the 
honourable Sir John Cropley, Knight? 
Baronet. . 

Sir John Crofby, Knight, Lord Maior, 
builder and firft owner of Crofby 
houfe. [& w. Anne, 1475: S. Helen s.] 

William Crouch. [1606: S. Dunftan in 
the Weft.] 

Robert Crowly, Vicar of Cripple^te. 

[1588 : S. Giles, Cripplegate.] 
Will. Crowmer, L. Mayor, 1433. (S. 

Martin Orgar.) 
Michael Crud, Theologus. [1604 : S. 

Botolph, Alderfgate.J 
Matthew Crutchfield, of an ancient 

family of that name, in the com. of 

Oxford, a worthy Citizen and Draper 

of London. 
Roje Cryfpe, 15 14. (Mercers* Chapel.) 
Daniel Cudmore, of Loxborne, in the 

county of Devon, Efq. 
Mary, w. of Henry Culpepper^ 1670. 

(S. Michael, Cornhill.) 
Henry Cumber. (Mercers' Chapel.) 
Tho. Cure, Efa ; great grandfather to 

A. Cure of tne Inner Temple, Efq. 
Mrs. Katharine Currance, wife of Mr. 

Allan Currance, anceftors to the truly 

worthy John Currance, Efq., now 

Eli/abet h, w. of Sir Robert Curjon, 1494. 

(Chrift Church.) 
Sir George Curfon^ Knight, and father? 

in-law to the late Edward, Earl of 

Dorfet. [1622 : S. Bride.] 
Sir William Curteene, Knight. 
Sir Tho. Curteis, 1559. (S. Dionis 

Tho. Curtefius, Armig. 
Philip Cufhen (or Corjine), 1600. (S. 

Benet Gracechurch.) 
James Cuthing (or Schitting), Efq. 

(Auftin Friars.) 
William Cutting, 1599. (S. Catharine's, 

E. Smithfield.) 

Thos. Dably, Efq. (Whitefriars.) 
Arthur Dacre, 1489. (S. Mary Somer? 


Digitized by 




Henry Dacres^ Efq : anceftor to the 

worthily honoured Sir Thomas 

Dacres, of Cheftenham in the county 

of Hertford, Knight, of a very an? 

cient (landing. 
Arthur DacreSy fon and heir of the late 

Lord Dacres. 
James Dagger. [1610: & w. Ifabel, 

161 1 : S. Alphage.] 
John Dagworth. (S. Sepulchre.) 
John Dalebear. (S. Anne, Blackfriars.) 
Thomas Dalby^ Mercer, [window in S. 

Lawrence, Jewry, 1 6 1 8 .] 
JVilliam Ballijon^ Efq. 
Sir George Dalfton^ of Dalfton in the 

county of Cumberland, Baronet, 

father of the now Sir William Dak 

fton. Baronet, of the fame Lordfhip. 
Lawrence Dalton^ Efq; Juri/con/ultus. 

[1561 : & w. Dorothy : S. Dunftan 

in the Weft.] 
Robert Daluffe & w. Alt/on. Barber 

temp. Edw. IV. (S. Martin Vintry.) 
John Dane. (S. Pancras, Soperdane.) 
IVilliam Dane [.? Dayne], Alderman. 

[& w. Margaret, 1529: S. Peter, 

Will. Dane, Sheriff, 1509. (S. Margaret 

Alice [w. of John"] Daniel. [148 1 : S. 

Margaret Mofes.] 
Sir William Daniel^ Knight, one of the 

Judges of the C. P. [16 10 : S. 

Stephen, Coleman Str.] 
Sir Robert Danvers^ & w. Agnes. (S. 

Bartholomew the Lefs.) 
John Darby ^ Alderman, 1466. (S. 

Dionis Backchurch.) 
Michael Darby , 1672. (Allhallows, 

Sir Arthur Darcy. (S. Botolph, Aldgate.) 

Sir Edw. Darcy , fon of the Lo. Darcy. 

[1612 : S. Botolph, Aldgate.] 
Sir John Darcy, Knight [?], fon of the 

Lord Darcy. [1593: S. Olave, Silver 

Lord Thomas Darcy , of the North, one 

of the anceftours to the honourable Sir 

William Darcy and Edward Darcy 

now living. [1537 : S. Botolph, 

Rev. Radulphus Darling. [1500 : Alfc 

hallows. Barking.] 
Roger Darlington, ^SS7- (S- Nicholas 

Cole Abbey.) 
Agnes Dart. [? Darr. w. of Leonard 

Darr. 1596 : S. Stephen, Coleman 

George, Lord Dartmouth, 1 69 1 . (Trinity, 

Hugo Dajhfield, fervant to the late Lord 

Francis Dajhwood, 1683 : & w. Mary, 

1694. (S. Botolph, Biihopfgate.) 
George Dajhwood, 1682. (S. Botolph, 

Sir Samuel Dajbwood, " a child of." (S. 

Botolph, Bifhopfgate.) 
Robert Daugges, fon of William 

Daugges, of Newgatsfb-eet, in the 

county of Hertford, Efq. 
William Dauntjey, Efq ; Alderman, 

one of the anceftors of Sir John 

Dauntfey, of Laverftock, in the 

County of Wilts. [1543 : & w. 

Agnes : S. Antholin*s.] 
Thos. Davall, & w. Anna, 1700. (S. 

John Davenport y 1683. & w- Catharine, 

1679. (S- Vedaft Fofter.) 
Katherine Davenport, 1634. (Trinity, 


Digitized by 




Mary^ w. of John Davenport & d. of 

JohnHacket, ie^2. (S. Vedaft Fofter.) 
Dorothy ^ d. of John Davies of Barba;: 

does, 1685. (S. MarydesBow.) 
Sir Thos. Davies^ 1679. (^- Sepulchre.) 
Alexander Davis^ of Ebury, in the C. 

of Middlefex, Efq ; brother to Sir 

Thomas Davis, Knight and Sheriff 

of London. 
Elizabeth^ w. of John Davis ^ Efq. 1670. 

(S. Dunflan'ssin^the^E.) 
Johfiy s. of Richd. Davis y 168 1 : & s. 

Richard^ 1691 : &d. Chriftiany 1696. 

(S. Lawrence, Jewry.) 
Sir John Davis^ Knight, Attorneys 

General in Ireland, with his Lady 

Dame Ellionora^ daughter of the late 

Lord Audley, Earl of Caftlehaven. 
Mris Mary [w. of John"] Davis. [ 1 6 1 2 : 

S. Dunftan in the Weft.] 
David Davi/on^ Efq. 
Elizabeth Davi/on^ daughter of Thomas 

Fonnes, of Plymouth, Efq. 
Henry Davy^ 1672. (S. Olave, Hart Str.) 
Dame Joane Dawbeny^ w. of Sir Will. 

Dawbeny. (Auftin Friars.) 
Sir John DawbeTtyy s. of Sir Giles Daws 

beny. (Auftin Friars.) 
Sir John Dawbeny ^ & s. Robert. (Auftin 

Walter Dawbeney. (S. Helen's.) 
Hugh Dawfet. 
Thos. Dawjon^ MJ)., 1682. (S. Ak 

Sir John Dawtrie, 1519. (Auftin 

fVilliam Dawtry^ of Lincolns Inn, Efq. 
William Day^ 1603. (S. Giles, Cripples 

Sir James Deane^ Knight, Lord Maior. 

[1608 : S. Olave's, Hart Str.] | 

Antonius Deaths 1679. (Allhallows, 

Sir John Deddham^ Knight. [S. James', 

Elizabeth Denham^ wife of William 

Denham, Merchant of the Staple 

[1540 : Allhallows, Barking.] 
Rev. John Denham^ Rector, 1511. (S. 

Mary Somerfet.) 
William Denham^ Sheriff, 1534. (Alk 

hallows. Barking.) 
Henry Denne, Efq. 
John Denne, very anciently of Kent, 

Efq. [Temple.] 
Philip Dennisy Efq. [i 556 : Allhallows, 

Edmund Denny i Baron of the Exchequer, 

1520 : & wives Margaret^ Mary^ 6? 

Jane, i^c. (S. Bcnet, Paul's Wharf.) 
Sir i?^^^r/D^;f»y, Knight. [&s. Thomas, 

1421 • S. Andrew Underftiaft.] 
John Dent J Merchant, 1595. (S. Bars 

tholomew, Exchange.) 
Edw. Deoly, 1467. (S. Mary Wools 

Roger Depham, Alderman. (S. Swithin.) 
Will. Derej Sheriff in 1450. (S. 

Margaret Derham. 
Thomas Derham, fon of Thomas Derham 

of Derham Grange. 
Oliver Dejborough, hofpitii prsed., 

Henry Dejkie, Efq. (Auftin Friars.) 
Bertrand, w. of Grimond De/ure, Efq., 

1494. (S. Martin, Vintry.) 
Sir Gilbert Dethicke, Garter King at 

Arms. (S. Benet, Paul's WhaiiL) & 

w. Joan, 1607. (S. Mary Magdalen, 

Old Fifli Str.) 


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Dame Joane Detick. 

Sir Edw. Devereux^ Knight. 

Sir George Devereux^ Knight, and Lettice 

his wife. 
Sir John Devereux^ 1385. (Chrift 

Sir Richard Devereux^ Knight. (Alk 

hallows. Barking.) 
Richd. Dewey 1687. ^ Edward^ 1668. 

(S. Andrew, Holbom.) 
Giles Dewesy 1535. (S. Olave, Jewry.) 
Sir John Dewroje. (Chrift Church.) 
Richd. Dey^ 1563. (S. Bartholomew the 

Robert Dey^ 1555. ^ ^- ^i^^^^ ^SS^- 

(S. Martin, Vintry.) 
Sir John Deyncourty & w. Margaret. 

(Chrift Church.) 
IVilliam DickenfoHy 1675. (Temple.) 
John Dickinsy Gent., 1674. (S. Dunftan 

in the Weft.) 
William Dickfony & w. Margaret. (S. 

Michael, CornJiill.) 
Lady Venetia Digby^ wife of the late 

honoiirable Sir Kenelm Digby, 

Knight, &c. [? Chrift Church.] 
Thomas DiggeSy Efq. [1593 : & w. 

Agnes : S. Mary Aldermanbury.] 
Thomas DiggeSy Efq ; both of them ans 

ceftors of that very ancient and 

knightly family of the Digges's in 

Kent. [ 1 5 9 5 : S. Mary Aldermanbury.] 
IVill. DikmanyShtriffy 1367. (S. Olave, 

William DilkeSy Citizen, and nephew 

to William Dilkes, fervant to the 

Duke of Buckingham. 
John Dinhamy Trcafurer of England, 

K.G. (Chrift Church.) 
John Dimmccky Efq. [1585 : S. Mar? 

garet, Lothbury.J 


Sir VFolJlan Dixy [Dixie], Knight, Lo. 
Maior, anceftor to Sir Woolftan 
Dixy, of Market Bofworth, in the 
county of Leicefter, Knight^Baronet. 
[1582 : S. Dunftan'ssin^die^E.] 

Sir Richd. Dobbsy L. Mayor, 1551. (S. 
Margaret Mofes.) 

Sir [?] D(yuid Doeringcky Knight [?]. 
[S. Catharine Coleman.] 

John Doggety Efq ; Sheriff [1509], Ak 
derman. [S. John the Evangelift.] 

John Doggety Vintner, 1456. & w. 
Alice. (S. Leonard, Eaftcheap.) 

Tho. Doggety & w. Letitia. (S. Leonard, 

fValter Doggety 1480. (S. Leonard, 

David Dolbeny Biftiop of Bangor, of that 
antient Family of the Dolbens in 
Denbighfliire, from whence the Right 
Reverend Doctor John Dolben, Dtan 
of Weftminfter and Bifliop of Roch^ 
efter, is lineally defcended. 

James Donaldfony City Garbler, 168^. 
& s. Johny 168 1. (S. Margaret 

Sir Michael Dormery Knight, Lord 
Maior, anceftor to the late Sir Robert 
Dormer of Dourton in the coimty 
of Buckingham, Knight. [1545: & 
w. Eliz. : S. Lawrence, Jewry.] 

Sir William Dormery Knight, Lord 
Maior, one of the anceftors to the 
now Charles, Earl of Carnarvon. 

Thomajiney wife of Henry Dovey DJ)., 
Rector, 1678. (S. Bride.) 

Colonel John Dovey father of John 
Dove of Sanmi, Efq. 

Dr. John DovCy Doctor of Divinity, 
fometimes Rector of S. Mary Alders 
manbury, and anceftor to the much 

Digitized by 




worthy John Dove of Grays Inne, 

I.e., now living. 
Robert DovCy Efq. [or Dow, 1612 : S. 

Botolph, Aldgate.] 
Allen DawneTy & w. Mary. (S. Alban, 

Wood Str.) 
ff^ill. Downer, 1484. (Mercers' Chapel.) 
Richard Downes. [1500 : & w. Joan, 

1519 : S. Botolph, Alderfgate.] 
Elkana^ s. of Elkana 6? Katherine 

Downsy 1659. (Trinity, Minories.) 
Roger Drake, Efq : father of I>. Drake, 

S.T.D. and Chaplain in Ordinary to 

his Majeftie; and of Dr. Roger 

Drake, M.D., his brother. 
Rev. Thos. Drake, MA., Curate, 1675. 

(S. Sepulchre.) 
Jo/per Draper, Efq ; Alderman. ^ 
Sir Chriftopher Draper, Knight, Lord 

Maior. [i58o:S.Dunftan's5in5the-E.] 
Elifabeth, w. of Robert Draper, 16 13. 

(Chrift Church.) 
Henry Draper, Grocer, 1674. (S. 

Robert Draper, 1500. (S. Michael, 

Wood Str.) 
ff^illiam Draper, Efq., with J/abel &? 

Margaret his wives, 1537. (S. Ans 

drew Underfhaft.) 
Richard Drawer. 
Alexander Drax, 
Bamfield Drax, children of the late old 

Sir James Drax, Knight, 6?r. 
Henry Drax^ 1682. & wives Dame 

Frances 6f Dorothy. (S. John 

Sir James Drax, Knight. 
Sir James Drax, Knight, his fon, father 

and brother [?] of Henry Drax, Efq. 

[166 1 : & wives Meliora 6f Mar^ 

garet : S. John Zachary.] 

Jerimoth Drax. 

Jofeph Drax. 

Mary Drax, Neece of old Sir James 

Drax, and wife of Hugh Frankland 

of Staple^Inne, Gent, of the ancient 

family of the Franklands of Oldwark 

in the County of York. 
miliam Drax, Efq., 1 669. (S. Helen's.) 
John Drayton. (Whitefriars.) 
Johannes DreuXy Doctor of Divinity. 
Jane Drew. (S. Chriftopher.) 
IVilliam Drew. [Grocer, 1631 : S. 

Bartholomew, Exchange.] 
mi. Drewe, Efq., 1586. (Chrift 

Robert Drey ton. Skinner, 1484. (S. 

Mildred, Poultry.) 
Sir mil. Drijield (or Drifeld), Knt. 

(S. Martin Outwich.) 
Johannes Dromorenjis, 1433. (Rector : 

S. Mary Somerfet.) 
Gulielmus Drury, Doctor of Laws, and 

Judge of the Prerogative^court. 
John Drury. (Whitemars.) 
Doct, miliam Drury, Judge of the 

Prerogative Court ; a branch of that 

ancient and once flourifhing family 

of the Druries in Norfolk, and elfes 

mi/. Drury. (S. Mary Magdalen, Old 

Fifh Str.) 
Ann Dryden, wife of John Dryden, of 

the County of Northampton, Efq. 
Sir miliam Dryjield, Knight, Lord 

Maior of London. 
Richard Dryland, Efq. [& w. Cathas 

rine, 1487 : S. George, Botolph4ane.] 
Maria Dubois, 1659. (Auftin Friars.) 
Mris Jane Duck, daughter of the late 

Dr. Duck. [1633 : S. Botolph, Als 



Digitized by 




Sir Robert Ducy^ Knight, Lord Maior. 

one of the anceftors to that learned 

man, and great lover of learned men, 

Sir William Ducy of Frofter, in the 

County of Gloucefter, Knight^Baro? 

net, and of Sir Hugh Ducie, Knight 

of the Bath, [window in S. Law:: 

rence, Jewry, 1 6 1 8 .] 
JanCy w. of ^ho. Dugdale^ 1692. (S. 

Lawrence, Jewry.) 
Sufanna Duke. 
y, Buke^ 1 42 1. (S. Dunftan?in;:the5 

William Dunkety 1685. & w. Afery, 

1688. (S. Mary Woolnoth.) 
Johannes Dunftable. [1453 : S. Stephen, 

John Dunftarre [Dunfter : 1625: Alk 

hallows, Bread Str.] 
William Dunthorne [Downethorne']^ 

TowmClerk of London. [S. Alban, 

Wood Str.] 
John DuranOy & w. Elijabeth. (S. Bar:s 

tholomew the Great.) 
Thomas Durrem^ & w. Margaret. (All^ 

Johannes Dury. 
William^ s. of Sir Thomas Dyke of Hores 

ham, 1675. (Temple.) 

Francis Eaglesfield. [& w. Mary^ 1 606 : 
S. Bartholomew the Lefs.] 

Sir William Eaftfieldy Knight of the 
Bath, Lord Maior [1438], who built 
the Conduit in Fleet Street, [window 
in S. Lawrence Jewry, 1442 : but 
bur. in S. Mary Aldermanbury.] 

Alexander Eaton. 

Edw. Eaton, 1687. (Temple.) 

Richd. Eaton. (Whitefriars.) 


John Eb/worthy 1699. (S. Margaret, 

Pearce Edgecombe of Mount^Edgccombe, 

Efq. [1628: S.Botolph,Alderfgate.] 
Sir Francis Edgeoaky of Edgeoak, C. 

Worft., Knight. 
Mary Edgerton, only daughter of Sir 

Thomas Edgerton, Knight Baronet, 

baron of Elfmere, and Lord High 

Chancellor of England, 6ff . 
Emy Edlyny 1586. (S. Martin, Ludgate.) 
Jqfeph Edmanfony jun., 1692. (S. Cathe? 

rine's, E. Smithfield.) 
Thomas Edmanfony 1675. C^- Catherine's, 

E. Smithfield.) 
Sir Chriftopher Edmondsy Kt., Privie 

Counfellor to Queen Elizabeth. 

[1596 : & w. Dame Dorothy y Chrift 

Lady Eliz. Edmonds y his wife (.?) 
Simon EdmondSy Efq ; Alderman, Shferiff, 

and Lo. Maior eleft of London ; 

one of the anceftors of the worthy 

family of Edmonds of Kings Lang: 

ley, in the county of Herts, Efq. 
John Edmundsy 1690. (S. Sepulchre.) 
John Edropy 1385. (S. Martin, Vintry.) 
William EdwardSy L. Mayor, 1471. 

(Auftin Friars.) 
Dame I/abely w. of William EdwardSy 

Lord Mayor, 147 1. (Crutched 

Catharine y w. of John Edwards y 1628. 

(S. Alphage.) 
William [.? John\ Edwards y fervant to 

three memorable Princes, and father 

of the now Mr. Will. Edwards, fer? 

vant like wife to Charles 2. the grand 

Succeflbr of thofe three Pnnccs. 

[1646 : & w. CatharinSy 1629 : S. 


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William Edwards^ Efq., 1687. & w. 
Margaret^ 168 1. (S. Alphage.) 

Georgia Egeock, 1601. & w. Dorothy^ 
1606. (S. Andrew, Holbom.) 

Charles Lord Egerton^ Vifcount Brack? 

James Lord Egerton^ Vifcount Bracldey. 

Lady Cecilia Egertotiy all three the chU^: 
dren of the Right Honourable John 
Lord EUefmere, Vifcount Bracldey, 
Earle of Bridgwater, and the Right 
Honourable tiie Lady Frances his 
Countefs, daughter, and one of the 
coheirs of the Right Honourable 
Ferdinando Earle of Derby. 

Lord Thomas Egerton^ Baron of EUess 
mere, Lord High Chancellour of 
England, anceftour to the Right 
Honourable the Earle of Bridgwater 
now living. 

IVilliam Egmunion, Rector of Hackney. 

Robert Eldarbroke^ 1460. (S. Alphage.) 

Sir Rivet Eldredy Knight, a memorable 
Merchant, and hufband of that nobly 
vertuous Dame Anne Eldred,daughter 
of Mr. John Blackwel of Homidge 
in the county of Salop. 

John Element^ Merchantstaylor. 

Catharine^ w. of Theodore Elers^ ^^11 • 
& Theodore^ 1693. (S. MarydesBow.) 

Edw. El/emere. (Whitefriars.) 

Guil. Elgaftofiy Civis 6f Pi/cenarius. 

Chriftopher Eliot ^ & w. Philippa^ 1 509. 
(S. John Zachary.) 

John Elliot. 

^een Elizabeth, 1602. (S. Benet 

^een Elizabeth^ i6of. (S. Anne, 

Sir Robert Elkenton^ 1460. (Chrift 

William Elkin^ Sheriff, 1593. (S. Michael 

le Quern.) 
Mrs. Anne Elkington, w. of Thos. Elking^ 

ton^ 1632. (S. Margaret Pattens.) 
Elijabeth, w. of Sir Will Ellington. 

(S. Bartholomew the Great.) 
John^ s. of Sir Thos. EllySy Bart., 1686. 

John Elmifton, 1546. (S. Leonard, Eafb 

Bartholomew Elmore^ & w. Alice, 1636. 

s.:^in-law Richard Cheney, fcf Richard 

&f Bartholomew his fons. (S. Catharine 

Edward Elrington, 1558, Chief Butler 

to Edw. VI. (S. Peter, Cornhill.) 
Valentine Eljing. 
Chriftophorus Jacobus Eljfenhaimer, 

1598. (S. Olave, Hart Str.) 
John of Eltham, Duke of Comwal. (S. 

Anne, Blackfriars.) 
Henry Elvedon, Efq., 1498. (S. Catha? 

rine Cree, but bur. in Chrift Ch. 

John Elwick, 1685. with four daus. 

(S. Dunftan^insthesE.) 
Richard Emmejey. (S. Botolph, Alders? 

William Emmerjon. 
Sir Bartholomew Enefeld. (Chrift 

Sir Henry Enefeld. (Chrift Church.) 
Thomas Englijh. (Temple.) 
William Englijh. (Chrift Church.) 
Judith Ent, daughter of Peter Ent, 

Merchant, Brother of the moft emi? 

nently learned Sir George Ent, Knight, 

fometimes Mafter of, and ftill a moft 

worthy member in the Colledge of 

Phyfitians in London. 
Sir John Erlington^ Knight. 


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Dame Margaret Erlington, daughter 

and heir of Thomas Lord Itching? 

Gilbert Errington^ Armig. [1578 : S. 

Michael le Quern.] 
Richard EJaftone^ 1400. (S. Nicholas, 

Cole Abbey.) 
Joan EJfex^ 1607. (S. Sepulchre.) 
John EJftXy 1 362. (S. Stephen, G)leman 

William EJfex, (S. Bartholomew the 

Hefter Effingtotiy daughter of Mr. William 

Ellington, Merchant. 
John Efton, Efq. 
Bartholomew Ettenor. 
Lucy Evans y wife of Geot^e Evans, of 

the County of Gloceft. anciently 

Gentleman, and daughter of Mrs. 

Frances Forfbrook, wife of the late 

Richard Forftrook, anciently of the 

County of Northampton, Efquires 

and Gentlemen. 
Mary EvanSy wife of Phil. Evans. 
Thos. Evans y 1687. (S. Alphage.) 
William Evans. 
Alexander Evering. 
William Evering of Grays Inne, Efq. 
Tho. Eweny Grocer, 1501. (S. Michael, 

Sir Simon dEwes of Gelderland, Knight. 
Dame Elizabeth late Countefs Dowager 

of Exeter y buried in S. James', Clarb? 

Duchefs of Exeter. (S. Anne, Black;: 

Dame Margaret^ Duchefs of Exeter^ 

1458. (S. Catharine's, E. Smiths 

Thomas ExmeWy L. Mayor, 1528. (S. 

Mary Magdalen, Milk Str.) 


Nicholas Exton^ L. Mayor, 1387. (S. 

Mris Katharine Eyre. 
Simon Eyre^i^^^. (S.MaryWoolnoth.) 
Thomas Eyre^ 1493. (S. Stephen, Coles 

man Str.) 

Robert Fabiany Alderman, 151 1. (S. 

Michael, Comhill.) 
Frances Fairborn^ d. of Sir Palmes Fain 

born, 1677. (S. Olave, Hart Str.) 
Walter Faireford. (S. Michael, Crooked? 

The. Fairfax y 1490. (S. Mary Woolnoth.) 
Robert Fairford. 
Falcesy Efq., "a Gafcoin." (Auftm 

JacobFalckiOy 1 603. (S.MartinOutwich.) 
Anne Phillis Faldo. 
Edward Falkinghamy 1698. (S. Michael, 

James Falleron. (S. Martin Outwich.) 
Lord Fanhope^ 1443. (S. Anne, Blacks 

Richd. Farnefordy 1525. (S. Nicholas, 

Cole Abbey.) 
Anne Farrar^ daughter of William 

Shephard of Great Ro wbright. [ 1 6 1 3 : 

S. Benet's Sherehog.] 
Sir Nich. Farringdon [? Farendon]^ 

Knight, Lord Maior, from whom 

FarringdonsWard took its denomi^ 

nation. [S. Peter, Cheap.] 
Anney w. ofCaldwal Farringtony 1641. 

(Allhallows, Staining.) 
Richard Farringtony or FarringdoHy 

Mris Alicia Farwely wife of Philip 

Farwel. [1655: Allhallows, Staining.] 
Eliz, FaffeltSy widow. 
George y s. of Hugh Faftolph. (S. Helen's.) 

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John Fauconbridge^ Efq., 1545. (S. 

Richard Feamefoldy Citizen and Fiftis 

Doctor Daniel Featly^ a moft memorable 

Joyce Featlyy d. of William Kerwyny 

Efq. & w. of Daniel Featly, D.D., 

1632. Arms in window. (S.Helen's.) 
Sir Jeoffry Fielding^ Knight, Lord 

Maior, anceftor to the now Earl of 

Denbigh and Defmond. 
Chrijiopher FelrockCy i^^/^. (S.Mildred, 

Eleanor y w. of Sir Hugh Fen. (S. Bars 

tholomew the Great.) 
Sir Richard Fen^ Knight, Lord Maior, 

Grandfather to the worthy Richard 

Fen of Hall^lace (in Hurlysparilh), 

in the county of Berks, Efq. 
William Fennor. (S. Martin, Vintry.) 
Robert Fenruther^ Sheriff in 151 2. (S. 

John Zachary.) 
Roger us Fenton^ Armig. [161 5 : S. 

Stephen, Walbrook.] 
Joane de FenySy & lifter IJabel. (Chrift 

Eli/abet h Ferrer Sy 1570. (S. Andrew, 

Sir Guidon Ferrers^ w. of. (S. Anne, 

Lady Ferrers. (S. MichaekRoyal.) 
Cuthbert Fetherftony one of the anceftors 

of the worthily honoured Sir Heneage 

Fetherftoii, Baronet, &fr. now living. 

[1615 : & w. Catharine^ 1622: S. 

John FetiplacCy Draper, 1464. & w. 

Joan, (S. Margaret, Lothbury.) 
George FettiplacCy Efq. (Arms in Temple 


Geffrey Fielding y L. Mayor, 1452. &w. 

Angely 1 5 1 7. (S. Lawrence, Jewry.) 
William Finchy & w. EJlher. (S. 

^ixvjohn Finknel [? Finkeiqy Knight. [?] 

[S. Michael, Crooked;:lane.] 
Thos. Firminy 1697. (Chrift Church.) 
Judithy w. of Capt. Robert Fifliery 1660. 

(S. Catharine's, E. Smithfield.) 
Mary Fijhery wife of Payne Filher, and 

daughter of Sir Tho. Neale, and the 

Lady Eliz. Freke ; mother of Major 

Payne Filher now living. Author of 

this Collection. 
Richard Fijhery i68f. (S. Catharine's, 

E. Smithfield.) 
Sir Thomas Fijhery Baronet, anceftor to 

the now Sir Thomas Filher, of Mings 

ton, Knight^Baronet. 
William Ftjher. (See N. Tench.) 
Johannis FiJJhcy 1496. (with wives 

Jlice &? ChriJliane.) (S. Leonard^ 

Sir Henry Fitz^lwiny Knight, Maior, 

and Maior intermiffively four and 

twenty years together. [1213 : S. 

James', Piccadilly.] 
John Fitz JameSy 1669. (Temple.) 
The Lord William Fitz-Warreny and 

IJabel his wife, fometimes Queen of 

the Ifle of Man. [Chrift Church.] 
Will Fitzwatery 1466. (S. Bartholomew 

the Lefs.) 
Richard FiizwilliamSy 1520. (S. Peters 

Thomas y s. of Sir Thos. Fitzwilliams. (S. 

Alban, Wood Str.) 
Thomas Flatmany 1682. (S. Bride.) 
Col. Charles Fleetwood's Ladies Funerals 

John Fleming. (S. Lawrence, Jewry.) 


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Sir Thomas Flemings Lord of Rowalls 

(or Rowles) in Eflex, & w. Margaret^ 

1464. (S. Catharine Cree.) 
Sir Thomas F lemmings Knight. [1466 : 

S. Catharine's, E. Smithfield.] 
Rev. Chrijiopher Flower^ 1698. (S. 

Margaret, Lothbury.) 
Nicholas Flowrey hofpitii praed. Gcne^ 

Sir Peter Floyer^ Alderman. (Chrift 

William Fluellitty Alderman, 1675. (S. 

Mary Magdalen, Guildhall.) 
Thos. Foderinghay. (Whitefriars.) 
Frances Fome^ wife of Mr. John Frome, 

Marjy w. of John Fooly^ 1695. (S. 

Mary Somerfet.) 
William Fordj 1699. (S. Catharine's, 

E. Smithfield.) 
Richardus Forde^ Gen. 
Roger FordCy 1440. & w. Joane^ '4^7 : 

& w. Margaret y 1492. (S. Mildred, 

Bread Str.) 
William Forman^ L. Mayor, 1538. 

(S. George, Botolphdane.) 
Rev. John Forrejly Vicar of S. Olave, 

Jewry, 1399. 
Elijabeth^ w. of Sir Andrew Forrejiery 

& wid. of James Winjianley^ 1684. 

(S. Michael Baffifhaw.) 
John del Forjs. (S. Martin, Vintry.) 
Elionora Fortefcue^ 1605. (S. Sepulchre.) 
Eliz.y w. of John Fortefcue. (S. Law:5 

rence, Jewry.) 
Mris Sarah Forthy wife of the worthy 

Mr. Hugh Forth, Merchant, &fr. 
Martha^ w. of Robert Forthe, D.C.L., 

1589. (S. Gregory^bysS. Paul.) 
Samuel For trey y 168 1. (S. Bride.) 
Alice Fofter. (Whitefriars.) 


Sir Stephen Fofter y knight [?], Lo. 
Maior. [1454 : & w. Agnes y S. 
Botolph, Billingfgate.] 
William Foftery Diamond^cutter, 1687. 

(S. Catharine Cree.) 
Lord Bifhop Fotherlyy buried in 
Alhallows, Lumbard Street, with a 
magnificent Tomb over him. 
Jane^ w. of Gerard FowkCy 1689. (S. 

Andrew, Holbom.) 
Sir Richd. Fowlary 1528. (Holy Trinity^ 

Alice Fowler y d. of John Howtany w. of 

John Hulcot. (S. Martin, Vintry.) 
Mris Judith Fowler. [1613 : S. Peter, 

Robert Fowler y 1691. (S. Peter, ComhilL) 
Thomas Fowlery Efq., father of Sir 

Thomas Fowler, KnightsBaronet. 
Sir Thomas Fowlery Knight, 6fr. 
W. Fowler. (See J. Ratcliffe.) 
John Foxey Citizen and Goldfifnith. 

[1597: & w. Johannay 1600: S. 

Lawrence, Jewry.] 
Nathaniel Fox. (See Richd. Moore.) 
Johannes Fox^ Martyrologus Anglicanus. 

[1587 : S. Giles, Cripplegate.] 
John Foxton. (S. Peter, Cornhill.) 
John Foy. [1625 : S.Thomas Apoftle.] 
John Framptony Efq., of that ancient 

family of the Framptons of Upway, 

in the county of Dorfet ; and anceftor 

to Mr. John Frampton, of S. Martin's 

lane in the fields. 
Lady Margarety d. of Philipy King of 

France y & w. of Edward /, 1317- 

(Chrift Church.) 
Adam Francis y L. Mayor, 1354. (S. 

Johannes Francis. [1405 : & w. Elizas^ 
I bethy 1432 : S. John Zachary.] 

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Edward Francky Efq. 

John Franck \Franke\ Efq. [& w. 
Cecilie^ 1612 : S. Martin Orgar.] 

IVilliam Franck^ Efq. 

Dr. Mark Frank, S.T.D. and Archs 
deacon of S. Albans. 

Mris Jodo/a Franklandy a good Benes 
fadrefs to BrazenrnofeCoUedge, and 
a neer ally to Mr. Frankland, one 
of the fenior Fellows of Brazenmofe, 
and late Proftor of the Univerfity of 
Oxford. [S. Leonard, Foftenslane.] 

George Franklyn hofpitii pnedict. Efq. 

Simon Frauncis. (S. James', Piccadilly.) 

Sir John Frederic. (S. Olave, Jewry.) 

Eliz. Freeman, [w. of Thos. Freeman : 
1631 : S. Margaret Pattens.] 

Sir Ralph Freeman, Knight, Lord 
Maior, a moft memorable perfon, 
and Uncle to the worthily honored 
Ralph Freeman, in the County of 
Herts, Efq. 

Richd. Freeman, 1691. (S. Sepulchre.) 

William Freeman. (Temple.) 

John French, E(q., Bencher of the Inner 

John French, Bzkcr, 15 10. (S. Magnus.) 

IVilliam Frere. (S. Giles, Cripplegate.) 

John Frey. (S. Benet Fink.) 

Sir John Frey, & d. Margery, w. of 
Sir John Lepington, 148 1. (S. Bars 
tholomew, j^change.) 

Eliz. Frejhwale. [? Fre/hwater, 1617 : 
S. Bartholomew the Great.] 

Guil. Frejhwater. 

John Friend. [1665: S. Catharine's, 
£. Smithfield: alfo fon William, 


Elizabeth Friend, wife of Roger Friend. 
Henry Friole, 14CX). (S. Olave, Jewry.) 
William Frith, 1648. w. Alice, 1649. 

& children George, Edward, and 

Elijabeth. (AUhallows, Staining.) 
Henry Frowcke, L. Maior, 1435. (^ 

Benet's Sherehog.) 
Henry Frowicke. (Mercers' Chapel.) 
Henry Frowike. (S. Alphage.) 
Henry & Reynold Frowike. (Chrift 

John Froyjh, L. Mayor, 1394. (S. 

Benet's Sherehog.) 
J. Fulforde. (Whitefriars.) 
Nicholas Fulham,w.of. (Chrift Church.) 
Elen Fuller, 1521. (S. Mary Wools 

Richd. Fuller & wives Dionyjia 6? 

I/abel. (S. John Zachary.) 
Dr. William Fuller, Dean of Durham, 

and father of the now Lady Jane 

Walton, widow of the famous Brian 

Walton, late Bilhop of Chefter. 

[1659 : S. Vedaft Fofter.] 
William Fyboll, Efq., fon and heir of 

Sir William Fyboll, of Woodland, 

in the county of Dorfet, Knight. 

Robert Gabejor, Mayor of Newcaftleaons 

Tyne, 1 3 10. (S. James, Garlickhithe.) 
John le Gage. (S. Pancras, Soper:i:lane.) 
Robert Gage, Efq., 1625. (S. Giles, 

William Galys, & s. Robert. (Chrift 

Anthony Gamage, Sheriff; 1579- (S. 

Matthew, Friday Str.) 
Hugh Game. (S. Mildred, Poultry.) 
Richard Gardener, L. Mayor, 1478. 

(S. Pancras^ Soper^lane.) 
Tho. Gardener, Grocer. (S. Peter, 

John Gardiner, Alderman, 1690. (S. 

Margaret Pattens.) 


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Sir Peter Garinjers [Grainfers\ of 

France. (Auftin Friars.) 
John Garland, 1476, (S. Mildred, 

Sir John Garme, 1468. (S. Stephen, 

Coleman Str.) 
John Garrard. 
Sir John Garrard, Sir Williams grand? 

Walter Garraway, I57i, (Mercers' 

Elizabeth Garret, fole daughter of the 

late Sir George Garret, and wife of 

William Northey, de Old Foard, 

Efq ; and an antient Member, and 

late Reader off, and in that honours 

able Society of the middle Temple. 
Sir George Garret, Knight, Draper, Lord 

Maior of London, with his Lady. 
John Garret, M.D., 1638. (S. Dunftan s^ 

Margaret Garret, d. of Robert Garret, 

fen. & Anne Mudd, his wife, 1683. 

(S. Catharine's, E. Smithfield.) 
Thomas Garret, Efq ; fonne of Sir 

George Garret, Knight, and hufband 

of Mrs. Anne Garret, daughter of 

Thomas Drury, Com. Norfolk, Efq. 
Simon Garry s. (Chrift Church.) 

Garth, Efq. (Mercers' Chapel.) 

Sir William Garway, Knight, Lord 

Maior, anceftor to Hen. Garway, of 

Ford in Suffex, Efq. [1625 • S- 

Thomas Gate, unus Baronum Scaccarii. 
Mary Gaudy, &fr. 1671. (Temple.) 
John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancafter, 

and fonne of Edward the Third. 
John Gawen. 
Thos. Gayle, Haberdafher, 1540. (S. 

George, Botolph?lane.) 


Sir John Geere Knight, anceftor to the 

now Sir Robert Geere, Knight?Ba. 
Thomas Gel/on. [1563 : S. Margaret 

Petrus de la Genebra. [1439: S. Martin, 

Elizabeth Philippine, wid. of Wylen 

Albert George, Graaf tot Bronchorft, 

1692. (Auftin Friars.) 
Agnes, d. of Will. St. George. (S. Bai^ 

tholomew the Lefs.) 
Benet Gerard, 1403. (S. Botolph, 

Charles Gerbier, fon of Sir Balthazar 

Lady Deborah Gerbier, wife of Sir 

Balthazar Gerbier, Knight. 
John Gerbridge, Mercer and Merchant;? 

John Gerrard, Woolman, 1546. (S. 

Andrew Underftiaft.) 
Sir John Gerrard, 1625. & w. Jane, 

16 1 6. (S. Magnus.) 
Richard Gerrard, late of Grays Innc, 

William Gerrard, fon of Philip Gerrard 

of Grays Inne, Efq. [1660 S. 

Andrew, Holbom.] 
Sir William Gerrard, or Garrard, 

Knight, Lord Maior. [1571 : S. 

John Geft, 1458. (S. Martin, Ludgatt.) 
Richard Geft. (Chrift Church.) 
Mr. Geth. (S. Anne, Blackfriars.) 
Dame Anne Gib, wife to the late Sir 

Henry Gib of Scotland, Baronet, and 

daughter of the yet living Sir Ralph 

Gibbs, of Honnington in Warwick 

fhire. [ 1 6 5 8 : S. Botolph, Biftiopsgatc.] 
Lawrence Gibfon, Efq. [w. Anne, 161 1: 

S. Alban, Wood Str.] 

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Join Gidney^ L. Mayor, 1427. (S. 

Henry Giffordy Gen. [1602 : S. Giles, 

Mr. John Gifford, Gent. [? Knight : 

Auftin Friars.] 
Richd. Giffordy 1540. & w. Jane. (S. 

John Zachary.) 
Eliz. Gilbert y 1687. (S. Lawrence, 

Thomas Gilbert y 1483. (Allhallows, 

IVilliam Gilbonty Draper. (S. Catharine 

Alice Gilboume. 
Percival Gilburne^ 1694- (S. Stephen, 

Thomas Gillet, Gent. [1624 : S. Botolph, 

Dame Ifabel Gillifborough. 
Georgius Gippey Efo ; one of the Judges 

in the Sheriff's Court. 
Henry Gijorsy & w. Kathariney 1343. 

(S. Martin, Vintr.) 
Sir John Gi/ors, L. Mayor. (Chrift 

Felicey d. of Sir Thos. GiJorSy & w. of 

Thos. Travars. (S. Giles, Cripplegate.) 
Sir John Gizors, Knight, Lord Maior. 

[1311: & s. Henryy 1343: & 

brother John, 1350: S. Martin, 

John Gizors. (S. James, Garlickhithe.) 
Johannes GlanviUy Armig. 
James Glajbrooky Efq. [1655, & w. 

Jane^ 1658 : S. Botolph, Alderfgate.] 
Alice y w. of Thos. GloceftcTy 1400. (S. 

Alban, Wood Str.) 
John Gloceftery Alderman, 1345. (S. 

Mary Mounthaw.) 
John Gloceftery Efq ; Alderman. 

Thos. Gloceftery & w. Anne. (Chrift 

Richd. Glover y 161 5. (S. Margaret 

Robert G/w^r, Armig.Somerfet^Herald, 

Grandfather by the mothers fide to 

Thomas Philipot, \of Southend in 

Kent, Efq. [1588: S. Giles, Cripple* 

Thos. Glover y 1677. (S. Sepulchre.) 
Sir IVilliam Glovery Knight, Lord 

Maior. [1603: S. Stephen, Coleman 

Amiey MoTfy Catharincy Sarahy ds. of 

Michael Godfrey. (S. Catharine Cree.) 
Michael Godfrey y 1689, & d. Hefter^ 

1698, & s. Michaely 1695^ (S. 

Thomas Godfrey y 1577. (S. Mary, 

Chriftopher Gold, Efq. 
Sir Nicholas Gold, Baronet, late huft)and 

to the Lady Gold, now wife of 

Thomas Neal, of Warmford, Efq. 
George Goldingy Efq. [1584. & w. 

Mary, 1612 : S. Stephen^ Coleman 

John Goldfboroughy of the Middle 

Temple, Armig. one of the Pro* 

thonotaries of the Common Pleas. 
Frances Goldjmithy daughter of Sir Fran* 

cis Appleton, Knight and Baronet. 
Francis Goldfmith. 
Mris. Jone, [w. of Clement"] Goldfmith. 

[1631 : Chrift Church.] 
IVilliam Goldwyn, 1482. (Mercers* 

Dame Margaret Golyfborough. (Chrift 

John Goody Efq., & w. Joan. (S. Catha* 

rine Cree.) 


Digitized by 




Johannes Goodaly & w. Agnes y 1464. 

(S. Michael, Comhill.) 
Richd. Goodcheap. (S. James, Garlicks; 

Sarah GooJerick ydzughttr to Sir William 

Bodenham, Knight, [w. of Henry 

Gooderick, 16 16 : S. Giles, Cripples 

Chriftopher Goodfellowe^ 1690. & s. 

John^ I'joo. (S. Lawrence, Jewry.) 
James Goodier^ 1700. (S. Vedaft Fofter.) 
Adam Goodman^ 1364. (S. Stephen, 

Coleman Str.) 
Thomas Goodwin^ Efq., 1565. (S. 

Botolph, Alderigate.) 
Thomas Goodwine^ Efq. [S. James', 

JVilliam Goodwyn^ 1494. (Mercers' 

Gerrard Gore^ Efq., Alderman. [1607 : 

S. Mary Magdalen, Milk Str.J 
Sir John Gore^ Knight, Lord Maior. 
Sir IVilliam Gore^ Knight, Lord Maior, 

anceftor to that knightly family of 

the Gores in the county of Herts. 
Richard Gojelyn^ 1428. (S. Mary^at? 

Jeremy Gouge^ 1692. (AlUiallows, Bread 

Dr. IVilliam Gouge^ Doctor of Divinity, 

and father of Mr. Thomas Gouge, 

many years of S. Sepulchres, and of 

Dr. Gouge the Phyiician, his brother. 
John Goulaingy & w. Alice. (S. Bars 

tholomew the Great.) 
Johannes Goure^ Prince of Poets in his 

time, and anceftor to that moft 

ancient and eminent family of the 

Goures of Stitinham in the county 

of York. 
Abel GowcTy 1667. (Temple.) 


John Gowery 1512. (S. Helen's.) 
GeorgCy s. of Edw. Gowrey' 1470. (S. 

Michael, Crooked^lane.) 
John Gowre. (S. Giles, Cripplegate.) 
Richard Gowre^ Efq. (S. Giles, Cripple? 

Johannes Grace, 1439. ^ ^* Johanna. 

(S. Michael, Cornhill.) 
John Graffan^ Grocer. 
Edward Graham^ Efq ; a defcendant 

from the renowned Family of that 

name both in England and Scotland^ 

of which the illuftrious lames. Mars 

quefle of Montrofe is the chief. 
John Gramftone. (S. Michael, Crooked;? 

Sir James Granadoy Knt. (S. Dunftan's? 

Thos. Grant y 1^96. (S. Martin, Vintry.) 
Thos. Granthamy 151 1. (Chrift Church.) 
John Grantham. (S. Antholins.) 
John Gray. (S. Martin, Vintry.) 
Sir Richard Gray. (Whitefnars.) 
Fylone Graye. (S. Bartholomew the 

Thomas Greek. [1580 : S. Botolph, 

Catharine y w. of John Green, 1690. & 

daus. Angeletta, & Elizabeth ; w. 

Sufannay 1700. (S. Chriftopher.) 
Deputy Green. 
Reginald Green, Gen. 
Edw. Greenberryy 1694. & w. Eleanor y 

1 68 1. (S. Sepulchre.) 
Sir Richard Greene. (Whitefnars.) 
Robert Greene, 1590. (S. Botolph, 

Sir Tho. Greene. (Chrift Church.) 
William Greenjmith. 
Ralph Greenway, Grocer, 1559. (S. 


Digitized by 




John Greenwood, Painter^Stainer. [1585: 

S. John Zachary.] 
Paul Greenwood^ 1 677. (S. Bartholomew 

the Great.) 
ff^illiam Gregory ^ L. Mayor in 145 1. 

(S. Anne & Agnes.) 
Richard Grenehamy 1527. (S. Michael, 

Sir John Grejham, Knight, Lo. Maior. 

[1556 : & w. Maryy 1538 : S. 

Michael Baffiftiaw.) 
Dame Mary^ w. of Sir John Grejham^ 

1538. (S. Mary, Aldermanbury.) 
Sir Richard Grejham^ L. Mayor, 1548. 

& w. Audrey y 1522. (S. Lawrence, 

Sir 7ho. Greflianty Knight, Lord Maior. 

[1579. & s. Richardy 1564 : S. 

Thomas Grefljam^ Efq ; fon of the 

famous Sir Thomas Grefham, 

Mris Dorothy Grejwold. [1610 : S. 

Andrew Underftiaft.] 
Walburgis Gretfyin. [1597 : S. Martin 

Mary^ w. of Nehemiah Grew, M.D., 

1685. (Chrift Church.) 
George Lord Grey^ Baron Ruthen^ and 

Earl of Kent. 
Sir Henry Grey, fon of the late George, 

Earl of Kent. [1562 : S. Giles, 

John, Lord Grey, 141 8. (Whitefriars.)! 
Reginald Grey, Earl of Kent. (S. Giles, 

Richd. Grey, Sheriff in 15 15. (S. 

Michael, Queenhithe.) 
Dame Elizabeth Greyfiock, w. of Sir 

John Vavajor, 1509. (S. Helen's.) 
John Grice, 1680. (Chrift Church.) | 

Margaret, w. of John Griffith, 1624. 

(S. Bride.) 
Maurice Griffith, Bifliop of Rochefter, 
1559. (S. Magnus.) 

Sir Rice Griffith, beheaded on Tower 
Hill 1 53 1. (Crutched P'riars.) 

Sir Harbottle Grimfton, of in the 

county of Eflex, Knight^Baronet, 
Mafter of the Rolls ; whofe arms are 
in the window. 

Henricus Grimfton, Efq ; third fon of 
the honourable Sir Harbottle Grims 
fton of the county of Eflex, Baronet, 
and Mafter of the Rolls, &f r . 

David Grimne, of the county of Brecks 
nock, Efq. 

Eleanor Griftles. (Whitefriars.) 

Elizabeth, 1693, w. of Frederick 
Gronen, 1697. (Auftin Friars.) 

Mary, w. of Will. Grosfield, 1696. (S. 
Bartholomew the Great.) 

Dorothy, w. of Robert Gryme, 168 1. (S. 
Andrew, Holbom.) 

Nicholas Gundrey, 1675. (S- Bartholo^ 
mew the Great.) 

Mris Gunfton, fitter of Serjeant^Major 

Philip Gunter, Efq ; Alderman, of 
London, d. 1582, W. 92. & wife 
Anne, dau. of Henry Barley, of 
Albery, co. Hertford, Efq., 1585. & 
dau. Elijabeth, 1621. (S. Michael, 
Cornhill.) wid. of George Southaicke^ 
of London, a Governor of Bridewell 
Hofpital ; father of Appolina Souths 
aicke, who married ift William 
ffayrefax, of London, Goldfmith ; 
& 2ndly Thomas Browne, Efq., of 
Shredicote & Caverfwall, co. Stafs 
ford, & of Bentley Hall, co. Derby, 
(b. 1 56 1 : d. 1633.) Procurators 


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General of the Arches Court of 
Canterbury, & cos Governor of 

The Lady Gurney^ wife of the faid 
Robert South, and grandmother of 
Madam Mary Montague, wife of 
the honourable Mr. Montague the 
Queen's Attorney, and daughter of 
Sir John Aubery, of Wales. 

Sir Richard Gumeyy Knight, Lord 
Maior, whofe two daughters (cos 
heirs) were married to the Right 
Honorable the Lord Richardfon 
and Sir John Pettus, 6? r. 

Richard Gurney, Armig. [1596 : & w. 
Anna^ 161 2: S. Michael, Crooked;: 

John Gurrey^ 1 536. (S. Leonard, Eafts 

Simon Guydon. (Chrift Church.) 

Avis Gybfm^ and afterwards dame Avis 
Knevety builder of the FreesSchooI of 
Ratcliffe, where the ingenious Mr. 
Speed, Mafter of Arts, is the incum:? 
bent Mafter. 

Agnes Gyffardy 1425. (S. Nicholas, Cole 

Elifabethy w. of John Gynor. (S. Bars 
tholomew the Great.) 

John Gyfiy 151 1. & w. Elizabeth^ 
1536. (S. Leonard Eaftcheap.) 

Hacket, Gent. (S, Helen's.) 

Sir Cutbert Hacket^ Knight, Lo. Maior. 
Richard Hackney y SheriiF. [1322. & 

w. Alice : S. Marysat^Hill.] 
IVilliam Haclingridge^ 1494. (S. MiU 

dred. Poultry.) 
S'u- Richard Haddon^ Knight, Lord 

Maior. [151 2 : S. Olave, Hart Str.] 
Walterus Haddon^ Mafter of the 


Requefts to Qu. Eliz. [1572 : Chrift 

John Hadleyy L. Mayor, 1370. (S. 

Pancras, Soperdane.) 
Richd. Hadleyy & wife Margery^ 1492. 

(S. Peter, Cheap.) 
Matthew Hadocke. (Whitefriars.) 
Richard HaUy Efq., 1620, (S. Dun^ 

Thomas Haley y Clarencieux, 1573 

(? 1557), Enfigns of Arms only. (S. 

Giles, Cripplegate.) 
Joannes Hales y 1572. (S. Peter^le^Poor.) 
Guliel. Haliday yEfq.y Alderman. [1623 : 

& wid. Sujannay 1645. & d. AnnCy 

1656. &?r. : S. Lawrence, Jewry.] 
Anncy 1678. & Elifabethy 1680, children 

of Thos. Hall. (S. Vedaft Fofter.) 
Edwara Hally of Grays Inne, Efq ; that 

compil'd the Chronicle, &fr. [1470 : 

Chrift Church.] 
John Hally Draper. [161 8. & 3rd w. 

Antiy 1619 : S. Nicholas Aeon.] 
Tho. Hally 1582. (S. Mildred, Bread 

mil. Hally 1680. (S. Vedaft Fofter.) 
Sir Leonard Hally day y L. Mayor, 1605. 

(S. Michael Baffiftiaw.) 
Captain Haljeyy &c. 
Dr. James Halfeyy DoAor of Divinity. 

[Rector, 1640: S. Alph^e.] 
Dame Petronyly w. of Sir Hugh Ifalss 

man. (Chrift Church.) 
Gilbert Halftocke. (S. Bartholomew the 

Henry Halton, SheriiF, 141 5. (S. An* 

John Halton, Gent. (Auftin Friars.) 
Dorothy y w. of Robert Halycy 1601. 

(S. Nicholas, Cole Abbey.) 
John Hamber. (S. Pancras, Sopcrslane.) 

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John Hamier, 1573. (S. Giles, Cripples 

John Hamberyer. (S. Giles, Cripples 

Sir Hugh Hammerfly^ Knight, Lord 

Maior. [1636: S. Andrew Unders 

Eamond Hammondy Efq. [1643: Alk 

Stephen HammSy 1690: & w. Thonuijiny 

1596. (? 1696 : S. Anne & Agnes.) 
Sir Thos. HamneTy 1688. (Temple.) 
Richd. Hamneyy 141 8. (S. Stephen, 

G)leman Str.) 
Sir Robert Hampfony Knight. [1607 : 

& w. Catharine : S. Marysat Hill.] 
IVilliam Hampfted. (S. Martin, Vintry.) 
William Hamptony L. Mayor, 1472. 

(S. Chriftopher.) 
mil. Hampton. (Whitefriars.) 
William Hanburyy Baker. (S. Andrew 

John Handfordy Grocer. (S. Mary 

Ralph Handfony 1653. (AJlhallows, 

Richard Hanleyy Efq. 
Willoughby Hannamy i68f: & fitter 

Frances. (S. Margaret Pattens.) 
Mrs. Jane Hanjly. 
Elifabethy d. of Sir Robert Hanfony 1690. 

(S. Mary Aldermary.) 
Sir Robert Han/ony & w. Dame Kathes 

rine. (S. Mary Aldermary.) 
Will. Hanwayy & children, 1686. 

(Trinity, Minories.) 
Adam Harcourt. (Chrift Church.) 
John Hardingy 1576. (S. Benet, Graces 

Robert Hardingy SheriiF, 1658. (S. 


Robert Har dingy Shtriffy I ^^%. (S. Marys 

Robert Hardingy SherifF, 1546. (S. 
Matthew, Friday Str.) 

John Harey 1564. (Mercers' Chapel.) 

Sir Nicholas Hare, 1557. (Temple.) 

Nicholas Harey Efq., originally from 
France, brother to the Right Honours 
able Hugh Hare, Baron of Colerain, 
6?r. [162 1 : S. Dunftan in the Weft.] 

Mris Ellinor Harecourt, wife of George 
Harecourt, Efq. 

William Harioty Lord Mayor, 15 17. 
(S. Dunftan's^insthesE.^ 

Edmond Har lock. (S. Stepnen's, Coleman 

Robert HarloWy Efquire, a member of 
that moft antient Family of the 
Harlowes in the County of Hereford, 
whereof Sir Robert Harlow, Knight 
of the Bath, is the head with Sir 
Robert Harlow, Knight, and CoUonel 
his Brother. 

Robert HarloWy Efq ; a branch of that 
ancient and knightly family of the 
Harlows in Hereford-fhire, from 
whence Sir Edward Harlow Knight 
of the Bath, and Colonel Sir Robert 
Harlow* his brother, are lineally 

Sir Joh. Harfyy Knight, father of the 
late Sir Joh. Harly, Knight, and 
brother, Grand;=father, and Father of 
Sir Erafmus Harly of Hartford/hire, 
now living. [16 10: S. Michael, 

Dorothy Harly. 

Baldwine Harneyy Efq., M.D., chief 
Phyfician to the great Duke of 
Mufcovia, and father to the moft 
eminently learned, and exemplarily 


Digitized by 




liberal, Dr. Baldwin Harney, 

John Harper. [1632 : & w. FranceSy 

1630 : S. Margaret?Mofes.] 
Nicholas HarpsfieU, Efq. (S. Helen's.) 
George Harrington^ 1556. (S. Dunftan 

in the Weft.) 
Dr. Thomas Harriot^ Doctor of Divinity, 

[162 1 : S. Chriftopher.] 
Edmund Harri/on, 1666. (S. Giles 

Tho. Harris^ 1672. (S. Mary Abchurch.) 
George Harrijon^ 1586. (S. Andrew, 

Sir John Hart^ Knight, Lord Maior. 

[S. Swithin.] 
Jane^ d* of Nathaniel Hart^ 1666. (S. 

Catharine Coleman.) 
John Harty 1449. (Chrift Church.) 
mil. Hart. (Whitefriars.) 
Jane Hartly. 
Thos. Hartley y BarbersSurgeon, I1683 : 

& w. Mary^ 1700. (S. Alban, Wood 

John Hartjhorne^ 1400. (S. Botolph, 

Benjamin Harvey^ Efq., 1684. (S. 

Alban, Wood Str.) 
Sir James Harvey^ L. Mayor, 158 1. 

(S. Dionis Backchurch.) 
John Harvey. (S. Dunftan in the Weft.) 
John Harvey^ Butcher, & w. Matilda^ 

1485. (S. Leonard, Eaftcheap.) 
John^ s. of Stephen Harvey^ & w. Eliz.j 

1700. (S. Mary^atiHill.) 
Thomas Harvey ^ antiently of Foulkfton 

in the County of Kent, Efq. ; and 

one of the Progenitors of the honour^ 

able Sir Daniel Harvey, Knight, 

Biftiop of Comb park in the County 

of Surrey, Knight and Baronet, now 


living. [1622. &w. EliTutbethy 1618: 

S. Peter::lesPoor.] 
Dr. IVilliam Harvey ^ M.D., the famous 

Phyfician of his time. 
IVilliam J s. of Robert Harvey ^ 1677. (S. 

Michael, Wood Str.) 
Daniel Harvie of Folkfton in the 

county of Kent, Efq ; father of the 

honourable Sir Daniel Harvie of 

Surry, Knight and Baronet, &fr. 
Mris Mary Harvie^ wife of the late 

Eliab Harvie, Efq ; andj both father 

and mother of the now Sir Eliab 

Harvie, KnightsB. 
Robert Harvie^ Comptroller of the 

Cuftomshoufe. [1608 : S. Michael, 

Wood Str.] 
IVilliam Harvie y Gen. [1597: istw. 

Maudlin^ 1581; 2nd w. Margaret^ 

1593 : S. Michael, Wood Str.] 
Edward Harvift^ Gen. [16 10: S. 

Giles, Cripplegate.] 
Robert Hary. (S. Nicholas, Cole Abbey.) 
George Hajken. (S. Mary Woolnoth.) 
Thomas Hajlefoot^ Vintner. 
John Haffalj Gent., fon of the late Dr. 

Haflal, Chaplain to the Queen of 

Sir George Haftings^ Knight, fon of the 

late Lord Haftings. [161 1 : S. Bars 

tholomew the Great.t 
John HaftingSy Ezrl of Pembroke^ 1389. 

(Chrift Church.) 
Sir Richard Haftings^ 1501, Lord 

miloughby & fVells. & w. Jane, 

1505. (Chrift Church.) 
Dom. de Hatfeild. 
Rich. Hatfield, 1467. (S. Mary WooU 

Robert Hatfield, & s. Robert. (S. Pan* 

eras, Soperslane.) 

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Thurftan Hatfield. (Chrift Church.) 
George Hatherfal^ 1610. (S. Catharine 

George Hattotiy 1699. (S. Olave, Jewry.) 
Roger Hattofty Efq. ; Alderman. [1666 : 

Allhallows, Barking.] 
Robert Havelockey 1390. (S. Olave, 

Sir Richard Havering^ 1388. (Chrift 

John Having, (S. Michael Royal.) 
Chriftopher HaweSy Alderman, 1508. 

(S. Alban, Wood Str.) 
Sir James HaweSy Knight, Lord Maior. 

[1574 : S. Mary Abchurch.] 

Mr. HaweSy Watchmaker. 

Laurence HaweSy 1588. & w. Urjuhy 

16 14. (S. Vedaft Fofter.) 
Nathaniel HaweSy I joo. (Chrift Church.) 
Carolus Hawkins y Armig. [1621 : S. 

Nicholas Aeon.] 
Sir John HawkinSy Knight, the famous 

Seaiscommander in Queen Elizabeth's 

Sir John Hawkins y Knt, 1595. (S. 

Tho. HawkinSy Grocer, & w. Joannay & 

Margareta. (S. Leonard, Eaftcheap.) 
Rev. John Hawleny 1485. (S. Mildred!, 

Bread Str.) 
Geo. HawleSy 1685. (S- Sepulchre.) 
Johannes Hawlyy Armig. 
Sir Thomas Hawlyy Knight, Clarens 

cieux, and anceftor to James Hawly 

of Brainford, Efq., &c. [S. Giles, 

John Hawleyy Mercer and Maior. 
Chriftopher Hawjey SheriiF, 1503. (S. 

Alban, Wood Str.) 
John Haydony Sheriff, 1582. (S. Michael 


James HayeSy Earl of Carlile. 

Maryy w. of Rich. HayeSy 1684. (S. 

Sir Thomas HayeSy Knight, Lo. Maior. 

[161 7 : S. Mary, Aldermanbury.] 
John Hayman. 
Mr. HayneSy Schoolsmafter of 

Henry Heard/many Alderman. 
Thos. Heardfony 161 8. (S. Bartholomew 

the Great.) 
Bazil HearnCy Gent.y 1692. (S. Michael 

John HearnCy hofpitii praed., Efq ; and 

one of the Benchers therof. 
Charles Heathy Efq. 
Ellen Hedgecocky wife of Robert Hedges 

John Headfyy Mariner. 
Lady Mary Heighamy daughter of Sir 

John Colt. [w. of Sir Richard 

Heigham : 1634 : S. Catherine 

Domini cus ab Heihy Nobilis. [1608: 

John HeUy Efq ; fon and heir of Sir 

John Hcle of Wenbury, Knight, &?r. 
Hellingy Efq. (S. James', Picca^ 

Will. Hemp/ony 1679. (S. Sepulchre.) 
Sir John Hendy L. Mayor. (S. Swithin.) 
Henry HeneagCy Efq., fon of Sir Tho. 

Heneage, Knight.) 
Sir Thomas Heneage. (S. Helen's.) 
Sir John Heninghamy & I/abel his w. (S. 

James', Piccadilly.) 
Benjamin HenJhaWy i68ft, & w. Mart hay 

1697, & Henry yS. of Richard Amy. 

(S. Michael, Crookeddanc.) 
Thomas HenjhaWy Efq., Captain, anceftor 

to the much accompliftied Thomas 


Digitized by 




Henlhaw of Kenfington, Efq. [i6i i. 

& w. Flower y 1615 : S. Mary Mags 

dalen. Milk Str.] 
The Lady Herbert. (S. James, Garlicky 

IVilliam Herbert^ 1 590. (Chrift Church.) 
Henry Herd/on^ Skinner, Alderman, 

1555. (S. Dunftan's^inssthessE.) 
Edmund Herenden, Efq. [1590: S. 

Anne & Agnes.] 
John Herenden^ Eiq. [1572 : S. Anne 

& Agnes.] , 

Alice Heriot (or Primroje)^ 1612. (S. 

GregorysbysS. Paul.) 
Sir Nathaniel Heme^ 1679. (S. Olave, 

Sir John Heron. (Whitefriars.) 
Sufanndy d. of Daniel Herringbrook^ 

M.D., & w. of George Woodford^ 

1694. (S. Michael Baflifhaw.) 
Arthur Herris^ of Eflex, Efq., and 

Counfellour at Law in Lincoln's Inne. 
William Herji^ & 3 wives, Margaret ^ 

Joanna^ & Agnes ^ 1487. (S. Leonard, 

John Hewety 1 500. (S. John Zachary.) 
Henry Hewit, Efq. 
Johannes Hewit of London, Armig. 

[1602 : S. Dionis Backchurch.] 
Sir Thomas Hewit , Knight, Lo. Maior, 

Sir William Hewit [or Huet^ Knight, 

Lo. Maior. [1559 : & w. : S. Mar? 

tin Orgar.] 
Thos. Heyy & w. Ellis. (S. Martin 

Alex. Heyband. (S. Michael, Crooked;: 

Humphry Heyfordy L. Mayor, 1477. 

(S. Edmund.) 
Thomas Heyhoey Armig. [Temple.] 


Robert HeymanyiSj^i . (S. Bartholomew 

the Great.) 
Edward Heywardy 1573. (S. Geoi^, 

Sir Rowland Heywardy Knight, twice 

Lord Maior. [1593: S. AJphage.] 
Sir Brian Hianfony Knight and Barronet, 

Father of Sir Henry Hianfon, Barron 

net. Doctor of the Civil Lawes, and 

fometimes Fellow of All Souls, at 

this day living. 
Dr. Hibbert. (S. Olave, Jewry.) 
Charles Hickmotey fonne and heir of 

Mr. John Hickmote, Gent., and of 

Mrs. Jane Hickmote, his furviving 

Sir Baptiji Hicks, Knight^ Lo. Maior, 

anceftor to the Lord Vifcount Camp 

den. [Window in S. Lawrence, 

Jewry, 16 19.] 
James Hick/onyEfq.yiSSg. (Allhallows, 

Bernard Hidey of Boreplace in the 

county of Kent, Efq ; anceftor to the 

worthily honoured Sir Bernard I£de 

of Kent, Knight^B. 
Edvardus Hide, Efq ; fon of the Right 

Honourable Edward Earl of Clarens 

don, and Lord Chancellor of Eng? 

land, &c. 
Hefter Hidey wife of the faid Bernard. 
Col. Humphry Higginjon. 
Thos. Highamy M.D., 1672. (S. Bride.) 
lohn Highlordy Skinner and Alderman 

of London. 
John Hildicy 1416. (S. Mildred, Poul^ 

Albayne Hilly M.D., 1559. & w. Alice, 

1580. (S. Alban, Wood Str.) 
George Hill & family. (S. Vcdaft 


Digitized by 




John Hilly 1439. CS- Bride.) 
Margaret Hill, wife of Dr. [Robert] 

Hill, Doctor of Divinity. [161 5 : S. 

Bartholomew, Exchange.] 
Richard Hill, Efq ; Matter of the 

Wine-cellar to King H. 8. 
Robert Hill, Grocer, "kneeling in the 

window." (S. Mary Somerfet.) 
Sir Rowland Hilly Knight, Lo. Maior. 

[1549: S. Stephen, Walbrook.] 
Sir Thos. Hill, L. Mayor, 1485. 

(Mercers' Chapel.) 
James Hills. 
Peter Hills, one of the Affiftants in the 

Ellis Hilton, Efq. [15^8: S. Benct, 

Paul's Wharf.] 
John, Baron Hilton. (Chrift Church.) 
fVilliam Hilton, 1519. (S. Mary 

miliam Hilton. (Chrift Church.) 
Thos. Hind, 1528. (S. Antholin's.) 
Augujiine Hinde, Efq. [1554 : & w. 

Elizabeth, 1569 : S. Peter, Cheap.] 
Steven Hindercle, Efq. (Auftin Friars.^ 
Anthony Hint on, 1678. (S. Sepulchre.) 
IVilliam Hinton, 1689. & wives Elizas 

beth Chewning, & Rebeca Leman. (S. 

Peter, Cornhill.) 
Mris Rofe Hitchings. 
"Thos. Hob/on, 1559. (S. Mildred, 

ff^ill. Hob/on, Haberdaflier, 1581. (S. 

Mildred, Poultry.) 
William Hobjon, fon of Doctor William 

James Hocket, Mariner, Mafter of the 

Mris Eliz. Hodges. 
Nathaniel Hodges, M.D., 1688. (S. 

Stephen, Walbrook.) 

Robert Hodge/on, Efq ; and one of the 

Auditors of the Exchequer. [1577 : 

S. Alphage.] 
Henry Hodgkins, Churchwarden of 

Stepney, ISc. 
IVilliam Hod/on. (S. Martin, Vintry.) 
Simon Hogan. (S. Martin, Vintry.) 
John Hoghton, 1699. (Temple.) 
Hans Holben. (S. Catharine Cree.) 
Sir Robert Holbourne, Knight, 6fr. 
John Hold, Alderman. (S. Benet's 

Bridget, w. of John Holder, 1688. 

(Allhallows, Barking.) 
Dr. Rich. Hold/worth, Dean of Wor^ 

cefter, his Tomb rebuilt by that 

great lover of religious and learned 

men, the honourable Sir Thomas 

Rich of Berks, Knight and Baronet. 

[1649 : S. Petersle^Poor.] 
Dame Conftance Holland, lifter of the 

faid Duke of Exeter. 
John Holland, Duke of Exeter, [and 

Earl of Huntingdon : 1447 : S. 

Catherine's, E. Smithfield.] 
Philemon Holland, of the fame family 

as Dr. Philemon Holland of Coventry, 

Ralph Holland, Efq., Sheriff. [1452 : 

S. Mary Aldermary.] 
Thos. Holland, 1456. (S. Antholin's.) 
Sir miliam Holies [.? Horns'], Knight [.?], 

Lo. Maior, anceftor to the three laft 

fucceflive Earls of Clare. [1540 : S. 

Thos. Hollier, 1690 : & w. Lucy, 1677 : 

& s. Thomas, 1672 : & s. James, 

1686. (Chrift Church.) 
George Holman, Gent., Anceftor to the 

knightly family of the Holmans in 

the county of Northampton. 


Digitized by 




Will. Holftocke. (S. 
Chriftopher Holty Efq. [Allhallows, 

Alexander Holt, Efq., Alderman of 

London ; both of them very anciently 

of that memorable family of the 

Holts of Grizlehurft in the county 

of Lancafter ; and both anceftors to 

Alexander Holt, Efq., and Alderman, 
''' yet living. 

IVilliam Holt^ 1 544. (S. Auguftinc.) 
Robert Holt, Efq., Alderman of London. 
Guil. Hone. [S. Bartholomew the Lefs.] 
Feter Honeywood, 1685. (Temple.) 
Daniel Herring Hook, 1693. (S. An? 

John &f IVilliam, sons of fVilliam Hook, 

Efq., & w. Elizabeth, 1673. (S- 

Andrew Underfhaft.) 
Edward Hopegood, 1677. (S. Margaret, 

IVill. Hopkins, B.D., & w. Avarill, 

Children of, 1685. (S. Lawrence, 

Eli/abet h, d. of Matthew Hoppie, 16 10. 

2nd wife, Peter Naple^den, 16 14. 

(Mercers' Chapel.) 
Sir George Hopton, 1489. (Chrift Church.) 
Elijabeth, w. of Adam Hore. (S. Bars 

tholomew the Lefs.) 
Jone Horn. (See Roger Marjhal.) 
Jojeph Hornby, & w. Judith, 1690. 

(S. Mary Woolnoth.) 
Jofeph & Judith Horneby, sons of, 1687. 

(S. Edmund.) 
Elizabeth Horfenayle, w. of Thomas 

Najbet, 1695. (S. Catharine's, E. 

Jeremiah Horjenayle, and Alice his 

wife, 1692. (S. Catharine's, E. Smiths 



Geo. Horfenel, 1697. (S. Andrew, 

Simon Horjepoole, Sheriff, 1601. (Alls 

hallows, Lombard Str.) 
Gulielmus Horjnel, Gen., very anciently 

of Horfnelscrouch (or HorfneUcrofs) 

in Kent, and father of John and 

George Horfnel, £s?r. [1656 : & w. : 

S. Andrew, Holborn.] 
John Horjpool. [S. Dunftan in the 

Mris Anne Horton, wife of Mr. Thomas 

Eliz., w. of Thomas Horton, 1696. 

(Allhallows, Lombard Str.) 
Roger Horton, 1423. (S. Dunftan in the 

Charles Hojkins, 1597, and w. Ame. 

(Mercers' Chapel.) 
John Hotham, Efq., 1644. (Allhallows, 

T^hos. Hot t by, 1528. and wives Alice, 

Joan, & Margaret. (S. Mary 

James Houblon, 1685. (S. Mary Wool* 

Peter Houghton, Alderman, & father 

Thomas. (S. Michael, Comhill.) 
Sir Robert Houghton, Knight, one of 

the Juftices of the Common Pleas. 

[1623 : S. Dunftan in the Weft.] 
Robert Houje, Sheriff in 1586. (Alls 

hallows. Bread Str.) 
Roger How, 1606. (Mercers' Chapel.) 
Dorothea Howard. 
Henry Howard, Earle of Arundell and 

Surrey, one of the anceftours to the 

illuftrious Family of the Duke of 

Norfolk, now living. [1546 : Alls 

hallows. Barking.] 
Matthew Howard, 1675 : & s. Samuel, 

Digitized by 




1698: & wid. Sarah, 1700. (S. Mary^ 

James Howel^ late Hiftoriagrapher to 

his prefent Majefty. [1666: Temple.] 
fVilliam Howely Hofoitii praed., Efq., 

and eldeft Sonne of that Signall man 

of Law and learning Sir lohn Htnvel, 

Kt., Recorder of London, fcf r. 
Sir Adam de Howton, 141 7- (Chrift 

Richd. Howtm. (Whitefriars,) 
Richard Hubbart, Inhabitant of Redriff. 
Thos. Hubbarty of Gray's Inn, 151 5: 

& w. Eliz. (Mercers' Chapel.) 
Sir John Hubblefhorne, Knight, Lord 

Sir Henry Huberthorney L. Mayor, 

1546. (S. Peter, Comhill.) 
Robert us Huckely 1694. (Allhallows, 

Dr. Walter Huddon. (Chrift Church.) 
Sir miliam Ruddy, 1501. (Chrift 

Edmond Hudfon. 
James Huijh^ Gent [1590: S. Pancras, 

Johannis Huit/on, 1689. (S. Michael, 

Robert Hulfton. 

John Hulton, 1 47 5. (S. Michael le Quern.) 
George Humble, Efq., father of Sir 

William Humble of Stratford^Lang? 

ton, com. EJf. Knight and Baronet, 

now living. 
Peter Humble, Gent. 
Hungate, of Torks. (Mercers' 

Agnes, w. of Edw. Hungerford. (S. 

Bartholomew the Great.) 
Alice, Lady Hungerford. Hanged at 

Tyburn, 1523. (Chrift Church.) 

Edw. Hungerford. (S. Alphage.) 
Roger Hunning, Fiftimonger, and Purs 

veyor to King H. 8. [1541 : S. 

Nicholas, Cole Abbey.] 
Richd. Hunjber, 1500. & w. Matilda, 

1493. (S. Nicholas, Cole Abbey.) 
Robert Hunt, 1676. (Temple.^ 
Henry Hunter, Efq., 1669. (Allhallows, 

Dame Ma., Countefs of Huntington. 

[1429: S. Catherine's, E. Smithfield.] 
The Countefs of Huntingdon. (S. James, 

Countefs of Huntingdon. (S. Anne, 

Gwifcard, Earl of Huntingdon. (Auftin 

fValter Huntingdon, Efq. (S. Helen's.) 
Jone Hunting feld. (S. Anne, Blackfriars.) 
John HuntUy. (S. Benet's Sherehog.) 
Tho. Huntley, Efq., 1539. (S. Mary 

mil. Hurftwaight, 1526. (S. Mildred, 

Bread Str.) 
Jane Hufbands, wife to Captain William 

Lady Hufe, wife of Sir Henry Hufe. 

(Chrift Church.) 
Antonius Hufe, Armig. [1560 : S. 

Martin, Ludgate.] 
Guliel. Hufe, Armig. [1559 : ^' Martin, 

William & Jane Hufe, s. & d. of Dame 

Ellis, ConntcCs of Arundel. (S. Anne, 

John Huffe, EXq. (S. James, Piccadilly.) 
Mris. Elizabeth Hujfey. 
Margaret, w. of Lawrence Hujfey. 

[i 569 : Chrift Church.] 
Margaret Hutchinfon, wife of Ralph 


H 49 

Digitized by 




Ruthy w. of fFill. Hutchinfon, 1688, 

& grandfon Thomas^ i^95- (§• Mih 

dred, Poultry.) 
Sir Richard Huttotiy Knight, one of the 

Juftices, &c. [1638 : S. Dunftan in 

the Weft.] 
Bernard Hydcy 1630 : Anne his wife, 

1640: Bernard his fon, 1655: 

Hejler his wife, 1649. (S. Dunftan's 

in the E.) 

Thos. Ham, Sheriff, 1479. (Mercers' 

Lady Margery de Ilderton, 1338. 

(Auftin Friars.) 
Sarah Iles^ d. of Thos. Barendine, ist 

huft)and fVill. Wright \ 2nd, Henry 

lies. (S. Marysle^Bow.) 
William Ilford. (S. Margaret, Lothbury •) 
Ralphe Illingworth, fons of. (S. Alban, 

Wood Str.) 
Sir Richd. Illingworth, Baron of the 

Exchequer. (S. Alban, Wood Str.) 
Lady Imayne, of Huntengfelde. (Chrift 

Walter Ingham, 1464. & w. Eleanor, 

1466. (S. Bartholomew the Lefs.) 
Sir Arthur Ingram, 168 1. (S. Dionis 

Lady Elizabeth Ingram, wife of Sir 

Arthur Ingram, Knight, and Mer$ 

chant of London. 
Johannes Ingram, Civis 6f Pi/cenarius. 
Mris Ingram. 
Thomas Iken, Armig. [1590: S. Mils 

dred, Poultry.] 
Sir Thomas Iken, Knight. 
John Ireland, Efq. [1614. & w. Eli/af 

'beth, 1613 : S. Mildred, Bread Str.] 
William Ifaack, Draper, Alderman, 

1508. (S. Dunftan'ssin^the^E.) 


Richard Ifaacjon, Efq. [S. Catharine 

Queen IJabel, w. of Edward 11. , 1358. 

(Chrift Church.) 
Alice, w. of Sir Richard IJham. (S. 

Bartholomew the Lefs.) 
Thomas IJham, \fif)i. Elizabeth IJham, 

1693. children of Zach. IJham, D.D., 

Rector. (S. Botolph, Biftiopfgate.) 
Rev. William IJlip, 1382. (S.Dunftan'ss 

Mary, w. of Will. Ivat, 1684. (S. 

James, Garlickhithe.) 

Edward Jackman, Efq., ShcriflF of 

London. [1564: S. Stephen, Wal* 

John Jack/on, & fifters Elijaheth Hards 

ing & Ifabel Juxon, 1691. (S. James, 

John Jack/on, 1584. (Chrift Church.) 
Philip Jack/on, 1684. (S. Dionis Back$ 

John Jacob, 1683. & w. Rachel, 1691. 

(S. Sepulchre.) 
Joanna Jacobs, wid., 1 691. (S. Dionis 

Sir Bartholomew James, Knight, Lord 

Maior. [1479 : ^" Dunftan Vm^the 

Helias James. (S. Andrew Wardrobe.) 
Nicholas James, Sheriff, 1423. (S. 

Botolph, Billingfgate.) 
William Jawdrell, Merchant^Taylor. 

[1440 : S. Mary Abchurch.] 
Mris. Sarah Jay, onely daughter of 

Mr. George Jay, fcfr. 
Lord Chancellor Jejffreys. (S. Mary, 

John Jeffreys, Efq., 1688. (S. Andrew 


Digitized by 




Dame Percilla Jeffreys, 1676. (S. 

Dionis Backchurch.^ 
David Jenkins, hofpitii praedidi, Efq. 
ff^ilL Jenksy & w. Chriftian, ^47 S' 

(Mercers' Chapel.) 
Francis Jenner & w. Margaret , 1603. 

(S. Andrew, Holbom.) 
Dame Margaret , w. of Stephen JeningSy 

L. Mayor, 151 5. (S. Mary, Alders 

Ambroje Jennings, Ironmonger. 
lohn Jennings J Efq ; one of the long lind 

Anceftors of that Knightly Family 

of the lennings in the County of 

Hertford, &c., whereof lohn lennings 

of Saundridge com. praed. Efq ; is at 

this day living. 
Sir Stephen Jennings, ' Knight, Lord 

Maior. [1523 : Chrift Church.] 
Judge Philip Jermin. 
Robertus Jermin de Rujhbrook, Armig. 

[S. Margaret, Lothbury.] 
Francis Jermy, 1668. (Temple.) 
Rowlandus Jewks, Efq. [1665 : 

Anthmy Jocelyn, Efq ; and Chriftopher 

Marjh, Efq ; both menial fervants 

to the Right honourable the Lady 

Dowager of Dorfet and Pembroke. 
Sir Ralph Jocelyn, Knight [?], Lord 

Maior. [S. Swithin.] 
Alyn John/on, 1498. (S. Botolph, Al^ 

Sir John John/on, Alderman, 1698. (S. 

Vedaft Fofter.) 
John John/on, Glazier to William III. 

(S. Alphage.) 
Johannes John/on, 1280. (S. Leonard, 

Robert John/on, Alderman. (S. Matthew, 

Friday Str.) 

Anne Joliff. (See D. Papillon.) 

Thos.y 1671. & fFill. Jollyffe, 1680. 

Abigail Jones. 
Mris Anne Jones. [1665 : S. Catherine's, 

E. Smithfield.] 
Dame Elizab. Jhones, wife of Sir 

Francis Jhones, Knight. [Window 

in S. Lawrence, Jewry, 16 18.] 
Charles Jones, hofpitii pnedicti Gencros 

Helias Jones. 
Jienry Jones, 1695. (S. Dunftan in the 

Jgnatius Jones, Efq. 
Johannes Jones, Armig. 
Katherine Jones, daughter of Rowland 

Peter Jones, 1694. (S. James, Garlicky 

Philipp Jones, praed. hofpitii, Efq ; one 

of the younger fonns of Collonel 

Philip lones of South Wales, Efq. 
Robert Jones, hofpitii pnedicti Generofus. 
Roger Jones. [1605 : S. James, Gars 

Sir Roger Jones, Knight, Lord Maior. 
Su/anna Jones. 
Sir William Jones, Knight, one of the 

Judges of the King's bench. 
Elizabeth, w. of Peter Joye, 1681. (S. 

Sir Andrew Jud (or Judde), Knight, 

Lord Mayor, 1551. (S. Helen's.) 

His dau. Elizabeth mar. Sir William 

Morgan of Pencoed, co. Monmouth, 

who was knighted at Briftol 1574, 

& d. s.p. 1584. 
John Julian. (S. Margaret, Lothbury.) 
IVilliam Juxton, Bifhop firft of London^ 

Lord Treafurcr of England, Archs 


Digitized by 




bifhop of Canterbury, and Uncle to 
Sir William Juxton, anciently of 
Suflex ; and the Reverend and emu 
nently learned D. Robert Poary, 
Refidentiary Prebend, of S. Paul's, 
fcfr., who beftowed the faid Arch^ 
bifhops Atchievement, as an Orna^ 
ment to Lambeth Church. 

John Kant. 

Sir Peter Kayor (or Kafen)y Kt. (Auftin 

Thos. KeckjJ.C.y 1 67 1. (Temple) 
Henry Keeble. (Founder of S. Mary 

Aldermary, & there buried.) 
John Kellondy 1685. (S. Bartholomew 

the Great.) 
Henry Keljey. (S. Mary Magdalen, 

Milk Str.) 
Thomas i Kel/y, anceftor to the late 

Colonel Kelfy, fometimes Govemour 

of Dover. 
Sarah, mother of Thos. Kemble, 1673. 

His d. Sarah 1673, & d. Elizabeth 

1676, & d. Anne 1677, & 2nd d. 

Anne 1683, & s. James. (S. Chrifto^ 

John Kempe, Gent. (S. James', Picca* 

Sir Nicholas Kempe, Knight, one of the 

Lady Sarah Kempe^ his wife. 
Philippus Kempe. 

Simon KempeyEfq. (S. James', Piccadilly.) 
Dame Joanna, wid. of Sir John Kemp- 
thorny 1 69 1. (Allhallows, Barking.) 
John Kendaly 1468. (S. MUdred, 

John Kendricky a moft memorable 

Citizen. [ 1 6 24 : * Atchievement s & 

banners only.*'\ 


fVilliam Kenleyy Efq. (Auftin Friars.) 
Rev. John Kennington, 1374. (S. Dun^ 

Sir IVilliam Kenod. (Auftin Friars.) 
Lucyy Countefs of Kent. (Auftin Friars.) 
Margaret y Countefs of Kent, 1540. 

Nicholas Kenton, alfo Provincial of the 

fame order. 
Thos. Kenyngham. (Chrift Church.) 
JVilliam I^rwin, Citizen. [1594: S. 

William Kerwood, 1676. (Allhallows, 

Lombard Str.) 
Benjamin Kerwyn, 1621. (S. Helen's.) 
Magdalen Kerwyn, 1592. (S. Helen's.) 
Sarah Kefteman, wid. of Gabriel de la 

PortCy 1694. (Aiiftin Friars.) 
Henry KettlCy 1671. (S. Sepulchre.) 
Rev. Joannis Kettlewell, 1695. (All* 

hallows. Barking.) 
Margaret Keval, 1583. (S. Michael, 

James Keyte, Armig., anceftor to the 

worthily honoured Sir Jonathan 

Keyte of the County of Hcrtf., 

Thos. Keytofty Loriner, 1522. (S. John 

Lady Catharine Killigrew^ one of that 

moft ancient and honourable family 

of the Killigrews in Cornwall. [S. 

Thomas Apoftle.] 
Serjeant^sMajor Killigrew. 
John Kimber, 1684. (Allhallows, Bark* 

John Kingy 1677. (Temple.) 
Johannes Kingy I434* (S* Michael, 

Rebecca King. 
Sujanna Kingy wife of Daniel King. 

Digitized by 




William Kingy Draper, 1394. (S. Stes 

phen, G>leman Str.) 
William King, late Rector of S. Olave, 

Silversftreet, fcfr. 
Eli/aieihyW. of I/aac Kingjland, 1679. 

(S. Botolph, Alderfgate.) 
Will. Kingflone^ Fiftimonger, 1298. 

(S. Peter, Cornhill.) 
William Kingfton. ^. Alphage.) 
Edward Kinnafton^ kfq. 
James Kinnon. [of Lentilo, co. Mon$ 

mouth, 161 5: S. Bride.] 
John Kirby^ Gent. 
John KirkHey Groctr, 1578. (S. Stephen, 

Will. Kirkbie, 1465. (S. Olave, Jewry.) 
Sir Alexander Kirketon. (Chrift Church.) 
John Kiryolly Efq., br. of l^homas 

Kiryolly 1400. (S. Dunftan's^in^the^ 

John Knap. (S. Dunftan in the Weft.) 
l^hos. Knefworthy 1515. (S. Mary Mags 

dalen, Guildhall.) 
Philip Knevety 1694. (S. Sepulchre.) 
David Knight, 1679. (S. Andrew, 

James Knight y 1439. (^' Dionis Backs 

Thomas Knight y 1534, & wives Alicey 

1 533, & Lucy. (S. Michael, Cornhill.) 
Sir Walter Knighty of Canterbury. 
Walter Knighty of Canterbury, Gent. 
Sir William Knighty 1470. (S. Bartholos 

mew the Lefs.) 
William Knightfyy Efq. 
Robert KnollySy Efa., 1420. (S. Helen's.) 
Dame Lucy Knowlesy Countefs of Kent. 

(Auitin Friars.) 
Sir Robert KnowleSyZ, memorable Knight, 

in the reign of Richard the 2. and 

eminent commander in France, in 

the reign of Edward the 3. [1407 : 

Sir Thomas KnowleSy Knight, Lord 

Thomas KnowleSy L. Mayor, 1550. & 

s. Thomas. (S. Antholin's.) 
Thomas Knowlesy L. FMayor; & s. 

Thomas. Twice L. Mayor. (S. 

Pancras, Soperdane.) 
Robert Korkford. (S. Pancras, Soper* 

Sir Henry Kybely or KybUy Knight, 6f r. 
Lady K. Kyme [or K£ne\ S. Michael 

Will. Kyngy 1420. (S. Leonard, Eafts 

Alys Kyngeftony d. of Lord St. John. 

(Chrift Church.) 
Tho. Kyngftony and w. Agnes. (S. Giles, 

Nicholas, s. of William Kyriell, Efq. 

(Crutched Friars.) 
Stephen Kyrton, Alderman, 6fr., 1553. 

(S. Andrew Underftiaft.) 

Rev. Richd.Lacty, 1491. (S. Nicholas, 

Cole Abbey.) 
Dame Julian, w. of Sir Richard Lacy, 

(Auftin Friars.) 
Lancelot LakenyECq. (Mercers' Chapel.) 
Johny s. of William Lamb, Gent., & w. 

Catheriney 1681. (S. Ethelburga.) 
William Lamb, 1679. & w. Elifabeth, 

1680. (S. Matthew, Friday Str.) 
Mr. Lamb, founder of S. James' 

Chappel in the Wall, &c. 
John Lambard, Alderman, 1554. (S. 

Michael, Wood Str.) 
Julian, w. of John Lambardy Alderman. 

(S. Nicholas Aeon.) 
John Lambe. (S. Pancras, Soper^lane.) 


Digitized by 




John Lambert y Gent. [1686 : S. Catha* 

rine Crec] 
Richard Lambert^ Alderman, 1567. (S. 

Jacob Lamboni. (AUhallows, Barking.) 
Jacobus Lamborfie, Agent for the Repub. 

of Venice. 
John Lampion. (Whitefriars.) 
Richard Lancafter^ Herald. (S. Bars 

tholomew the Great.) 
Francis Lane, 1685. (S. Lawrence, 

Lieutenant^Colonel John Lane, father 

of John Lane, wholefale Grocer. 
John Langham, Efq. (S. Martin Outs 

Sir John Langham, Knight and Baronet, 

father of the eminently learned Sir 

James Langham, Knight, his vault. 

[S. Mary Magdalen, Guildhall.] 
Tho. Langham, 1700. & w. Eleanor, 

1694. & d. Rebecca, 1692. (S. 

Martin Outwich.) 
Dr. JVilliam Langham, one of the 

Prebends of lichfield, fcfr. [1437 : 

Alice, w. of John Langharn, 1420. (S. 

Michael, Comhill.) 
Charles Langley. [1602 : S. Giles, 

Clemence Langley, wife of Richard 

GuiL Langfton de Hanly^Caftle. 
John Langihrop, Efq., 1 5 10. (S. 

Chriftapher Langton, M.D., 1578. (S. 

Botolph, Billingigate.) 
Thomas Langtony, 1350. (S. Helen's.) 
Gabriel Lapp, Hofpitii lincoln, Efq. 
Robert us Large. [1441 : S. Olave, 



Sir Thomas de la Laude. (Launde : 

Auftin Friars.) 
Simon Launare, 1320. (S. Mildred, 

Sir John de la Launde, 1465. (Auftin 

John Launder, & w. Agnes, 1529. (S. 

Michael, Comhill.) 
Richard Laundjey, 1461. (Mercers' 

Dame Abigail, w. of Sir John Laurence, 

1682. (S. Helen's.) 
Adam Laurence, Gent., Merchant, 

nephew to the honorable Sir John 

Laurence, Knight and Baronet, &fr. 
Margaret Laurence, d. of Laurence 

Huyjfen, Heer Van IVeelde, Zeland, 

w. of Col. Henry Cornwall, 1692. 

(Auftin Friars.) 
Rachel, w. of Sir John Laurence, & d. 

of Charles Chamberlain, Efq., 1687. 

(S. Helen's.) 
Richard Laurence, Merchant. 
John Law. (S. Peter, Comhill.) 
John Lawes,ES(i; Executor of Thomas 

Gideon de Lawne, Efq ; anceftor of the 

now Sir Gideon de Lawne. 
Sir John Law/on, Knight, &c., four of 

his children. 
Sir William Laxton, Knight, Lord 

Maior. [1556 : S. Mary Alders 

Alex. Lay ton, 1679. (S. Dunftan in the 

lohn Ledgingham, Efq ; father of Wars 

wick Ledgingham of Ottcry St. 

Maries in the County of Devon, Efq. 
Sir John Lee. (See J. Sanye.) 
Sir Richd. Lee, L. Mayor. (S. Stephen, 


Digitized by 




Richd. Lee J Clarencieux King of Arms, 

1597. (S. Alphage.) 
Simon Lee^ 1487. (S. Mildred, Poultry.) 
The. Lee of Effcx. (S.Mildred, Poultry.) 
IVilliam Lee. (S. Martin, Vintry.) 
Colonel Legy f. of Lord Dartmouth. 

(Trinity, Minories.) 
Ferdinando Leigh, hofpitii prsed. Genes 

Gerrard Leigh, Efq. [1563 : S. Duns 

ftan in the Weft.) 
Mris Anne Leighe. 
Henry Leigh, 1568. & w. Ifabel & 

Elifabeth. (S. Dunftan in the Weft.) 
Sir John Leigh, 1564. (S. Margaret, 

Sir T^homas Leigh, Knight, Lord Maior 

[i558],anceftor to Edward Leigh of 

Gloucefter, Efq. [1571 : Mercers' 

Sir J'homas Leighe, Knight, buried in 

the Church of S. Leonard, Shores 

Thomas Lekimpton, Efq. 
John Leland. (S. Michael le Quern.) 
Sir Peter Lemair, Knight, a memorable 

Sir John Leman, Knight, Lord Maior ; 

anceftor to Sir William Leman of 

Northal in the county of Herts, 

Knight and Baronet. [1632 : S. 

Michael, Crookedslane.] 
John Lemot, Efq., Alderman. 
Dom. Richardus Lempjier, Capellanus. 

Walter Lemfter, Doctor of Phyfick, 

and Phyfitian to the Perfon of Henry 

the fcventh. 
Sir John Lenthal, Knight, KingsMar? 

fhal of the Kings Bench, a fair Table 

for him and his neer relations. 

Sir John Lepington. (See Sir J. Frey) 
Nathaniel Letten, 1682. (S. Dionis 

Johannes Leventhorp, Efq., one of the 

longslind Anceftors of that honours 

able and antient Family of the Levens 

thorps in the County of Hartford, 

whereof Sir Thomas Leventhorp 

Com. prasd.. Knight and Barronet, 

and Collonel of the Forces of that 

County, is the chief. 
Ralph Leventhorp, of AlburysHall, 

comit. Hartf., Efq , one of the An;s 

ceftors to the noble Sir Tho. Levens 

thorpe com. pr^ed.. Knight and 

Barronct, &fr. 
Will. Lever, Gent, 1666. (Allhallows, 

Humfrey Leving, 1682, & s. Humfrey, 

1677. (AUhdlows, Bread Str.) 
Nicholas Levi/on, SheriflF, 1534. (S. 

Andrew Underihaft.) 
Michael Lewes, 1584. (S. Andrew, 

Alderman \^homas] Lewen, Agnes 

Lewen, his wife. [SheriiF in 1537 : 

S. Nicholas Olave.] 
Sujan Lewen. [w. ist of John Palmer, 

& 2nd of John Kir by, 1624: S. 

Mildred, Poultry.] 
^hos. s. of Thos. Lewkener. (Chrift 

Hugh Ley. (Window in S. Lawrence, 

Jewry, 161 8.) 
John Ley, Efq. [1604: S. Andrew 

Richardus Ley. 

James Ltalton. (S. Lawrence, Jewry.) 
Will. Light foot, 1699. & w. Catharine, 

d. of Robert Abbot, 1673. (S. Mary 

Magdalen, Guild;;Mll.) 


Digitized by 




John Lilburne^ Grocer, 1678. (S. 

Stephen, Walbrook.) 
Cornelius Linchebecky a Dutch Mer;? 

chant. [1655: S. Ethelburga.] 
William LincheladCy 1392. (S. Alban, 

Wood Str.) 
Richard Lincolne^ 1548. (S. Benet's 

John Linghamy Efq. 
Sir John Lion^ L. Mayor, 1554. (S. 

Benet's Sherehog.) 
Richard LionSy Vintner. Beheaded in 

Cheape by Wat Tyler y 138 1. (S. 

James, Garlickhithe.) 
Lord Liothiy of Ireland. (S. Anne, 

Daniel Lijlcy Efq., one of the younger 

fons of Sir William Lifle, Knight, 

6fr. [1663 : Temple.] 
Robert y s. of Lord Lifle. (Chrift Church.) 
Sir Robert LiflCy & Lady Ufle. (Chrift 

Mris. Margaret Litchervet [Lichter^ 

velde: 1593 : S. Botolph, Alderfgate.] 
Thos. Litchfieldy 1320. (S. John Zach? 

VVilielmus Litchfield. [1447 : Al^ 

Richd. Litler. & w. Phabcy 1674. (S. 

Margaret Pattens.) 
Sir William Littleflfury or Littleburyy 

Knight, Lord Major of London. 

[1487 : S. Thomas^ApoftleJ 
Dame Anne Littletony wife otthe late 

Sir Edw. Littleton. [1623 : Temple.] 
Edward Littletony Eiq. ; fon or Sir 

Thomas littleton. Knight, iSc. 

[1664: Temple.] 
John Littleton. (S. Mary Abchurch.) 
Sir Timothy Littletony 1679. (Temple.) 
Katharine Lively. 


Griffith Lloydy Doctor of the Civil Law. 

[1586: S. Benet, Paul's Wharf.] 
Henry Lock. (S. John Zachary.) 
Sir William Locky Knight, &c. [1550 : 

Mercers' Chapel.] 
John LockCy 1 5 1 9. (Mercers' Chapel.) 
Maudlin LodgCy 15 — . (S. Michael, 

Sir Thomas Lodge, Knight, Lo. Maior. 

[1563 : & w. Dame Arnie, S. Mary 

John Lokcy SheriiF, 1461. (S. Maryde* 

Ann Lokery daughter of William Loker 

of Oaking, in the County of Surrey, 

Thomas London. (S. Mary Abchurch.) 
lohn LonelyCy Profeflbr of Divinity and 

Fryar of the Fraternity of the Car« 

Hen. Long, Efq. [1573: S. Andrew 

Mr. Juftice Long. 
7(9^/1 L^^ of Bedfordftiire, Eiq. [1442: 

S. Mary Abchurch.] 
Johannes LongftonCy or Langfton. 
John Longjony 1583. (S. Vedaft Foftcr.) 
John Lorimery 1689. & Gilbert Larimer, 

1688. (S. Margaret Pattens.) 
John Lorimery & children Samuel 

& Sarahy & wid. Frances, 1674. 

(S. Mildred, Poultry.) 
Thomas Lorimery 1492. & w. Elizaieth. 

(S. Peter, Comhill.) 
FranceSy w. of Charles Loringe, 1699. 

(S. Nicholas, Cole Abbey.) 
John Louth. (S. Bartholomew the 

John Loveday, 1693. (S. Anne and 

John Lovekin, four times Mair, and 

Digitized by 




Matter of Sir William Walworth. 

[S. Michael, CrookecUlane.] 
Sir Thomas Lovely Knight of the Garter. 
Henry Lovelly s. of fVtlliam Lord 

Lovell. (Crutched Friars.) 
Nicholas Lovcn. ( Allhallows^thesGreat.) 
Margaret JLovet, 1631. (S. Andrew, 

Thos. Lmet^ Efq., SherifFof NorthampL 

1 49 1. (S. Alban, Wood Str.) 
Sir John Lovetoht^ & w. Margaret. 

(Chrift Church.) 
Anthony LoWy 1685. (S. Dunftan in 

the Weft.) 
Simon Low. (S. Magnus.) 
Thomas Low^ & w. Elizabeth^ ^S74" 

(Mercers' Chapel.) 
Antonius Lowe^ Efq. [1641 : S. Bar:: 

tholomew the Great.] 
Sir Thomas Lowe^ Knight, Lo. Maior 

[1623 : S. Petersle^Poor.] 
Elizabethy w. of Emanuel Lucar^ 1537. 

(S. Lawrence Pountney.)r 
John Lucas of S. Johns neer Colchefter, 

Efq ; and one of the anceftors of the 

Lord Lucas. [1556: & d. Margaret ^ 

w. of Thos. Pennie^ M.D., 1587 : S. 

Lucius Lucas [.? Lucy"] an eminent 

Merchant. [1663 : S. Catherine 

Mris Conjiance Lucie. 
Margaret Lucie ^ daughter of Sir Thomas 

Lucie of Charlecot, Knight. [1634 • 

S. Giles, Cripplegate.] 
Lady Conjiance Lucy, lecond wife of 

Sir Thomas Lucy of Charlecot in the 

County of Warwick Knight, and 

Knightly for many generations ; 

grandmother of the worthily 

honoured Richard Lucy, Efq ; and 

incumbent heir and proprietour of 
that moft antient mannor. [1596: 
Trinity, Minories.] 

Annay wid. of John Lucy^ 1653. (S. 
Catharine Coleman.) 

Geoffry Lucy. (Chrift Church.) 

Sir Thos. Lucyy 1525. (Chrift Church.) 

Thomas Lucy^ Efq ; another branch of 
that moft antiently flourifhing and 
diffufively fpreading Family of the 
Lucies de Charlecot, Comit. Wars 
wick : whereof Richard Lucy de 
Charlecot, Efq., is the cheif. [1447 : 
S. Giles, Cripplegate.] 

John LudloWy & w. Alice. (S. Bartholo^ 
mew the Great.) 

Sir John Ludlow. (Whitefriars.) 

Mris Margaret Ludlowe. 

John Lumley^ eldeft fon of the right 
honourable the Lord Vifc. Richard 
Lumley of Stanftead. 

Sir Martin Lumley ^ Alderman, 16.. 4. 
(S. Helen's.) 

John Lupjel. 

Edwardus Lupton. [S. Michael^^Royal.] 

Geo. Lujkin. (S. Mary Woolnoth.) 

IJabel Luther. (See R. Sainton.) 

Robert de Luton, 1361. (S. James, Gan 

Robert Lyade. (S. Helen's.) 

Su/anna Lydcot yw'ift of Collonel Leonard 
Lydcot, and daughter of Sir John 
Lenthal, Knight, and Marftial of the 
King's Bench. 

Richard Lye, 1522. (S. Bartholomew 
the Lefs.) 

Tho. Lyjfyn, 1482. (S. Michael, Corn- 

Richard de Lyon^ Armig., Sheriff. , 

Sufanna Lyon. 

Sir John Lyons^ Knight, Lord Maior. 


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John MabbCy Chamberlain, &c. (S. 

Matthew, Friday Str.) 
Johanna Macany^ 1452. (S. Nicholas 

John Machely Alderman, 1 558. (S. Mary 

Magdalen, Milk Str.) 
Rafe Machin, Efq., 1488. (S. Helen's.) 
4rnold Mackman^ Vintner, 1457. (S. 

Michael Royal.) 
Sir Richard MaddoXy Knight. 
John Maidenheady & w. DioneSy 1524. 

(S. Michael, Cornhill.) 
Sir Peter le Mairey 1631. (S. Chriftos 

Sir Thomas Malefanty Knight, one of 

the Barons of the Exchequer. [1438 : 

S. Bartholomew the Lefs.] 
Thomas Malledge. 
John Mallory. 
Sir Richard Mallory^ Knight, Lord 

Maior. [1564 : Mercers* Chapel.] 
Johny Sir UhomaSy Sir Nicholas y & Dame 

Alice Malmayns. (Chrift Church.) 
Thos. Malory y 1470. (Chrift Church.) 
Philip MalpaSy Efq., Sheriff of London. 

[1539 : S. Andrew Underfhaft.] 
Robert Maltony 1426. (S. Botolph, 

John Malvern. & his w. (S. James', 

John Malwaine. (S. Bartholomew the 

Dr. Henry Many Doctor of Divinity. 

[Biftiop of Man : 1556 : S. Andrew 

Walter Mancylly Efq. (Auftin Friars.) 
Geffrey Mandevillcy 121 5. (S. James', 

Richard Manhally 1503. (§. Peter, 

Sir John Manners. (Auftin Friars.) 


Sir Thomas MannerSy Knight. 

Randal Manningy Efq. [161 1 : S. 

Sarah Manning. 

Thos. ManninghamyFSq. (Au^n Friars.) 
Sir Oliver Manny. (AufHn Friars.) 
Sir Walter Manny^ or de Meynity 

Sir Edward Mansfieldy Baronet. 
James ManthropCy Efq. (S. James', 

Francis March. 1697. (S. Dunftan'snns 

Gilbert March. (S. Martin, Vintry.) 
Robert March. (S. Michael, Crooked* 

Ralph Marcoy 1672. (Allhallows, 

Richardus Mardon. 
John Markamy Efq., Serjeant at Arms 

to King James. 
Thomas Markes. 
William Marks. 
Robert Maries. 
Sir Richard MarloWy Knight, Lord 

Richd. MarloWy L. Mayor, 1409. (S. 

Michael, Queenhithe.) 
Marpory Gent., 1400. (S. George, 

John Marret. 
Rob. Marrioty S. Th. P., 1689. & w. 

Mart hay & s. Rob. Marriot of Gray's 

Inn, & d. Eliz. w. of Will. Pett. 

(S. Stephen, Walbrook.) 
W. Marrow y & w. Catharine y 1468. 

(S. Botolph, Alderfgate.) 
John Marjhy Common Seijeant. (S. 

Michael, Wood Str.) 
Robert Marfli. [i6o2, & w. Florence: 

S. Vedaft Fofter.] 

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Eiiw. Marjhal, 1675. & w- Anne. (S. 

Dunftan in the Weft.) 
Roger Marjhaly Efq. [& w. Jone Horn : 

S. Catharine Cree.] 
T^hos. Marjhal^ 1560. & w. Johanna^ 

1 56 1. (S. Peter, Cheap.) 
William Marjhaly his fon, Earl of 

John Marfliall^ 1498. & w. Joanna^ 

1484. (S. Laurence, Jewry.) 
Nicholas Marjhall^ Alderman, 1474. 

(S. Helen's.) 
Robert Marjhall^ Alderman, 1439. & 

w. Elix. (S. Pancras, SoperJane.) 
R. Marfton^ Efq. 
Edward Martin. 
Jar. Martin, Gent. 
John Martin^ SheriiF, 1533. (S. Thomas 

John Martin, 1460. (S. Michael Baffi:; 

John Martin, & w. Margaret. (Chrift 

Maria Martin. [1565 : S. Benet, Paul's 

Sir Roger Martin, Knight, Lo. Maior. 

[^573 • S. Antholin's.] 
Sir ff^ill. Martin, L. Mayor, 1492. (S. 

Dom. Martinus Jurifconjultus eminens. 

[1606 : Trinity, Minories.] 
Richd. Martys & Agnes. (Mercers' 

Gilbert Mary on, 1391. (S. Ethelburga.) 
Nicholas Marys. (Chrift Church.) 
Robert Ma/call, Bifhop of Hereford. 
Charles Majon, Gent. 
John Mafon, 1 43 1 . (S. Botolph, Alders ; 

John ^Majon, eldeft fon of Richard 

Mafon, Yeoman of the Guard. 

l?eter MaJon, 141 6. (S. Peter, Comhill.) 
Roger MaJon, 1603. (S. Giles, Cripple^ 

T^ho. Mafon, 1668. & w. Sufanna, 1679. 

(S. Sepulchre.) 
^ho. Mafon. (S. Giles, Cripplegate.) 
Mary Maffe. 
John Majier, Gent., 1444. (S. Dionis 

John Matchell, Efq., and Alderman of 

John Matthew, L. Mayor, 1490. (S. 

Martin Orgar.) 
D^mt Agnes Matrovers. (ChriftChurch.) 
Henry Maundrell, hofpitii pnedicti, Efq. 
fVilliam Afaufs,E(q., 1465. (S. Michael, 

Wood Str.) 
Richd. May. (AUhallows, Bread Str.) 
Sir Theodore May erne. Knight, Phyfitian 

to the late King. 
Thos. Mayhull. (Temple.) 
Mris Margaret Maynard. 
Sir miliam Maynard. (Chrift Church.) 
Elizabeth Medcalfe. (See fV. Cockaine.) 
John Medley, Chamberlain. (S. Michael, 

Wood Str.) 
James Medlicoat, Efq., father of Thomas 

Mcdlycoat of the Middle Temple, 

Efq., and Counfellor at Law ; and 

alfo of his brother Mr. Edmond 

Medlycoat, an Officer of and in the 

Arthur Medlycot, of Salop, Efq., an* 

ceftor to Tho. Medlycot of the 

Middle Temple, Efq. ; and Edmond 

Medlycot of White^hall, his brother, 

^c. [& w. Elifabeth, 1605 : S. 

Gregoryjby=S. PaulJ 
IVill. Medow. (Whitcfriars.) 
Mris Judith Megges wife of William 

Megges. Efq. 


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William Meggs^ Efq., father of William 

Meggs of London, Efq., and Dr. 

James Meggs, Doctor of Divinity, &?f . 
John Melchborne. (S. Martin Outwich.) 
Chriftian Melites. 
Gilbert Melites. 
Lionel Mellingtony fon of Sir Robert 

Sir Tho. Mellington^ Knight. 
Robert Melli/h. ,[1^62: Allhallows, 

Bread Str.] 
Henry Melmoth^ 1699. (S. Sepulchre.) 
Will. Melrithy 1425. (S. Lawrence, 

Eliz. Mennely of that ancient family of 

the Mennels in the County of Derby, 

daughter of Mr. Mennel, and neece 

of Alderman Mennel, fcfr. 
Sir John Mennes^ Knt., 1670. (S. Olave, 

Hart Str.) 
Charles Mercer y fon of Sir John Mercer, 

John Merchaunt, 1420. (S. Margaret, 

Eli/abet hy w. of Luke Meredith, 1689. 

(Chrift Church.) 
Sir William Meredith. (An Achieves 

ment of Arms: S. Alban, Wpod Str.) 
Sir Richard Merlow, Lord Maior of 

Lady Merrick, wife of Sir William 

Merrick, Knight, LL.D., and Judge 

of the high Court of Admiralty. 
Guy de Merrickcy Earl of S. Paul. 

(Auftin Friars.) 
John Merwer. (Chrift Church.) 
William Mejfe. 
Anthony Mejfenger. [& fitter Mary, &fr., 

1625 : S. Alphage.] 
Emanuel de Meter en. [1612 : S. Dionis 



Robert Metham. (Whitefriars.) 
Sir Walter Mewes. (Auftin Friars.) 
Richard Meynil, Apothecary, 1683. 

(S. Dunftan's^in^the^E.) 
Andrew Michael. (See ^ho. Roach.) 
John Michael, Serjeant at Arms, 141 5. 

(S. Botolph, Alderfgate.) 
Thos. Michell, 1527. (S. Olave, Jewry.) 
Sir Charles Mcklethwait, M.D., 1683. 

(S. Botolph, Alderfgate.) 
Sir John Mcklethwait, i682- (S. Bo^ 

tolph, Alderfgate.) 
Sir Samuel Mico, his Hatchment. 
John Micolt, or MEco, Gent. [1424 : 

& w. Joanna : S. Martin, Vintry.] 
Anne Middleton. [1596 : .S. Matthew, 

Friday Str.] 
John Middleton, L. Mayor, 1472. (S. 

Mary, Aldermanbury.) 
Robert Middleton, Efq. 
Sir Thomas Middleton, Knight, Lord 

William Midgely, of Staple^slnnc, Gen., 

Clerk of the Judgements under the 

worthily honoured Thomas Robinson, 

Efq., and chief Prothonotary of the 

Common Pleas, fcfr. 
Francis Baromi of Milain, 1546. (S. 

Giles, Cripplegate.) 
Agnes Milbume, his wife. 
Sir John Milbume, Knight, Lo. Maior. 

[1535 : & wives Joane & Margaret: 

S. Edmund.] 
William Milbume, Sheriff and Alder* 

man of London. [Chamberlain, 1 505 : 

S. Vedaft Fofter.] 
Sir Walter Mildmay, Knight, Privic 

Counfellor to Queen Eliz. and one 

of the anceftors, &c. [1589 : & w. 

Maria, 1576: S. Bartholomew the 


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Guil. Milly Armig. [1608 : S. Botolph, 

Johannes Milly filius. [of ^/7//tf»i, 1595: 

S. Botolph, AldcHgatc] 
Earl MilUn. (See King Stephen.) 
George Miller of London, Gen. and 

Printer ; father to Simon Miller of 

St. Paul's Churchyard, Bookfeller. 
Anthony y s. of John Milles. 
Captain John Millet y Mariner. [1660 : 

S. Bartholomew the Great.] 
Lord Thomas MillingtoHy Baron of 

Rev. Daniel Millsy D.D., 1689. (S. 

Olave, Hart Str.) 
Maryy d. of Edw. Mills y 1684. (S. 

John Mil/on. [1567 : S. Botolph, AU 

lohn Milverton : a Fryar of Briftol, and 

Bifhop elect of St. David's. 
Roger Mingayy 1688. with his mother 

Mary Badger y 1678. & daus. Anne 

& Elizabeth. (S. Benet, Graces 

Sir Chriftopher MinnSy Kmght, one of 

the great Commanders at Tea. 
Cathariney d. of Sir Thomas Mirley. 

(S. Alban, Wood Str.) 
John Mirfiny 1471. (Holy Trinity sthes: 

Sir John Mitchely Knight^ Lo. Maior. 

l^^John Michelly Merchant Taylor, 

1537 : S. Andrew Underftiaft.] 
John Mitchelly L. Mayor, 1436. (S. 

John Mitfordy Sheriff, 1375. (S. Mary 

Magdalen, Milk Str.) 
John Moagery & w. Emme. (S. Mary 

James MolinSy 1686. (S. Bride.) 

Sir John Molins. (S. Anne, Blackfriars.) 
IVilliam MollineuXy hofp. prsed., Efq., 

and a branch of that flouriihing 

Family and of that Lordly name, 

in the County of Lancafter. 
Lionel Mollinton,K{q. (Crutched Friars.) 
Rob. Mollintony Efq., & w. Elizabeth. 

(Crutched Friars.) 
Sir Thomas de Mollinton, Baron of 

Wemejey 1408, & w. Elizabeth y d. 

of William Botelary Barone of Worney 

1 410. (Crutched Friars.) 
Edwardy 1698, & Charlesy 1700, fons 

of Edw. & Jane Mompejfon. 
Will. Moncaftery 1524. (S. Auguftine.) 
Galfred Moncleyy 1281. (S. James, 

Edw. Monecrofty 1578. (S. Stephen, 

Humfrey Monmouth y 1535. (Allhallows, 

Richard MonneSy Scrivener, 1552. (S. 

Catharine Crec.) 
Williamy Lord Montacutey Earl of 

Salijburyy King of the Ifle of Man. 
Lady Catharine Montague. [1612: S. 

Botolph, Alderfgatc.] 
Robert Montaguiy Efq. 
Robert y s. of James Montethy 1684. 

(S. Lawrence, Jewry.) 
Sir Hugh & Sir John Montgomery. 

Nicholas y s. of John Montgomery y 1485. 

(Chrift Church.) 
Mris Ellen Monyns. [1632 : S. Giles, 

Mris Frances Monyns: Daughters of Sir 

William Monyns of Kent, Baronet. 

[1632: S. Giles, Cripplegate.] 
EUJabethy w. of Mr. Moor^ 1668. 

(S. Dunftan in the Weft.) 


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George Moor^ 1669. (Allhallows, Bark? 

Dame Mary Moor^ w. of Sir John 

Moor, Knt., 1690. (S. Dunftan's:in? 

Johannes h Moore. 
Katharine Moore^ daughter of William 

and Margaret Moore, of Reading. 

[1667 : S. Catharine's, E. Smithfield.] 
R. Moorey Efq. [S/irah^ d. of, & w. of 

Nathaniel Fox : S. Catharine's^ E. 

John Mordant^ 1387. (S. Marysats^Hill.) 
Sir Diones Mordajke (or Morieck), Kt. 

(Auftin Friars.) 
Simon Mor'don^ h. Mayor, 1368. (S. 

Michael, Crooked:^lane.) 
John More, Norroy King at Arms, 

1 49 1. (Chrift Church.) 
fFill. More^ L. Mayor, 1395. (S. James, 

Gulielmus Morecroft, Armig. [S. Dun;? 

ftan in the Weft.] 
Peter Morens (or Morrows), Efq. 

(Auftin Friars.) 
Hugh Morejbye. (S. Giles, Cripplegate.) 
Valentine Moretoft, Efq. 
Thomas Morgan, Efq. (Arms in Temple 

Sir IVilliam Morgan, of Pencoed, co. 

Monmouth. (See Sir A. Jud.) 
Sir Chriftopher Morice. (S. Peter, Com^ 

Sir IVilliam Moris, & w. Chriftian. 

Dame Elizabeth Morley. (Chrift Church.) 
Johannes Morley, Efq. [1587. & w. 

Elijabeth Wotton, 1603 • S. Botolph, 

Thomas Morley, Gent, 1566. (S. Olave, 

Hart Str.) 


Thos. Morley. (Window in S. Lawrence, 

Jewry, 161 8.) 
William Morley^ and Ral'ph Morley, 

fons of the late Sir Thomas Morley, 

Knight, one of the Longlind An^ 

ceftors, of thefe two long Knightly 

& ancient Families of the Morleys 

in Suflex. [Auftin Friars.] 
John Morrice. (S. Bencf s Sherehog.) 
Thos. Morrys, & w. Joan, 15 12. (Mer* 

cers' Chapel.) 
Thomas Morjiead, E(q ; SherifF. [1450: 

S. Olave, Jewry.] 
Simon Morfted. (S. Alban, Wood Str.) 
Sir John Morteyne. (Chrift Church.) 
Sir John Mortimer, 1423. (Chrift 

John Mortimer. (S. Martin, Vintry.) 
Roger Mortimer, Earl of March, 1329. 

(Chrift Church.) 
Richd. Morton, M.D., 1698. (Chrift 

Sir Will. Morton, 1672. & w. Anne, 

1668, &c. (Temple.) 
Mr. Mqfely. 
Francis Mojfe, 1657. & s. Henry, 16^6. 

(S. Michael, Comhill.) 
Sir Peter de Mota. (Whitefriars.) 
John Motte. (S. Michael, Crooked^ 

Captain Randal Moulton, huft>and of 

Rebecca Moulton, third fon of the 

famous Captain Robert Moulton, 

fometimes Vice^Admiral of England, 

6?r., and younger brother of the yet? 

living and valiant Captain Robert 

Moulton, now in his Majefties 

James Mounford, 1544. (S. George, 

John Mounjon, Efq ; third fonne of Sir 

Digitized by 




John Mounfon of South^Carleton in 

the county of Lincoln, Knight. 
OJbert Moundfordy or Mount fort. £1614: 

S. Mary Magdalen, Milk Str.J 
Robert Moundfordy or Mountfort, an:: 

ceftor by the maternal line to Sir 

John Brampfton, Knight of the Bath ; 

and Sir Mountford Brampfton, one 

of the Matters of Chancery. 
Dame Anne Mountague^ Dutchefs of 

George Mountague^ s. of Henry Earl of 

Manchefter^ 1 6 8 1 . (S. Catharine's, E. 

Roger Mountague. (S. Mary Abchurch.) 
Peter Mountford. (Chrift Church.) 
Richard Mount f or d^ 161 5. (S. Mary 

Magdalen, Milk Str.) 
Hefter Mountney. 
Johannes Mourton. 
Sir John Mowbray^ Earl of Nottingham, 

1398. (Whitefriars.) 
John MoyUy of Gray's Inn, 1495. 

(Chrift Church.) 
John Moyle, 1530. (Chrift Church.) 
Mary Muffety his wife. 
Sir Edmund Mulfhew. (S. Michael 

Thomas Multon^ Efq., s. of Bourdeaux. 

(S. Catherine Cree.) 
William Multon^ alias Bordeaux^ Herald. 

(S. Catherine Cree.) 
John Muny 1 6 1 5. (AUhallows, Staining.) 
Mr. Anthony Munday^ Draper, 1633. 

(S. Stephen, Coleman Str.) 
Sir John Munde^ Goldfmith, Knight, 

Lord Maior. [1527 : S. Peter, 

John Mundham. 13 10. (S. Michael le 

Auguftin Munfordy 1666. & s. Richard^ 

1695. & w. Anney 1698. (S. Law$ 

rence, Jewry.) 
John Munney Merchant. 
John Murdoch, 1684. (S. Sepulchre.) 
Edward Murrelly Grocer, and Martha 

Nicholas Murrey y Efq; a defcendant 

from that noble Family of the Murreys 

in Scotland, to which Mr. Henry 

Murrey fometimes of His late Ma« 

jefties Bedchamber is fo great an 

John Murfleyy 1432. (S. Anne, Blacks 

Thomas Muf champ y Efq. [1547 : S. 

Mildred, Poultry.] 
Thomas MufchampCy Sheriff in 1463. 

(S. Mary Magdalen, Milk Str.) 
Thos. Mujche. (S. Alban, Wood Str.) 
Philip Mufgravey Efq., 1688. (Trinity, 

John Muftelj 1424. (S. Martin, Vintry.) 

Nicholas de Nale. [1566 : S. Andrew 

Will. Narboroughy & w. Dame Beatrix. 

(Crutched Friars.) 
Will. Narboroughy & w. Dame Elizas 

beth. (Crutched Friars.) 
John Nafhy 1466. (S. Michael, Wood 

Thomas Nafhy Efq. [1679 : Temple.] 
Richard Nay lory Alderman, 1485. 

(S. Martin Outwich.) 
Thomas NeaUy s. of Francis Neaky Efq., 

1597. (S. Botolph, Alderfgate.) 
Thomas NeaUy fon of Sir Thomas Neale, 

Knight, fcff. 
Walter NeaUy Efq., Sheriff, anno 1352. 

[? 1337 : S. James, Garlickhithe.] 


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John Nedham^ I4i7' (S. Bartholomew 

the Lefs.) 
Jqfper Needham^ 167 9- (S. Bride.) 
John Neljon^ fon of Mr. John Nelfon, 

Gent., and Merchant of London. 
Will. Neve. (S. Swithin.) 
Jane Nevel, alias Jane Dethick. 
Anne Nevetty wife of Mr. Ed. Nevet 

of Conyshatch in the G>unty of 

Middlefex, Gent 
Dame Catharine Nevily Countefs of 

Eli/abethy w. of John Nevil, 1423. 

(Chrift Church.) 
Lady Nevil^ w. of Lord Dogelas. (S. 

Anne, Blackfriars.) 
Rojamond Nevil. 
Col. Thomas Nevil^ his Lady, and other 

neer relations. 
John Nevilly Lord Latimer. 
Dame Elizabeth Nevylj Lady of Abers 

gavenny. (S. Martin Outwich.) 
Tobias Newcourty of Pickwel in the 

county of Devon, Armig. [Temple.] 
Robert Newenton^ Efq. (Auftin Friars.) 
Chriftophorus Newman. 
Gains Newman. [161 3 : S. Matthew, 

Friday Str.] 
Dame Jane Newmarch. (Chrift Church.) 
Richard Newport^ many ages fince 

Bifhop of London^ a defcendant from 

the truly honourable and moft 

antiently Knightly Family of the 

JVewports in the County of Salop^ 

of which noble Family the Right 

honorable Francis Lord Newport^ 

Baron of High Arcoll is Principall. 
fFill. Newport y Sheriff in 1375. (S. 

Nicholas Olave.) 
Thos. Newton, ist Rector. (S. Michael 

Ic Quern.) 


Tho. Nicholasy 1527. (S. Nicholas, Cole 

John Nichols. [S. Martin, Vintry.] 
Sir Ambroje Nichols [Nichoku], Knight, 

q. if not Lord Maior. [1575: S. 

Mildred, Bread StrJ 
Tho. Nicholsy Citizen and Filhmongcr. 

[1527. & w. Chriftian : S. Nicholas, 

Cole Abbey.] 
William Nicholfony Efq. [1531: S. 

Andrew Wardrobe.] 
Robert Nicolly 1676.& s. Richard, 1677. 

& w. Rebeca, 1679. (S. Chriftopher.) 
Martha, w. of Richard Nicolls, 1684. 

(S. Dunftan's^n^he:?E.) 
Robert Nicolfon, 1594. (S. Mary Ak 

Agnes, d. of Tho. Niter. (S. Giles, 

Tho. Nocket, Draper, 1396. (S. Mary 

John Norbery, Efq., & s. Henry, High 

TreafurerofEngland. (ChriftChurch.) 
John Norberry, fiq.. Judge of Souths 

Wales, father to Mr. George and 

Mr. John Norberry, fcff . 
Petronilla, w. of John Norberry. (Chrift 

Richard Nor dell. 
Richard Norden, int. Tempi. Efq, 

[1460. & w. Joanna, 1459 : S. 

Dunftan in the Weft.] 
Margaret, Duchefs of Norfolk, d. to 

Thomas Brotherton, Earl Marfhal, 

1389. (ChriftChurch.) 
Lady Margaret Nor ford, 1406. (S. 

Edward Norgate, Efq. 
Sir John Norice. (Whitefriars.) 
Thos. Norland, Sheriff. (Mercen>' 


Digitized by 




John Norlong. (S, Lawrence, Jewry.) 
John Norman^ Draper, 1453. (Alt 

hallows, Hoi>ey4ane.) 
Richard, 1673. s. of Richd. Normanfel 

(1694), & w. Elifabeth. & s. Robert, 

1675. fie d. Elifabeth. (S. Botolph, 

Elifabeth, d. of the Rt. Hon. Sir Henry 

Norreis, 1574. (S. Mary, Alderman^ 

Pame Joane Norris, Lady Bedford. 

(AuiHn Friars.) 
John Norry holme (or Norris : S. Chriflo? 

Elifabeth North. (S. Dunftan in the W.) 
Elizabeth [w. of -R^^^] North, Generofa. 

[1612 : S. Dunftan in the Weft.] 
Pame Margaret North, wife of Edward, 

Lord North. [1575: S. Lawrence, 

Pope North, J674. (Temple.) 
Roger North, Merchant, 1509. (S. 

Michael le Quern.) 
Elifabeth, w. of Sir William Bohan, 

Earl of Northampton. (S. Anne, 

John Northampton, L. Mayor, 1 381. 

(S. Alphagc.) 
John Norton, Efq. (Mercers' Chapel.) 
Turvile Norton, 1694. (AUhallows, 

John Norwich, Grocer, 1390. (S. Dum 

Mary Norwich, 1686 (S. Giles, 

Luke Nourfe, of Gloucefter, 1673 ; 

s. Edward, 1689. (S. Michael, 

Sir Martin Nowell, Knight, defcended 

from that antient and honourable 

Family of the Nowels in Lancafliire, 

and father to the truly honoured 

Sir Martin Nowel, Knight B., now 

Henricus Nowellus. 
Johannes Nowellus, Arm,, M.D. 
Joane, w. of Thomas Nucke, Gent. 

(S. James', Piccadilly.) 
Sir Edward Nuljhew, Knight. 
Margaret, w. of Tho. Nutfon, 1487. 

(S. Michael, Cornhill.) 

Hugh Qffley, Efq ; and Sheriff. [1588: 

S. Andrew Underfliaft.] 
Robert Offley, fon of Hugh Offley. AU 

derman. [1631 : S. Mary, Alderman^ 

Sir Thomas Offley, Knight, Lord Mabr : 

anceftor to that worthy family of the 

Offleys in Staffordftiire. [1556 : S. 

Andrew Underftiaft.] 
Oglethorp, Biftiop of CarlifU, 

1559. (S. Dunftan in the Weft.) 
Edmund Oldhall. (Whitefriars.) 
Sir William Oldhall, Knight. [1460 : 

S. MichaeURoyal.] 
John Romany Ollarie, & Agnes his 

wife, 1408. (S. Botolph, Aldgate.) 
John Olney, L, Mayor, 1375. (o. Mary 

Magdalen, Milk Str.) 
Sir John Olney, Knight, L3rd Maior. 

[1446: S. Michael, Crooked^lane.] 
Sir John Olyffe, Knight, Sheriff. [1577: 

S. Lawrence Pountney.] 
John Onely, 1537. & w. Elifabeth. (S. 

John Zachary.) 
Mrs. Elizabeth Ongley, 1694. (S. 

Michael, Cornhill.) 
Joan Only, wife of John Only of Wars 

wicklhire, Efquire. 
John Orenge, Gent., with Agnes his wife. 

[1504: S. Nicholas, CoJe Abbey.] 


Digitized by 




John Organ, SherifF, 1385. (S. Olavc, 

John Orme. [1617. & w. Mary, 1618: 

S. Bartholomew the Great.] 
Nicholas Orme, [i6a8: S. Bartholomew 

the Great.] 
Alexander Orpwood, 1672. (Allhallows, 

Lombard Str.) 
Marjy w. of Sir Lewis Orrel. (S. 

Edward OJiorney Efq., ini. Temp. I.C. 
Sir Edward OJborne, Knight, Lord 

Maior. [1591: S.DionisBackchurch.] 
Petrus OJborne, Armig. 
Georgius Chriftaphorus [George Sebaftian 

ab] Ofterhaufen. [Knt. of Thuring. 

1638 : S. Catharine Coleman.] 
Thos. Oftr itchy 1483. (S. Alban, Wood 

Elizabeth, w. of Juftus Otgher, 1686. 

(Auftin Friars.) 
Margaret, w. of Sir fVilliam Othal, 

& d. of L3rd miloughby. (Chrift 

John Outwich, & w. (S. Martin Out:: 

Martin, &c Nicholas, & mil. de Out:: 

wich. (S. Martin Outwich.) 
Sir Ralph Saint Owen. (Whitefriars.) 
Dr. Owen, Phyfician to Hen. VIII. (S. 

Stephen, Walbrook.) 
Sir Samuel Owfeild, or Ouldfeild, 

John of Oxford, 1341. (S. James, Gars 

John Oxney. (S. Michael Ic Quern.) 

Robert Packenton, 1536. (S. Pancras, 

Lady Anne Packington. [1563 : S. 

Botolph, Alderfgate.] 


Mary Packfton, daughter of Rodger 

Thos. Paddington, 1485. (S. Nicholas, 

Cole Abbey.) 
Thomas Paddington, Citizen and Fiflvs 

fVilliam Page, Apothecary, a perfbn 

very memorable. [& wives Idonia, 

Johanna, & Johanna : S. Peter, 

Robert Paget, Sheriff, 1536. (S. Dionis 

JVilliam Paggen, Merchant, 1689^90. 

(S. DunftanVmsthe E.) 
Roger Paine. (S. Martin, Ludgate.) 
John Palfryman, 1692. (S. Margaret, 

lohn Palgrave, Fryar of the fame Fri? 

Dudley Palmer of Grays Inn, Efq ; (on 

and heir of Sir Anthony Palmer, 

Knight of the Bath. 
Dudly Palmer, of Grays Inne, Efq ; his 

James Palmer, Batchelor of Divinity. 
John Palmer of Clerkenwel, Efq. 

[? 1 5 13 in S. Peter, Cheap.] 
Matthew Palmer fenior, Efq. [160.5 • 

w. Anne, 1630 : S. Giles, Cripple;: 

Matthew Palmer, his grandchilde, Efq. 

[S. Giles, Cripplegate.] • 
Robert Palmer. (S. Bartholomew the 

miliam Palmer, 1356. (S. Mildred, 

Bread Str.) 
Gabriel Pannel of London, Leathers 

Anna Mary, w. of David Papillon, of 

Lubenham, co. Leicefter, 1675. & s. 

George Papillon, of London, 1684. 

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&C Jane, d. of Philip Papillon. & w. 
Anne Jollify 1 690. & David Papillon, 
s. of Thos. Papillon, of Paris, 1693. 
(S. Catharine Coleman.) 

John Par, 1607. & w. Mary, 1606. 
(S. Benet, Paul's Wharf.) 

Thonuis a Par^ slain at Bamet, 1471. 
(Chrift Church.) 

Sir Thos, Par, 15 17, father of Katherine 
Par, w. of Hen. VIII. fie wid. Dame 
Maud, 1 53 1 . (S. Anne, Blackfriars.) 

John Parce, Gen. 

Johana Party, 1683. (Chrift Church.) 

Sir Thomas Pargiter, Ki.ight, Loixi 
Maior [1530], ancestor to that 
worthy family of the Pargiters in 
Northamptonsfhire, whence Mr. Par$ 
giter, Goldfmith, is lineally defcended. 
[Allhallows, Bread Str.] 

John Parker. (S. Pancras, Soper^lane.) 

Matthew Parker, Arcb^biftiop of Can^ 

Margaret Parker, wife of the faid 

Sir fVilliam Parkhurft, Knight, Comps 
troUer of the Mint. 

Margery, w. of John Parkin/on, i6n. 
(S. Andrew, Holborn.) 

Sir Peter Parr avicin, Knt., 1696. (S. 

Sir Hugh Parjal, 1490. (Chrift Church.) 

Fenton Parjons, Efq., a branch of thofe 
two flourifhing and antient Famelies 
of that name, in the Kingdome of 
Ireland, the one neer Dublin, the 
other in the County of Waxford, 
of which Knightly Family there, 
the learned and much obleiging 
Arthur Parfons, Efq., and one of 
the Farmers of His Majefties Cuss 
tomes for that Kingdom, is chief. 



Nicholas Partrich, SherifF, 

George, Botolphdane.) 
Thomqfin Pafefield, wife of 

Pafefield, Efq. 
Lord John Pajlay, fonne of the Earle 

of Abercrome, hufband of the honour? 

able I^dy Katharine Lenthall, one of 

the daughters of Sir John Lenthall, 

Kt., ftylo veteri, and Marihall of the 

Kings Bench. 
Philippus Pafque \PaJkin'\, Efq., one of 

the anceftors of the moft eminently 

learned, the late Dr. Pafque. [1580 : 

S. Stephen, Coleman Str.] 
William Pafton, & w. Anne. (S. Anne, 

Edward Patience, and Grace Gib/on. 
mil. Patkyn, Efq., 1537. (S. John 

Henry Patmer, 1 5 ao. (S. Peter, Cornhill.) 
Stephen Patrington, Provincial of the 

order of Carmelites. 
Philip Pats, 15 1 8. (Chrift Church.) 
Petter Patten, M.A., 1673. (S. Law:: 

rence, Jewry.) 
John PatteJUy, Mayor, 1441. (S. 

Michael, Crooked^lane.) 
Sir George Pauly Knight. 
miliam Paulet, Efq., 1482. (Chrift 

John Paune. (Mercers' Chapel.) 
Tho. Pau/et, of Stalfet, Efq. (S. James', 

Jane Pawel. (S. Anne, Blackfriars.) 
Samuel Payler, Efq. 
Mary Payler, his wife. 
Thomas Paynard, alias Thomas Aylwood, 

Secretary to the Lord Cromwell 

Chancellor of England, fcff . 
Sir Richard Payne^ Knight. 
Thomas Payne^ hofpitii pned. Gencrofus. 


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Dame Joan^ w. of Sir fniliam Peach. 

(S. Mary Woolnoth.) 
Sir Stephen Peacock, Knight, Lord Maior 

[^533] anccftor to the knightly 

family of the Peacocks in Middlefex, 

whereof Richard Peacock of that 

delicate feat of Finchly, Efq., is pre? 

fent proprietor. [S. Martin, Ludgate.] 
Elizabeth P^air, wid., 1 5 1 8. (S. Michael, 

Sir Robert Peake, Knight and Colonel, 

fometimes Govemour of Bafing? 

houfe, buried lately in S. Sepulchres, 

contiguous to, or elfe in the felf::fame 

Robert Pearjon, 1699. (S. Giles, Crip 

John Peck, 1441. (S. Michael, Wood 

Mris. Anne Peers, wife of Edmond 

Peers, very anciently of Shropihire, 

late Citizen and Grocer of London. 
John Peine, 1450. (S.Alban, Wood Str.) 
Henry, Lord Peircy, Earl of Northums 

berlandy one of the illuftrious and 

long^lin'd Anceftors of the Right 

Honourable and innately noble Lord, 

Jocelyn Peircy, Earl of Northumbers 

land, now living. 
Mary [w. of Edmund] Peiffy, [1667: 

S. Bartholomew the Lefs.] 
Sir John Pelham, Knight. [1580: 

Trinity, Minories.] 
Oliver Pelham, 1584. (Trinity, Minos 

H^alter Pelly AldtrmsLn, 1673. (S.Mary, 

Hugh Pemberton, Alderman, 1500. & 

w. Catherine. (S. Martin Outwich.) 
Sir James Pemberton, Knight, Lord 

Mai6f. [1613 : S. Johh Zachary.] 


Johannes Pemberton, Gen. [S. Martin, 

Joanis Pemberton, 1499. (S. Anne & 

Matthew Pemberton, c. 15 14. (S. Mars 

tin Outwich.) 
William Mar/hal, Earl of Pembroke. 
Thomas Pend, & wives Elizabeth & 

Joan, 1499- (S. Peter, Cornhill.) 
Elifabeth de la Penne. (Chrift Church.) 
Thomas Pennie. (See J. Lucas.) 
J. Penny father, Efq ; having fined for 

Sheriff and Alderman. 
Jane Pepper, widdow of Nicholas 

Pepper, and daughter of Captain 

Henry Tediman. 
Robert Pepper, Grocer, 1445. (S. Duns 

ftan's in the E.) 
John le Percers (or Percecrofs), Efq. 

(Auftin Friars.) 
Alice Percival. (S. Chriftophcr.) 
Sir John Percival, Knight, Lo. Maior. 

[1504 : S. Mary Woolnoth.] 
Dame Thomajin Percival, his Lady. 
Sir fFilb. Periam, Chief Baron of the 

Exchequer, Arms. (Temple.) 
George Perier, Efq., 1678. (S. Margaret, 

Herbert Perrot. (Temple.) 
Blanch Perry, chief Gentlewoman to 

Q. Elizabeth's privy chamber. 
Thos. Perry. (Whitefriars.) 
John Pert. [1604 : S. Matthew, Friday 

Sir Thomas Pert, Knight, and Sir Peter 

Garen/ers, Knight, anciently of Nors 

mandy, and one of the longslined 

Progenitors of the learned Doct. 

Theophilus Garenfers, of darken? 

well, M.D., from which femily he is 

lineally defcended. 

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John PerySy & w. Margaret. (Mercers' 

Sir Barnard St. Peter. (Chrift Church.J 

Sir IVilliam Peter. (S. Anne, Blackfriars.) 

fyUliam Peterfofiy Efq. (S. Dionis 

Peter Petkin, LL.D., 1 5:20. (S. Leonard, 

Margaret Petty. (See M. Robins.) 

Henricus Petytj Gent., Brother of the 
worthily oblieging William Petyt, 
of the Inner Temple, Efq., and chief 
Exigendar of the Common^Pleas. 

Thos. Peverellsy w. of. (S. Anne, Blacfcs 

John Pexall, Efq. [ ? Pexfail. 1625 : 
S. Catherine's, E. Smithfield.J 

Richard Philip. 

John Philipoty Efq.; Somerfet?Herald, 
and father of that learned Antiquary, 
Scholar and Herald, Tho. Philipot, 
Efq., now living. 

Elizabeth Philipps, daughter of the late 
Sir Henry Prat, Baronet, and filler 
of the now Sir George Prat of Colfil, 
Baronet, and wife of Francis Philipps, 
Efq ; one of the feniores and readers 
of the illuftrious fociety of the Inner 
Temple, &?f . 

Mris. Catherine Philips^ the great 
Sappho of our age. 

Sir Edward Philips^ Knight, Mafter of 
the Rolls, his arms in that Chappel ; 
anceftor to Edward Philips or the 
county of Somerfet, Efq., Knight of 
the (hire ; and Col. Robert Philips 
of the Bed«chambcr. 

Joann^^ w. of Edmund Philips^ 1632. 
(Chrift Church.) 

IVilliam Philips, Efq., 1625. (S. 

Willielmus Philips. [Serjeant at Arms 

1473 : S. Mary^at^HilL] 
Margaret^ d. of Sir John Philpot, mar. 

I St, T. Sentler, & 2nd, John Neland. 

(Chrift Church.) 
Sir John Philpot, or Philipoty Knight, 

Lord Maior, anceftor to the worthy 

and knightly family of the Philipots 

in the countv of Hants. [& w. Lady 

Jane Stamford. 1384 : Chrift Church.] 
Sir mil. Phippsy 1694. (S. Mary 

John Pickerings 1448. (S. Lawrence, 

Randal Pickering. [1629. & w. Alice, 

161 8 : S. Martin Pomeroy.] 
Sir fVilliam Pickering, Knight, [i 542. 

& fon.] 
Sir IVilliam Pickering, Knight. [1574] 

both anceftors to Sir Gilbert Picker^ 

ing of Northampt., and of Sir Henry 

Pickering of Cambridge»ftiire, both 

Baronets, ficc. [S. Helen's.] 
Rev. John Picking, M.A., Rector, 1490. 

(S. Botolph, Biftiopfgate.) 
James Pieman, 1507. (S. Nicholas, 

Cole Abbey.) 
miliam Pier/on. (S. Mary^le^Bow.) 
Thomas Pike, Alderman, [c. 1483 : S. 

Bartholomew, Exchange. 
Thos. Pikehurft, Efq. (S. Alban, Wood 

Andrew Pikeman, & w. Joan, 139 1. 

(S. Botolph, Billingfgate.) 
Sir fVilliam Pikworth. (Chrift Church.) 
Tho. Pilke, 1393. (Allhallows, Barking.) 
Robert Pincen [P inching Draper. [1645. 

& w. Mary, 1664 : S. Martin Outs 

Johannes Pindar. [1647. & w. Margat 

ret, 1645: S. Bartholomew the Lefs.] 


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Sir Paul Pindar^ Knight, [the then 

owner of the picturefque old houfe 

ftill cxifting in Bifhopfgate Street,] 

and anceftor to Matthew Pinder, 

Efq., one of the fix Clerks. [1650 : 

S. Botolph, Bifhopfgate.] 
Richard Piot, Efq., Alderman, anceftor 

to that wellsreputed family of the 

Piots in Hertfordfhirc. [i 6 19. fie w. 

Margery J 1624: S. Laurence, Jewry.] 
Mris. Mary Pit. [1639 : S. Bartholo^ 

mew the Great.] 
Aftne & Mary^ d's. of Rev. Thos. PittiSy 

D.D., Rector i68i::2. (S. Botolph, 

Stephen Pitts, 1688; Alice his dau. & 

Mary his w., 1686. (S. Dimflan's:in;: 

JVilliam Pitts, Merchant, 1676. (S. 

Anne, w. of Rowland Place, 1674. (S. 

Clement Plannard. 

Philip de Plajfe. (S. Martin, Vintry.) 
Judith Plat, daughter of Sir Hugh 

Plat, Knight. 
Richard Plat, Efq., Sheriff, anceftor to 

that worthy family of the Plats now 

living. [1600 : S. James, Garlicky 

Johannes Plays^ 1403- (S. Leonard, 

Edmond Plowden, Efq. fcfr. [Temple.] 
John Pluckenett, Merchant* Taylor. 
Walter Plummer, Efq. [1605. ^ ^• 

Eliz. 1593 : S. Swithin.] 
Thos. Pole, 1395. (S. Matthew, Friday 

Henry Polfted, Efq. 
Henrietta Francia, w. of Benjamin Pool, 

1694. (S. Bride.) 


John Pope, of Clifford Innc. 

Thomas Pope, Armig. 

Sir Thomas Pope, Knight, Treafurcr of 

the Augmentation. [1538. & w. 

Dame Margaret : S. Stephen, Wal^ 

fVilliam Pope, Gent. [1609 : S. Gitba^ 

rine's, E. Smithfield.] 
Sir Stephen Popeham. (Whitefriars.) 
Samuel Popular. 
Sufanna le Force. 
Richd. Porter, E[({., 1669. (S. Bartholo* 

mew the Great.) 
fVilliam Porter, Serjeant at Arms, 1 5 1 5. 

(Chrift Church.) 
miliam Porter, Efq., Clerk of the 

Crown. [ ? S. Sepulchre.] 
Johannes Portman, Efq., one of the 

Benchers of the Temple, fcfr. [Terns 

Sir H^illiam Portman, Knight, Lord 

Chief Juftice of England, one of the 

longslin'd anceftors of the now Sir 

William Portman, of Orchard, Baro? 

net, &c. [1556 : S. Dunflannn^e 

Willm. Poftar, 1520. (S. MichacU 

Edmund Pott, of Pott, in the County of 

Chefter, Gent. 
Charles Potts, Efq., one of the Benchers 

of the Middle Temple. 
Stephen Poule, Efq. 
Sir Am. Poulet, Knight, fometimes 

Governor of Jerfey. 
Henry Pouljied, Efq., & Alice his wife, 

1566. (Allhallows, Barking.) 
Sir John Poulteney, Knight, Lo. Maior, 

from whom S. Lawrence Poultney's 

Church took her denomination. 
Adam Poultney, a moft memorable 

Digitized by 




Patriot, the builder of that fair 
Church of S. Laurence Poultney, 
born of a worthy family of that 
name of Miftcrton in Leicefterfhire, 
from which long:;lin'd and knightly 
family for many generations, Sir 
William Poulteney of S. James, 
Knight and Juftice of Peace, 6?r. is 
originally and uninterruptedly des 
fcended, with others elfewhere mens 

Aliccy 1553. & Elifabeth^ I594j wives 
of John Povey. (Chrift Church.) 

Thos. PowUy 1 60 1. & w. Jane^ '^Sll' 
(S. Dunflan in^hes:Weft.) 

Sir IVaher of Powle (or Atte Pole), 
Knt. (Auftin Friars.) 

Henricus Powys^ LL.D., 169I. (S. 
Catharine's, E. Smithfield.) 

Nicholas PoyneSy Efq., 15 12. (Chrift 

Nicholas Poynter, hofpitii praedicti 

John PranelU 1510. (S. Mildred, 
Bread Str.) 

Henry Prannel, Efq., Sheriff. [1589 : 
S. Michael le Quern.] 

Martha Pre/cot^ late wife of Alexander 
Prefcot, Alderman. [1616 : S. Vedaft 

Mris. Mary Prefcot. 

Mary, w. of Jofiah Prefton, 1692. (S. 

Phineas Prefton^ 1673. (S* Sepulchre.) 

ff^illiam Prefton. ( AUhallows the Great.) 

Mris. Catherine Prettiman. 

John, William^ and Elizabeth Price. 

Stephen Price, D.C.L., 1688. (S.Bcnet, 
Paul's Wharf.) 

Dr. Samuel [? Samp/on] Price, S.T.D. 
(Chrift Church.) 

Nicholas Pricott, Alderman. (S. Peter, 

Mris. Alicia Primerqfe. [1594: S. 

Benet's Sherehog. & see Jf . Heriot."] 
Gilbert Prince, Alderman. (S. Giles, 

Marh Proudfoot. 
Lady Elizabeth Puckerinfr, daughter 

of Sir John Morley of Suff., Knight. 

[1652 : S. Botolph, AlderfgateJ 
Dame Elizabeth Puckering, wife of 

Sir Thomas Puckering, Knight and 

Margaret & Mary, wives of Samuel 

PurchaSy 168 1. (S. Peter, Comhill.) 
IVilL Purchaty L. Mayor, 1498. (S. 

Lawrence, Jewry.) 
fVilliam Purde [temp. Hen. VIIL : S. 

Botolph, Alderfgate.] 
Alexander Purpoint. [1373 : S. Michael, 

Robert Purfet, 1507. (S. Leonard, 

Gamaliel Pye, Efq., anceftor to the now 

Sir Edmond Pye, Knight. 
John Pym, & Elizabeth his wife, 

children of. (Allhallows, Barking.) 
Capt. Valentine Pyne, 1691. (Chrift 

Lady Enforme de Pyfans. (Chrift 


John ^arleSyDmptr. (S. Peter^le^Poor.) 
Rudolphus ^arterman. Gen. [Temple.] 
Eli/abeth ^infey. (Whitcfriars.) 

Robert Radcliff, Earle of Suffex, one of 
the anceftors to the Right honourable 
the Earle of Suffex now living. [& 
Henry : S. Lawrence Pountncy.] 


Digitized by 




Dame Anne^ wife of Sir John Radclyffe. 

[1585 : S. Olave, Hart Str.] 
Sir John Radclyffe^ Knight, fon of the 

late Robert, Earl of Suflex. [1568 : 

S. Olave, Hart Str.] 
Dame Margaret Rade^ 15 10. (Auftin 

Rtchd. Radwil, 141 5. (S. Michael, 

Dom. Rahere^ firft founder and Prior of 

great S. Bartholomew. [Buried there.] 
Sir John Rain/forth^ of Eflex, 1559. (S. 

Catharine Cree.) 
Sir Nicholas Rainton^ Knight, Lord 

John Rainwel, [1445 : S. Botolph, 

JVilliam Rainwel. [S. Botolph, Bik 

Joanna^ w. of Joh. Rampain^ & d. of 

Robert Cafar^ 1694. (S. Catharines, 

E. Smithfield.) 
I^y Margaret Ramfey^ that moft 

mimificent Benefactrefs. 
Sir Thomas Ramfey^ Knight, Lord 

Maior. [1590: S. Mary Woolnoth.] 
Dame Alice Ramfey^ his Lady. 
Dame Mary Ram/ey^ his [znd] Lady. 
John Randalj City^PIummer. 
Richard Randal. [1616: S. Mary 

Ambrojs Randolph^ Efq. 
Bernard Randolph^ Efq., City Serjeant. 

[1583: S. Mary Magdalen, Old Fifh 

Herbert Randolph^ Efq- [1604: S. 

Mary Magdalen, Old Fifti Str.] 
Thomas Randolph^ Gen. [1459 • S. John 

Dame Jane Ratcliffe^ w. of fVilliam 

Fowler. (S. Alphage.) 


Tho. Rathband, & w. Edith^ 1499. (S. 

Michael, Cornhill.) 
Sir John Ratmeftre. (Chrift Church.) 
Gabriel Ravey 151 1. (S. Olave, Jewry.) 
Robert Raven^ 1 500. (S. Auguftine.) 
John Ravening^ Citizen and Salter. 

[148 1 : S. Mary Somerfet.] 
Thomas Raven/croft, Gent. 
fVilliam Rawlins^ 1674. & w. Joanna^ 

grand d. Joanna, and s. Thomas ^ 1694. 

(S. Stephen, Coleman Str.) 
Daniel Rawlinfony 1679. (S. Dionis 

Chriftopher Raw/on. [151 8: AllhaUows, 

Richard Rawfon^ Sheriff, 1476. (S, 

Mary Magdalen, Milk Str.) 
Elizabeth^ d. of Edwin Browne & w. 

of Sir William Rawftorne^ 1675. (S. 

Lawrence, Jewry.) 
Robert Rayland. (S. Pancras, Soper^ 

Frances Rayney^ d. of Tho. Gibbes^ of 

Watergal, co. Warwick, 1690. w. of 

Sir John Rayney, Bart. (Sw Benet, 

John Raynie^ Efq., anceftor of the now 

Sir John Raynie, of Wrotham in the 

County of Kent, Baronet 
Johannes Rayning^ Gen. 
Sir Bartholomew Ready Knight, Lord 

Henry Ready Sheriff in 1450. (S. Au* 

Sir Bartholomew Reade, Knight, Lord 

Maior. [1502: Charter^Houic. w. in 

S. John Zachary.] 
Richd. Readcy Alderman, 1545. (All< 

hallows. Bread Str.) 
Edward Reavfy Citizen and Wax* 


Digitized by 




Johannes Redman^ Rectorof S. Botolph's, 
Bifhopfgate. [There buried: 1523.] 

Thomas Redman ^ Proctor of the Arches. 
[1601 : S. Gregory^by^S. Paul.] 

yignes, d. of Andrew Reed^ 1522. (S. 
Peter, Comhill.) 

Roger Reeve f 1690. (S. Sepulchre.) 

Roger Reeve^ 1672. & w. Sufanna. 
(S. Sepulchre.) 

Mrs AgneSy d. of John Reidj Efq., 
1685. (S. Swithin.) 

JVill. Remington^ L. Mayor, 1500. 
(S. Mary^at^Hill.) 

John Refty Lord Mayor, 1516. 
(Crutched Friars.) 

Robert Revell, SherifF, 1490. (S. Mary? 

Lady Ethelred Reynell^ daughter and 
coheir of Sir George Peacock of 
Finchly, Knight, and wife of the 
late Sir George Reynell, Knight, 
Marfhal of the King's Bench. 

Sir Abraham Reynold/on^ Knight, and the 
moft loyal Lord Major of London, 
and father of Abraham Reynoldfon 
of Middlefex, Efq; now living. 

Briany Richard^ Mary^ Alice^ and 
Elizabeth^ two fons and three 
daughters of Richard Reynolds^ 
Citizen and Goldfmith of London. 

Edward Reynolds^ Efq ; Clark of his 
Majefties Privy Seal. Sir John Corvct 
of Sprowfton, com. norf. Baronet. 

John Reynolds, Efq. 

Dame Katharine Reynolds^ wife of Sir 
James Reynolds of Caftlecomps in 
the County of Cambridge. 

Margaret Bayly ^ or Reynolds. 

Samuel Reynolds. 

Ruth [w. of fFalter] Rhetorick, 1630. 
&c.: S.Andrew, Holborn.] 

Sir Andrew Riccard, Knt., 1672. (S. 

Olave, Hart Str.) 
Sir Richard Rice, Knight, beheaded pn 

Richd. Rich Sen., 1464. and Richd. 

Rich Jun., Sheriff, 1469. (S. Law:: 

rence, Jewry.) 
John Richy Efq ; fon of Richard Rich, 

both Sheriffs and Aldermen. [Mer? 

cers' Chapel.] 
Thomas Rich, 1471. (S. Mary Magdalen, 

Edmond, s. of Joan^ mother of Ricbs 

ard II. 1375. (Auftin Friars.) 
Dame Elizabeth Richard/on, wife of the 

now (ir Thomas Lord Richardibn. 

[1639: S. Botolph, Alderfgate.] 
Henry Richardfon, 1690. (AUhallows, 

Anne, w. of Will. Richardfon, ^^93* 

(S. Sepulchre.) 
Dame Margaret, Countefs of Rich^ 

mond, mother of Henry VII. 
John Ricro/ty Efq., 1532. (S. Dunftan's? 

Sir Thomas Ridley, Knight, Doctor of 

the Civil Law, Chancellor of Winton, 

and Vicar-general to the then Arch^ 

bilhop of Canterbury, father to the 

late Anne Bofvile and Elizabeth, wife 

of Mark Cottcl, Efq. 
Tho. Riggeley, 1432. (S. Leonard, Eafe 

Edmund Riggs and his mother Mary 

Riggs. (S. James, Garlickhithc.) 
Thos. Rijhly, & w. Alice. (HolysTrinitys 

RobertdelaRivar,i^^y. (Chrift Church.) 
James Rivers, Efq. [s. of Sir John 

Rivers, Bart., of Chafibrd, Kent. 

1641 : S. Bartholomew the Great.] 


Digitized by 




Sir John Rivers, Knight, Lord Maior. 
Margaret de Rivers, Countefs of Devon. 

(Chrift Church.) 
Tho. Roach & Andrew Michael & 

Joane their wife. (S. Mary Woolnoth.) 
Barne Roberts, Elq ; anceftor to the 

late Sir William Roberts ; and both 

to the worthily honoured Sir William 

Roberts, very anciently of Wilfden 

in the County of Middlefex, Baronet, 

fcff. [1610: S. Stephen, Coleman Str.] 
Sir Gabriel Roberts family. (S. Martin 

Captain Lewis Roberts. [1640: & w. 

Anne, 1665: S. Martin Outwich.] 
Thomas Roberts. 
William Roberts. [1555 : Allhallows, 

Margaret, w. ist of John Robins, & 

2nd of Robert Petty ^ 1684. (S. 

Lawrence, Jewry.) 
Chriftian Robin/on, his wife. 
John Robin/on, Merchant. [1599. ^ w- 

Chriftian, 1592: S. Helen's.] 
William Robin/on, Alderman. [1552: 

AUhallows, Barking.] 
William Robin/on, of the county of 

Gloucefter, Efq. ; father^n^law to the 

Lady Mico now living. 
John Rob/art, K.G., 1450. (Chrift 

William Rob/on, Salter, a worthy Bene:; 

factor to the Poor. 
Sir William Roch, L. Mayor, 1540. (S. 

Robert Rochefter, Efq., Serjeant of the 

Pantry to Hen. 8. (S. Helen'a) 
John & Robert Rochford. Aldermen. (S. 

Benet's, Sherehog.) 
Sir Ralph Rochford, 1439. (S- Giles, 



Sir Bartlemew Rodelgate, w. of. (Auftin 

John Roding. (S. James, Garlickhithe.) 
Sir Roger Roe, 1479. (S* Michad 

John Rogbrook. (S. Bartholomew the 

Johannes Rogers. [1576 : S. Swithin.] 
Mary Rogers, d. of Rev. — Rogers, 

Rector, 1642. (S. Botolph, fiifhopss 

Robert Rogers, Gent. 
Gregory Rokyfle, L. Mayor, 1282. 

(Chrift Church.) 
Sir Bernard Rolingcourt. (Auftin Friars.) 
Tho. Romain, L. Mayor, 1379. (S. 

Thomas Apoftle.) 
Tho. Romane, L. Mayor, 13 10. (S. 

Mary Aldermary.^ 
John Romefey. (Chnft Church.) 
Radulphus Rookeby, Hofp. Lincoln. J.C. 

[1596 : S. Andrew, Holborn.] 
George Rooks. 
John Roope, fon of John Roope of 

Dartmouth, Efq. [Temple.] 
Sir Godfrey Roofe. ( Whiter riars.) 
William Roofe. (S. James', Piccadilly.) 
Johannes Von Rooze, 168^. (Auftin 

Richard Roper. [1578: S. Giles, Cripples 

Joh. Rofs, 1678. (S. Dunftannn the::W.) 
John Rojfe, Draper. 
Will. Rojwell. (S. MichaekRoyal.) 
EdmondRothdeyy 1470. (Chrift Church.) 
Richard Rothing, Sheriff, 1326. (S. 

James, Garlickhithe.) 
Johanrus de Rothing, a great Benefactor 

to, if not Builder of Queenhithe. 
Sir Henry Rowe, Knight, fonne of Sir 


Digitized by 




Sir Thomas Rowe^ Knight, Lord Maior 

of London. [1593 : S. Lawrence, 

Sir JVilliatn Rowey Knight, Lo. Maior. 
Mary^ w. of James Rowland^ 16 14. (S. 

Pancras, Soperdane.) 
Robert & Eliz. Rowland^ 1682. (S. 

Peter, Cornhill.) 
John Rowley. (S. Pancras, Soperdane.) 
Eltfabethy w. of Lieut.?coI. Roycrofty 

1678. (S. Bartholomew the Great.) 
Thos. Roy croft y 1677. (S. Bartholomew 

the Great.) 
Sir Richard De Royes. (Whitefriars.) 
John Royfton. (S. Bartholomew the 

Richd. Royftofiy 1686. (Chrift Church.) 
Henry Royji tiy of Gray's Inn, 1485. 

(Chrift Church.) 
Mris. Francija Rudierdy of that ancient 

family of the Rudierds in the County 

of Hants. 
John Rudftoney 1531. (S. Michael, Corn;: 

John Rukelyy 1427. & w. Elifabeth. (S. 

Botolph, Alderfgate.) 
William RuUy 1390. (Mercers' Chapel.) 
Sir 7. Rumnyy Knight, buried in S. 

Magnus Church. 
Lady Rumnyy wife of Sir J. Rumny, 

William Rus (or Roufe)y Alderman, 

1433. (S. Michael, Cornhill.) 
fVil. Rusy Sheriff in 1429. (S. Peter, 

John Ru/hey Gent. 1498. (Allhallows, 

Thomas Rujbton. (S. Giles, Cripplegatc.) 
Mris. Jane Rujfely of the Privie Cham^ 

bcr to Queen Elizabeth. [1558 : 

Allhallows, Barking.] 

Kendrick Rujfely 1670. (S. DunftanV 

Roger Rujfel fie wife Anne. (S. Botolph, 

Thos. Rujfel (or ReJfeJ)y 1473. (S. 
Michael le Quern.) 

Thomas [? Robert'\ Rujfely Efq., hulband 
of the Lady Waterman, now wife 
of Sir George Waterman, Knight::B. 
[1662 : S. Dunftan'ssin^hc^E.] 

Tho. Rujfely Efq., fon and heir of Sir 
William Ruflel, of Strenftiam, in the 
County of Worceft., Knight^Bar. 

William Rujfely Efq., SoUicitorsGeneral 
to Queen Elizabeth. 

Thomas Lord Rutherfordy Baron of 
Hunthill, and hufband of the right 
honourable Bridget Baronefs Ruther? 
ford, and daughter of Sir Alexander 
Urquhart, Knight, and one of the 
ancienteft families in the kingdom 
of Scotland. 

Lady IJabella SackvilUy Priorefs of 

Thomas Sackville. (Chrift Church.) 

Owen Saimpeire. 

Sir Andrew Sakevile. f Chrift Church.) 

Mary Seintclarey d. of Sir Thos. Talbot. 

Matthias St. Georgey daughter of Sir 
Richard St George, Knight. 

ChriJlopher St. Germany Doctor and 
Student in Divinity. 

Sir Henry Saintjohns, Knight, and Garter 
King at Arms, a branch of that moft 
ancient; and long knightly family of 
the Saintjohns of Lyddiard, in the 
County of Wilts, of which Sir Walter 
Saintjohns Baronet, ^1/9 veteriy is the 


Digitized by 




John St. JohHy 1400. & w. Agnes. (S. 

George, Botolph^Lane.) ^ 
Dame Margaret St. John^ wife of Sir 

Alexander St. John of Bletfoe. 
Dame Mary St. Maure. (S. Laurence, 

Margareta Comitijfa de Salop. 
John Salvin. (Whitefriars.) 
Joan Samford & s.John. (Chrift Church.) 
Tho. Sampfon 8c w. Florence, 1422. (S. 

Leonard, Eaftcheap.) 
S'u- IVilUam Sanctlo & s. Sir William 

Sanctlo. (S. Helen s.) 
William Sandhill. [1445 : S. Nicholas, 

G>le Abbey.] 
John^ s. of Robert & Anne Sands, 169^. 

Sir Ralph Sandwiche. (Chrift Church.) 
Mary Sandys, wife of Thomas Sandys, 

Efq. [1598 : S. Greeorysby^S. Paul.] 
Charles Sanford, fon of John Sandfords 

ford, Efq ; one of the Heraulds at 

Arms, now living. 
Dame Jane Sanye^ d. of Sir John Lee. 

(Auftin Friars.) 
Richard Sarich, Doctor of Divinity, 

[1359 : S. Michael Baflifhaw.] 
Anna Saris. \w. of John Saris. 1622: 

S. Botolph, Billingfgate.] 
Samuel Saunders. 
Sir Arthur Savage, Knight, General of 

Queen Eliz. her forces for France. 

[1632 : S. Mary, Staining.] 
James Savage. 

Thos. Savel. (S. Bartholomew the Lefs.) 
Margaret Savill, wife of Tho. Savill, 

Elq. : a Branch of that flourifhing 

Family, and no lefs honourable then 

antient Family of the Savills in York? 

ihire, wheroor the Ri^ht Honourable 

George Vifcount Halifax is chief. 


Tho. Sawyer, 16.72. (S. Sepulchre.) 
Johannes Saxton. [S. Mildred, Poultry.] 
Dame Agnes Say, 1478. (S. Bartholo^ 

James Fines, Lord Say, 1450. & w. 

Eleanor, 1452. (Chrift Church.) 
Johan, w. of Sir Thomas Say. (White? 

Dame Maude, w. of Sir Gejffrey Say. 

(S. Anne, Blackfriars.) 
Robert Saye, fon of William Saye, Gent. 
Joanna, w. of John Sayer, Merchant 

(S. Catherine Cree.) 
Thomas Sayer, Stationer. 
Margaret, w. of Peter Sayve, 1695. 

(S. Sepulchre.) 
William Scarborough. (S. Alban, Wood 

Edwardus Scari/brick, Armig. 
William Scarlet. (S. Bartholomew the 

George Schaderus, 1580. (S. Olavc, 

Hart Str.) 
Jojyna (1689) 8z: fifter Anna Schapelinck, 

wid. ofJohnEllfworth, 1700. (Auftin 

Robert Scharlet. (S. Sepulchre.) 
Dame Cardina Schoder, wife of Sir 

Richard Schoder, Kt. 
Richd. Scoope. (S. Anne, Blackfriars.) 
Sir John Scorijditch, a memorable, and 

exceeding ancient knight, fometimes 

the Proprietor of Scorifditch, cor? 

ruptly called, and vulgarly fuppofed 

Shoarefditch, from Jane Shoare there 

dying ; the which Sir John Scoris^ 

ditch (among other goodly mannors) 

was the Proprietor of Ickenham in 

the County of Middlefex, which is 

ftill in the hands of Scoridttch, Efq., 

now there living. 

Digitized by 




John Scot of Hawlden in Kent, Efq. 
Robert Scoty Efq; defcended from the 
ancient barons of Bawery in Scot? 
H^L Scoty 1490. (Auftin Friars.) 
fVilliam Scot. (Whitefriars.) 
Joan of the Tower j Queen of Scots^ w. 

of Edward Bruje^ & d. of Edward 11. 

136a. (Chrift Church.) 
Margaret^ Queen of Scots. (S. Anne, 

Catherine^ d. of fVilliam Scrim/hire^ 

1677. (S. MarysIesBow.) 
Elijabethy Lsidy Scrope^ 15 14. (S. Anne, 

Lord ScropCy of Upfal. (S. Anne, Black* 

Sr Clement Scudamour^ Kt., Lord 

Maior ; a branch of that flourilhing 

and noble family of the Scudamours 

in the County of Hereford. 
Elijabethy w. of Philip ScudamorCy 1 593. 

(S. Bartholomew the Great) 
Dame Tde SeagravCy w. of Hugh 

Peache. (Chrift Church.) 
Bartholomew Seman^ 1430. (S. John 

Joany d. of Henry Seamery & w. of 

Richardy s. of Rob. Lord PoyningSy 

1420. (S. Helen's.) 
Thomas Seamoury or St. Maure, fccond 

fonne to the late Right Honourable 

Edward, Earl of Summerfet, and one 

of the anceftors of the high born 

William, Earl, Marquefs and Duke 

of Summerfet, at th'S day living. 
Ifabell Seamoury'Wifc of the faid Thomas 

Seamour, and Daughter of Edward 

Only of Katfby, in the County of 

Northampton, Efq. 
Johannes Selden^ Efq. [1654: Temple.] 

Henry & Joan Selman, (S. Bartholomew 

the Lels.) 
Charles y s. of Richard Senior y 1664. 

(S. Helen's.) 
Sir Anthony Sentleger, Knight. 
Dame Ellinor Sentlegery wife of Sir 

Anthony. [1598 : S. Sepulchre.] 
Margaret, w. o{ Alexander SerUy 1605. 

(S. Mciry Magdalen, Old Fifti Str.) 
Lady Jane de SerrCy w. of Guy de 

Salines. (Chrift Church.) 
ff^ill. Sevenoakcy L. Mayor, 141 8. (S. 

Martin, Ludgate.) 
Sir Thomas Seymoury Knight, Lord 

Mris. Dorothy Sewdly wife of Robert 

Sewell, Efq ; Draper of London. 
Mris Eliz. Sewily wife of Robert Sewil 

of London, Efq. 
Sir Thomas Seymour y Knight. 
John Shadworthy 1429. (S. Mildred, 

Bread Str.) 
Sir Edward ShaWy Knight, Lo. Maior. 

[1482 : Mercers' Chapel.] 
Johannes ShaWy Armig. 
Jonathan ShaWy 1683. (S. Andrew, 

Johny Lord Sheffieldy 1572. (S. Anne & 

Sir Rob. Sheffieldy 15 18. & w. Eleanor. 

(Auftin Friars.) 
Robert Shelly y Efq., 1420. (S. Danftan's:? 

Thomas Shelly y Efa ; one of that honours 

able family ot Sir Charles Shelly 

in the County of Suflex. [1620: S. 

Alban, Wood Str.] 
Johiy s. of Nicholas Sheppardy 1679. 

(S. Margaret, Lothbury.) 
Mary^ w. of John Sherbrooky 1681. 

(AUhallows, Lombard Str.) 


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Rev. Edmund Sheringhamy 1690. (Chrift 

Rich. Sheringtofij 1392. (S. Chriftophcr.) 

Chriftopher Sherlandj Efq. [163 1 : S. 
Andrew, Holbom.] 

Sir William Sherrington^ of Sherrington- 
hall, and Cranworth, Knight ; of the 
felf fame line of that truly noble 
family of the Sherringtons in Lans: 
cafhire, from whence that highly 
heroickCoUonel William Sherrington, 
an eminent andfuccesful Commander, 
in the Venetian fervice ; and alfo his 
very near and worthy kinfman WiU 
Ham Sherrington the Turkic Merchant 
(with others of that renowned race) 
are originally defcended. [.^ 1583 : 
S. Dionis Backchurch.] 

Edward Sherwood^ 1690. (S. Mary 

Richard Shipley. [1422. & w. Alice : 
S. Bartholomew the Lefs.] 

William Shipman^ 168 1. (Allhallows, 

William Shipton. (S. Thomas Apoftle.) 

Anne&c Sanche^ d's. of Ralph H. Shirley y 
Efq. (S. Catharine Cree.) 

John Shirlyj Efq. [1456 : S. Bartholos 
mew the Lefs.] 

Richd. Shorcy Sheriff, 1505. (S. Mary 

Richard Shore^ Sheriff, 1505. (S. K\U 
dred, Poultry.) 

^om Short^hofe. (S. Alban, Wood 

John ShroWy 1487. (S. Michael, 

John Shute, 1563. (S. Edmund.) 

Hopton Shutery 1677. (Temple.) 

Ralph SimondSy Sheriff in 1527. (S. 
Mildred, Bread Str.) 


Robert Simjon^ & w. Elizabeth. (S. 

Benet Fink ) 
Edward Shales y Merchant, 1521. (S. 

Sir John Skargell. (Whitefriars.) 
Mr. Skearn^ of Yorkftiire, a good 

William Skegges. (S. Helen's.) 
George Skevington [Skeffington']^ Efq. 

[158 1 : S. Stephen, Coleman Str.] 
Sir John Skevington, Knight. [Sheriff, 

&c. 1520 : Crutched Friars.] 
Eli/abethy w. of Henry Skinard. (S. 

Bartholomew the Lefs.) 
Ephraim Skinner, 1 679. (S.01ave,Jcwry.) 
Thomas Skinner, Alderman, 1596. (S. 

Mary Magdalen, Milk Str.) 
John Skip, Biftiop of Hereford, 1539. 

(S. Mary Mounthaw.) 
Henry Skipwith, Efq. ; fon of Sir 

Richard Skipwith, Kt., defcended 

from the Skipwithsin Yorkfhire, fi-om 

Hugh, fon of Baldrick, one of the 

ancienteft barons of the Realm. 
Will. Skirwith. (S. Lawrence, Jewry.) 
Jone, d. of Rich. Slade. (S. Bartholo? 

mew the Great.) 
John Slaine and Humphry Slaine, their 

arms in the window of S. Martin's, 

Sir Stephen Slaine, Knight, Lo. Maior. 

[1608. & w. : S. Swithin.] 
Lady M. Slaine^ s arms in a window. 
Richard Slany, 1678. & w. Mary, 1684. 

& s. John, 1694. (S. Dionis Back? 

Elijabeth, w. of Taris Slaughter, 1673. 

& 2nd w. Anne, 1692. (S. Michael 

John Smal, Archdeacon of London, 

1425. (S. Michael, Comhill.) 

Digitized by 




Percival Smalpace^ Efq., 1568. & w. 

Agnes y 1588. (S. Bartholomew the 

Percival Smalpace^ Efq. [S. Botolph, 

David Smithy Efq., Embroydcrer to 

Qu. Eliz. 
Bavia Smithy 1587. & wid. Catharine^ 

1607. (S. Bcnet, Paul's Wharf.) 
Mris. Eliz. Smithy wife of that religious 

and learned man, and lover of reli^ 

gious and learned men, Mr. Richard 

Smith of Moorsfields, Gen., and 

fometimes Secondary of the Poultry^ 

Counter. [1664 : S. Giles, Cripple? 

Edwin Smithy 1598. (S. Olave, Jewry.) 
Elijabeth Smithy 1540. (S. Michael, 

Elijabethy w. of Keneltn Smiih^ 1680. 

& s. Kenelm^ 1692. (S. Vedaft 

Francis Smith, [d. of John Smith. 

1 563 : S. Botolph, Alderfgate.] 
Freaefwide Smithy 1696. (S.Catherine's, 

R Smithfield.) 
Hugh Smithy & w. Margaret. (Chrift 

Dame Jane Smithy wid. of Samuel 

^hornehilly & w. of Sir Richard 

Smithy 1607. (S. Stephen, Coleman 

Mris. Jane Smithy wife of John Smith 

of Bunhill, Efq. 
James Smithy 1686. (S. Mary Abchurch.) 
Jeremy Smith. 
Mr. John Smith. [Mercer, 1594 : S. 

Catharine Cree.] 
Capt. John Smithy 1631. (S. Sepulchre.) 
John Smithy Bifliop of LlandafF, 1478. 

(Chrift Church.) 

Judith Smith, 1698. (S. Bartholomew 

the Great.) 
Juftice Smith. (S. Peter, Cornhill.) 
Leonard Smith. [1601 : S. Nicholas, 

Cole Abbey.] 
Ralph Smith. 
Richard Smithy 1694. (AUhallows^n;? 

Robert Smithy & w. Elijabeth. (Chrift 

Robert Smith. (S. Michael, Cornhill.) 
Robert Smithy 1686. (S. Margaret 

Simon Smith. (S. Michael, Cornhill.) 
ff^illiamy s. of Thos. Smithy 1674. & 

mother Elizabethy 1694. (S. Law:: 

rence, Jewry.) 
IVilliam Smithy Efq ; Alderman. [1632 : 

S. Benet, Paul's Wharf.] 
George Smithes. [161 5 : S. Mary, 

Nathaniel Snapey Efa ; father of 

of Gray's Innc, E(q. 
George SnaythyEC^i. [1651 : Allhallows, 

Margaret Snell. 
Richd. Snellingy 16 15. & w. Margery y 

1 61 2. (S. &pulchre.) 
Tho. Snodlandy 1370. (S. Botolph, 

Sir Stephen Soamiy 161 9. (Mercers' 

Albertus Otho Faber SolmeiuSy D.C.L., 

1684. (S. Dunftannn^her^Weft.) 
M. Somers. (See B. Bradberry.) 
Thomas Somford [? SommerfordX Alders 

man of Callice. [S. Helen's.] 
Henry Sommery & w. Catherine. (S. 

Robert ^0ir/A,£(q.,CitizenandGoldfmith 

of London. [1644: S. Vedaft Fofter.] 


Digitized by 






George Southaicke (or Sowdeake). 

Francis Southerton. [w. of John 

Botolph, Aldcrfgate.] 
George Sotherton. M.P., 1599. & w. 

Elizabethy 1608. & s. George y 16 12. 

(S. Martin Outwich.) 
Johannes Southertony Armig. [1605 : 

S. Botolph, Alderfgate.] 
IVilliam Souihes^ Gent. 
Sir John Southlee. (Chrift Church.) 
Chriftopher Southoujey Regiftrarrius 

Curi^ Cant. Anceftor to the Souths 

oufes of Kent. 
Thomas Southwely Efq. 
Rev. Tho. Southwell^ ist Rector of S. 

Stephen, Walbrook, & there buried. 
John Southworth. (S. Helen's.) 
King James of Spain. (S. Anne, Black;; 

Margaret Sparcie^ Gent. (Auftin Friars.) 
Johannes Sparke^ 1425. & w. IJabely 

1428. (S. Peter, Cornhill.) 
dpt. Thomas Sparling. 
Thomas Sparrow^ Efq; [1637: S. 

Botolph, Alderfgate.j 
Johannes Speedy Chronologer, Grand? 

father of Mr. Samuel Speed of 

Fleetftreet, Bookfeller. [1629 : S. 

Giles, Cripplegate.] 
Sujanna Speedy wife of the faid John 

Speed. [1629 : S.Giles, Cripplegate.] 
Edvardus Spencer hofpitii pned. £fq. 
Francis Spencer y idem. [1629 : S.Anne 

& Agnes.] 
Hugh Spencer y Eiq., 1424. (S. George, 

James Spencer y L. Mayor, 1543. (S. 

James, Garlickhithe.) 
Sr John Spencer y Knight, Lord Maior . [& 

w. Alice BromfeUL 1609: S. Helen's.] 

Philipy s. of Sir Hugh Spencer^ & d. 

IJabell. (Auftin Friars.) 
Richard Spencer y Efq., 1667. (S. Catha? 

rine Cree.) 
John Spicery Efq. & w. Lettis. (Auftin 

Sir Ralph Spiganel. (Chrift Church.) 
Tho. Spighty 1533. (S. Antholin's.) 
Sir Stephen Spilmany Knight, SheriflF 

and Chamberlain of London, one of 

the branches of that long:^ouriftiing 

family. of the Spilmans in Norfolk. 

[Alderman 1404: S. Michael, Queen:: 

William Spinkcy Draper, 1 503. (S. Peter, 

Henry de Spondony Rector, 1382. (S, 

John Zachary.) 
John SpoorCy 1429. (S. Alban, Wood 

Sir Ralph Sprignel. (Chrift Church.) 
Geffi'y Spring. (S. Anne, Blackfriars.) 
Lady Dorothy Staffordy wife and wids 

dow to Sir William Stafford, Knight, 

daughter to Henry Lord Stafford, 

the only fon and heir of Edward the 

laft Duke of Buckingham, of that 

moft noble and princly name. 
Humfrev Staffordy Efq., i486. (Chrift 

JVill. Stalworthy 1 5 1 8. (S. Anne, Blacks 

Charles Stamfordy and Elizabeth his wife, 

1668. (S. Catharine's, E. Smithfield.) 
John Standelfcy & w. Matilda. (S. Vcdaft 

Nicholas Stanes. (S. Margaret Mofes.) 
GeorgCy s. of Michael Stanhope^ 1691. 

(S. Catherine Coleman.) 
Sir George Stanleyy Knight of the 

Garter, fon of the Lord Strange, 

Digitized by 




aticeftors of the now Earl of Derby. 
[S. James, Garlickhithc] 
John Stanley J Lord Strange, 1503. (S. 

James, Garlickhithe.) 
Dame Stanly^ wife of Sir Thomas 

Stanly, daughter of Sir Roger 

Appleton, Knight Baronet. [1609 : 

S. Dionis Backchurch.] 
Lady Stanley y mother of the Lord 

Strange, (S. James, Garlickhithe.) 

Rev. Stanley J 1^60. (Allhallows? 

James Stanmery 1663. & w. Thomajiny 

1676. (S. Helen's.) 
Richard StapeVy Efq; Alderman, and 

a memorable Merchant. [1608 : S. 

Martin Outwich.] 
William Stapky Armig. [M.A. 1650 : 

S. Giles, Cripplcgate.] 
Hugh Stapleton. (Whitefriars.) 
John Stapleton. (S. Martin, Vintry.) 
Henry Stapylton de Wighill com. Ebor. 

Efq. [1630 : S. Giles, Cripplcgate.] 
Sir Humphrey Starkeyy Knight, Lord 

Chief Baron of the Exchequer. 
Thomas Starkey^ Sheriff, 1578. (S. 

Andrew Underfhaft.) 
Nicholas Statham. (S. James, Garlick? 

fVill. Steedy Alderman. (S. Magnus.) 
Daniel Steely 1674. & Maryy &c. 1677. 

(S. Bartholomew the Great.) 
Baldwiny s. of King Stephen y & d. 

Matilday wife of Earl of Millen. 

(S. James*, Piccadilly.) 
Edward Stephens. [1674 : Temple.] 
Sarahy w. of Jofeph StevenSy 1698. (S. 

Giles^ Cripplcgate.) 
Tho. SievynSy Grocer, & wives Elifabeth 

1 5 10, and Elijabeth 1523. (S. Leos 

nard, Eaftcheap.) 

Sir John Steward & w. Alice. (AlU 

hallows. Staining.) 
John Steward^ 1456. (S. Botolph, Bik 

Henry Stewarty Lord Damely, Sonne 

and Heir of Matthew Stewart Earl 

of Lennox. 
Sir John Stile, Knight, 1500. (Alk 

hallows, Barking.) 
Nathaniel Stirropy Efq. [1656.] Mris 

Sarah Stirropy wife of. [1652: S. 

Botolph, Alderfgate.] 
Lady CatharinCy wife of Alderman 

Richard Stocky a mod memorable 

Divine, and long Rector of AU 

hallows, Bread^best. [1626. Buried 

John Stockery SherifF. 1477. (S.George, 

Robert Stocker. (S. Martin, Vintry.) 
Mr. Stockton, Fifhmonger, a memorable 

John Stockton, L. Mayor, 1470. (S. 

Pancras, Soper^ane.) 
George Stoddard. (S. Olave, Hart Str.) 
James Stoddardy Eiq., anceftor of George 

Stoddard, Efq., rather of the late Sir 

Nicholas Stoddard, of Kent, Knight, 

John Stokelingy 1432. (S. Stephen, CoU 

man Str.) 
Thomas Stokes, Grocer, 1496. (S. 

Andrew Underfliaft.) 
Thos. Stokes y 15 16. (S. Sepulchre.) 
fTilliam Stokejby. [138 1 : S. Martin, 

Catharine Stokefton. (S. Lawrence, 

John Stone, SherifF, 1464. (S. Johns 


M 81 

Digitized by 




Robert Stone. (Allhallows, Stainmg.) 
Sir fVilliam Stone^ Knight, Lo. Maior. 

[1609 - ^* Mary Magdalen, Milk 

Adam^ s. of Clement S toner ^ & s. Clement^ 

1678. (S. Mary^le^Bow.) 
Thomas Stoner. (S. James, Grarlickhithc.) 
Richard Story ^ Citizen and Fifhmongcr. 
John Stow, the Cities Chronologer. 

[1605 : S. Andrew Underfhaft.] 
Tho. Stow, 1559. (S. Michael, Comhill.) 
Dame Anne Strafford, Dutchefs of 

Lady Anne Strange. [1573 : S. Giles, 

Henry Lord Strange, one of the long 

lind Anceftors of the right honounu 

ble Charles, Earl of Darby. 
Richd., s. of Roger Strange. (S. i\nne, 

Roger Strange, Efq. (S. Benet Fink.) 
Sir John Stratford. (Crutched Friars.) 
John Stratton. (S. Lawrence, Jewry.) 
Lord Straunge. (Chrift Church.) 
Thos. Streamer, 1678.& w. Mary, 1674. 

(S. Sepulchre.) 
Symond Street. [1400 : S. Antholin's.] 
John Strelley, 1559. & wives Alice, 

1543, & Anne, 1558. (S. Leonard, 

Philip Strelley, 1603. (S.John Zachary.) 
Peter Strelly, Civis iS Aurijaber. [i 595 : 

S. John Zachary.] 
Dorothy Stringar^ daughter of Mr. 

George Stringar. 
Rebecca Stringar, wife of Robert 

Stringar, Efquire, a defcendant of 

that very antiently knightly Family 

of the Stringars in Yorkfhire. 
Sir George Strode, Knight, long fince 

Colonel, and father of Sir Nicholas 


Strode, of Kent, Knight and Baronet, 

and of Colonel Strode, Govcmour of 

Cardina, w. of Sir John Stroder, 147 1. 

(S. Botolph, Billingfgate.) 
Samuel Strype. (S. Catharine Cree.) 
Sir Thomas Studinham, 1483. (Alls 

hallows. Barking.) 
John Sturgeon. (S. Benet, Gracechurch.) 
Richard Sturgeon [or Surgeon. 1456 : 

S. Bartholomew the Lcfs.] 
Richardus Sturges. [1470: S. Nicholas 

John Sturtan, Efq. 
Nicholas Style, Alderman, of the family 

of the Styles's in Kent. [161 5: S. 

Margaret, Lothbury.] 
Oliver Style, Efq., Alderman, of that 

fpreading & knightly family of the 

Styles, in Kent. 
Henry Suckly, Efq., Sheriff of London; 

anceftor of Ralph Suckly, Efq., one 

of the Proctors of the High Court 

of Admiralty. [1564: Allhallows, 

Bread Str.] 
S\T John Sudley. (Chrift Church.) 
Johannes Sugar, Pi/cenarius. [1455- & 

w. Margaret, 1485 : S. Mary Mags 

dalen, Old Filh Str.] 
Chriftopher Suliok, 1500. (S. Mildred, 

John Suring, 1490. (S. Nicholas, Cole 

John Surrel, Gent. (Auftin Friars.) 
Martha, w. of Nathaniel Sutch, 1688. 

& d. Mary. (Chrift Church.) 
John Sutton, Efq., Alderman. [1450: 

S. John Zachary.] 
Richard Sutton. (S. Chriftopher.) 
Richd. Sutton, 1571. (S.John 2^chary.) 
Thomas Sutton, Efq., Founder of that 

Digitized by 




famous Society of the Charter^houfe. 

[Charterhoufe Chapel.] 
John Suzan. 
Richd. Swetenhamy Efq. (S. Alban, 

Dame Mary Swift j wife of Sir Francis 

Swift of Nafing in the county of 

Eflex, Knight, and daughter of Fra. 

Waterhoufe, Efq ; and Bridget his 

wife, both the father and mother of 

the now Edward Waterhoufe of 

Greenford in the county of Middle? 

fex, Efq. 
Peter Swift. [1562 : S. Botolph, 

Roger de Swillington^ 1417- (S. Anne, 

Thos. Swinelejiy & w. Helen, (S. AU 

John Swinfletj 1420. (S. Helen's.) 
Thos. Swinford. (S. Anne, Blackfriars.) 
Sir John Swinnerton^ Knight, Lord 

Mr. Sybalsy fon of the learned and 

much:K)bliging Dr. Sybals, D.D., late 

of Clerkenwel. 
Margaret Sykes^ 1694. (S. Andrew 

Rot. Taylor de Sylverdaily Efq. 
Edmund Symesy eldeft fon of Edmund 

John SymonSy Citizen. 
Sir John Symp/on^ 1681. (Temple.) 

Alice, w. of Geffery Tabellettor. (Chrift 


William Tabenham. (S. Martin Orgar.) 

Sir Thomas Tadnam. (Auftin Friars.) 

Mris Alice Talbot , late wife of Thomas 

Talbot of Great Ealing in the county 

of Middlefex, E(q; and fometimes 

Captain of Foot ; very anciently of 

Caveflon Talbot. (S. Anne, Blackfriars.) 
John Talboty & w. Catherine. (S. Giles, 

Lady [?] Margaret Talbot. [1620 : S. 

Dunftan in the Weft.] 
fTill. TallieurCy 1690. (Temple.) 
Sir IVilliam Talmage (or Talamach\ 

Knight, one of the long lin'd Ans 

ceftors of Sir Lionel Talmage of the 

County of Suffolk. [Auftin Friars.] 
Chriftopher Tamworth, of Gray's Inn, 

1624. (S. Botolph, Aiderfgate.) 
Sir Heir Tank, or Haretancleuxy an 

Almain, Knight of the Garter. [S. 

Richard Tankred hofpitii pnedicti, Eiq. 
Emma, w. of John Tanner^ 1664. (S. 

George Tapsfeild, Gent. 
^\T John Tate, 15 14. (S. Anthony's 

John Tate, s. of Sir John Tate. (S. 

Richard Tate. (S. Alban, Wood Str.) 
Sir Richard Tate, Knight, and an Em^ 

bafTadour from King Hen. 8. [i 554: 

AUhallows, Staining.] 
Robert Taterjal^ Sheriff, 1429. (S. 

Elizabeth Taverner. 
William Taverner , 1454. (S. Michael, 

Wood Str.) 
William Taverner , 1466. (S. Martin, 

Margaret y w. of John Tayler^ 1683. 

(S. Margaret Pattens.) 
John Tay lory Draj)cr. [1532 : S. Ans 

thony's Hofpital.] 
John Taylor^ £iq ; a memorable perfon 


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in his time. [1597 : & w. Conftancty 

1614 : S. Michael, Comhill.1 
John Taylor^ Haberdafher^ ifoo. (S. 

Stephen, Coleman Str. 
Will. Taylor^ Grocer, L. Mayor, 

1483. (S. Mary Aldermary.) 
William Taylor prsed. hofp. Efq. 
William Taylor^ Efq ; Sheriff. 
Mary Tedimany wife of Chriflopher 

Tediman ; fhe was eldeft daughter 

of Sir Thomas Tediman, Knight, &?r. 
Nathaniel Temnes^ Efq ; Alderman. 
Robert Tempft. (Whitefriars.) 
Nathaniel^ Edgar & Samuel^ fons of 

Nathaniel Tench. & w. Anne^ d. of 

William Fijher^ 16 80-1. (S. Catha;: 

rine Coleman.^ 
Lady Tephina. (thrift Church.) 
Sir James Terford^ Knight, Lo. Maior. 
Sir Williamy s. of Sir Thomas Terrill. 

(Auftin Friars.) 

Sir Terwit. (Whitefriars.) 

Sir John [? Roiert] Teft^ Knight of the 

Holy Sepulchre. [& w. Joan. 1487 : 

Allhallows, Staining.] 
Robert us Thacker. [1642: S. Catharine 

John Thackham. 1684. (Temple.) 
James Thame. (Allhallows, Bread Str.) 
Dorothy y d. of John Theobald^ 1575. 

(S. Gregorysby^S. Paul.) 
Robert Therkeld. (S. Bartholomew the 

William Thinne, Efq. [1546 : Alls 

hallows. Bread Str.] 
Thomas Thirkby^ Biihop of Ely. 
W. Thirlewall, Efq. (S. Bartholomew 

the Great.) 
Elizabeth Thomas. 
Johannes Thomas. ri485 : S. Alban, 

Wood Str.] 


John Thomas^ 1485- (S. Alban, Wood 

Barbara Thomajin. 
Col. Thomforis Ladies Eicutcheon. 
Sellers Thornbury^ 1680. (S. Matthew, 

Friday Str.) 
Robert Thorne. (Temple.) 
Robert Thorne^ an eminent Benefactor. 

[1532 : S. Chriftopher.] 
Roger Thorney^ 1514- (S- Lawrence, 

Thomas Thomey^ a memorable Chirur* 

geon. [16 14: S. Andrew, Holborn.] 
Charles Thornhil, Efq., s. of John 

Thomhil, 1667. (Allhallows, Barb 

Samuel Thornhill, 1597. (S. Lawrence, 

Barba Thomix. 
Charles Thoroldy Efq., 1691. (S. An? 

drew Underlhaft.) 
Sir Jo. Thorowgood of Hodefden in the 

county of Hertf , Knight. 
Lady Jane Thorpey wife of Sir Thomas 

Thorpe, Knight, Baron of the Exs 

chequer. [1453 : S. John Zachary.] 
Sir Will. Thorpe. (S. Anne, Black 

Henry Thorjby of ThoHby in the county 

of York, Efq. 
John Threlly Efq., 1609. (S. Botolph, 

Sir Nicholas Throckmorton^ Kt., feveral 

times Embafladour from Queea 

Elizabeth. [1570 : S. Catharine 

Dr. Raphiel Throckmorton^ S. T. D., 

Archdeacon of line. 
Mary & Charles Throgmorton. (S. 

Marearct Pattens.) 
John Throwftone. (S. Vedaft Foftcr.) 

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lohn Thurloe hofpitii pnedict. Efq. 
Robert Tichboumej Efq ; father of the 

now Robert Tichbourne, late Sheriff, 

Alderman, and Lord Maior of 

IVilliam Tickhill, Gent., and Philip his 

IVilliam Tilghnean. (S. James, Garlick? 

miliam Tilling. 
John Tillot^ony Archbifhop of Canter? 

bury, 1694. (S. Lawrence, Jewry.) 
Radulphus Tilney^ Alderman, 1503. 

(Mercers* Chapel.) 
Elizabeth Timberlack. 
Walter Timberlack. 
William Tipper y Efquire of the body to 

the late King James. [1613 : S. Ans 

drew, Holborn.] 
John Tiril [Tirell], Efq. [S. James', 

Sir James Tirrely I ^02, (Auftin Friars.) 
Sir John Tirrely & w. Dame Catherine. 

(Auftin Friars.) 
Mr. John Tirres. (Crutched Friars.). 
Mris Ellinour Titus, fecond wife of 

Mr. Silias Titus, father of' Silias 

Titus of his Majeftie's Bed;:chamber, 

Chriftopher Tolderney, Armig. [161 2: 
Allhallows, Lombard Str.] 

Samuel Tomblines, 1680. (S. Mary^le? 

John Tomes^ Draper, i486. (S. Mary, 

Alexander Tomkins^ the fifth fon of 
Richard Tomkins of Monington, 
Efq ; both of them the very near 
Allies of the now Sir Thomas Tom^ 
kins of Monington, Knight, a mem- 
ber of Parliament, and ever an active 

fervant to, and paffive fuflferer for 

their Majefties. 
James Tomkins, fecond fon of James 

Tomkins of Monington in the C. of 

Hereford, Efa . 
James Tong, Elq ; an eminent Eaft? 

land Merchant. 
Jo. Topham \i Henry, 161 2 : S. An? 

drew, Holborn.] 
Thos. Torrald. (S. Bartholomew the 

Petrus Toutevile, Armig. [1622 : S. 

Bartholomew the Lefs.] 
Johannes Tovie. [S. Catharine Cree.] 
Chriftian Tower/on. [w. of Will. Towers 

Jon, 161 1 : S. Margaret, Lothbury.] 
Sir — Townley. (S. Auguffine.) 
Sir Thos. Town/end. (Wliitcfriars.) 
Warren Town/head, hofp. prsed. Efq. 
Robertus Trappes, Arm. [1526 : S. 

Leonard, Fofter:?lane.] 
F. Trovers. (See F. Gi/ors.) 
Henry Trovers, 1501. (S. Dionis Back^ 

John Tredefcant, the famous Collector 

and Conferver of Antiquities. 
John Tredway. [16 10: Chrift Church.] 
John Trehearne, Gcntleman^porter to 

King James. 
Lord Tremayle of France. (Auftin 

Edmund Trench, 1669, M.D. & w. 

Mary, 1690. (Allhallows, Staining.) 
Lord Trenchaunt, 1300. (S. Mildred, 

Bread Str.) 
Su/anna TrefweU wife of Robert Tress 

wel, Purfuivant at Arms. 
John Tre/zttwall, 1 5 20. (Chrift Church.) 
Dame Frances Trevors, wife of Sir 

Thomas Trevors. [1624 : S. Bride.] 
John Trevor, Efq. [1589 : S. Bride.] 


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Lady Prudence Trevor. [1614: S, 

John Trigilionj 141 7. (S. Botolph, 

EdmondTrindel. (S.Michael, Cornhill.) 
Sir Robert Trtfilian. 1308. (Chrift 

IVHUam Trift^ 'Sclerar to the King/ 

1425. (S. Vcdaft Foftcr.) 
Elizabeth Trotman, wife of Samuel 

Trotman, of the Inner Temple, Efq. 
Benedict Trotter^ 1496. (S. Alban, 

Wood Str.) 
John Trujbut. (S. Alban, Wood Str.) 
Aliccy d. of John Trujfel. (S. Bartholo^ 

mew the Great.) 
Edw. Trujfel J 16 13. & w. Anne^ 1586. 

(S. Bride.) 
R. Trujfelj Gent., one of the anceftors 

of the honourable Colonel Truffel, 

fometimes of Pater^noftersrow. 
John Tryon^ Efq; Merchant. [161 2: S. 

Peter Tryon^ Efq ; anceftor to Sir Peter 

Tryon of Southr^Halfted in the 

County of Eflex, Knjght^B. 
John H. Tufnailj 1699. w. Elizabeth^ 

d. of John loliff, 1687. & s- John, 

1686. (S. Martin Outwich.) 
Dame Grizald Tuke [1538], wife of 

Sir Brian Tuke [1536], Knight, &c. 

and one of the anceftors of Sir Samuel 

Tuke, Knight and Colonel. [S. Mar:: 

garet, Lothbury.] 
Johannes Tull. 
Sir Henry Tul/e^ L. Mayor, 1689. (S- 

Dionis Backchurch.) 
Tho. TurgiSy 1650. & ist w. Ebett, 

1629. & 2nd w. Mary, 1639. (S* 

Dionis Backchurch.) 
Richd. Turke^ShsnSy 1 549. (S. Magnus.) 


Sir Robert Turke, & Alice his w. (S. 

James', Piccadilly.) 
IValter Turke, L. Mayor, 1352. (S. 

Nicholas, Cole Abbey.) 
Chriftopher Turner y 1530. (S. Mildred, 

Bread Str.) 
Humphrey Turner. [Elizabeth^ his w. 

1630. & w. of Andrew White , and 

of Cuthbert Burby : S. Andrew 

Margaret Turner. 
Dr. Peter Turner , M.D. [16 14: S. 

Olave, Hart Str.] 
Richard Turner, there alfo interred. 
mil. Turner, 1536. (S. Mildred, 

William Turner, 1400. (S. Michael, 

Wood Str.) 
Ed. Tumor, of Parrington, in the county 

of Eflex, Efq ; father of the honours 

able Sir Edward Tumor, Knight, 

6?f., and Arthur Tumor, Serjeant at 

Law, fecond fon of the faid Edmond, 

6?f. [TempleJ 
Capt. Richd. Uurvile, & w. Edith, 

1693. (Allhallows, Staining.) 
Ellinor Tujham. 
Walter Tujham. 
Thomas Tujfer, 1580. (S. Mildred, 

Henry 7«/fA/»,Efq; Deputy of his Ward. 
John Tutchin, Merchant, s. of Will. 

Tut chin, 1658. (S. Botolph, Bifhops? 

William Tuthill, hofpitii predict. Efq. 
Roger Tweedy, Efq. 
Sir Nicholas Twijord, Knight, Lord 

M^or. [1390. & w. Margery : S. 

John Zachary.] 
John Twijelton, Alderman, 1525. 

(S. Matthew, Friday Stn) 

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jignes T^ydnamy wife firft of Thomas 
Marfhal, next of John Manning. 

Rev. William Tylling^ 1430. (Alk 
hallows, Barking.) 

Matthew Tyndal, 1676. (S. Giles, Crip? 

Nicholas Uljk. (Chrift Church.) 

John Ulfthorp, 1432. (S. Bride.) 

Coll. William Vnderwood, father of 

George Underwood, of Kenfington, 

Thomas Ungil^ & w. Eltjabeth^ 1537- 

(S. Mary Somerfet.) 
John Unijburghy 1410. (S. Peter, Com= 

Chrifiophorus Vrfivicus^ Almoner to 

Henry the 7. 
Rev. Thomas Vyrby. [1453 : AUhallows, 


Rev. John Vale, 1463. (Allhallows, 

Robert Valence, of Clerkenwell, Eiq; 

and hu(band of Mrs. Anne Valence, 

wife of E. fVelfli, Efq., now living. 
John 8c Margaret, s. & d. of William 

Valence. (S. Anne, Blackfriars.) 
Thomas Valence, Efq.; J. C. of Lincoln's 

Inne. [1601 : S. Dunftan in the Weft.] 
Bartholomew de la Vanch. (S. Martin, 

Rich, de Vancke & w. Margaret. (S. 

Bartholomew the Great.) 
Giles Vandeput, 1646. & w. Sarah, 

1656. & 8. Peter, 1668. & Jane 

Hofte, w. of Peter ^ 1672. (S. Mars 

garet Pattens.) 
Richard Vannel, Goldfmith, 1521. & 

wives Elizabeth & Joane. (S. Peter, 


Henry Vanner. (S. Martin, Vintry.) 

Edvardus Vaughan, E(q. 

Edward Vaughan, Mafter of Arts, &f r. 

Mr. Edward Vaughan. [Temple.] 

Sir Hamond Vaughan, Knt. (S. Olave, 

Hart Str.) 
Sir John Vaughan, 1674. (Temple.) 
Dame Barga de Vaux. (Chrift Church.) 
Dame Catharine Vaux. (S. Anne, Black^ 

Tho. Vavafour, Gent. 
Theodojia Vavefour. 
Roger Velden, 1479. (S. Michael Baffin 

Elizabeth, w. of William Venner, 

Sheriff, 1 40 1. (S. Helen's.) 
Henry Venner. (S. Martin, Vintry.) 
Will. Venour, L. Mayor, 1389. (S. 

James, Garlickhithe.) 
Lord Awbery Vere, fon and heir of the 

faid John Earl of Oxford, and both 

of them (with many other Peers of 

that name) the high-born Progenitors 

of the Right Honourable and truly 

heroick Lord Awbery Vere, the Earl 

of Oxford now living. [Auftin Friars.] 
Brian Vere. 
Lord John Vere, Earl of Oxford. 

[1463 : Auftin Friars.] 
John Vernon^ 1609. (S. Michael, Corns 

John Vernon, 1666. (S. Michael, Corns 

Henry, s. of Sir Thomas Vernon, 1690. 

(S. Stephen, Coleman Str.) 
Peter Verfchel, 1694. (S. Catherine's, 

E. Smithfield.) 
John Viand. (Chrift Church.) 
Mr [Sir] William Vincent his children. 

[& w. Rebeca. 1671 : S. Martin 



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Philipat Vine^ ^396. (S. Botolph, 

George Finer ^ fecond fonnc of the hon^ 

ourable Sir George Viner, Knight and 

Thomas Viner^ Efq ; fon of the late Sir 

Thomas, and brother of Sir George 

Viner, Knight, ^c. [1666 : S. Mary 

Sir Thomas Viner^ Knight, Lo. Maior, 

anceftor to the now Sir George 

Viner, Knight. [1666: S. Mary 


Mr. [Rodolpho] fVaddington, Schools 

mafter of Chrift^ Church. [There 

buried, 16 14.] 
RobertWadefon [/Ftf^wi], Armig.[i624: 

S. Peter:sles:Poor.] 
TAw., s. of Thos. & Anne Wager ^ 1694. 

(S. Sepulchre.) 
John Wakefield^ Efq. (S. Catharine Cree.) 
Humphry JVakotj Efq ; anceftor to the 

flouriftiing family of the Walcots of 

Walcot in the County of Salop. [ 1 6 1 6 : 

S. MaryslesBow.] 
Idona^ w. of John Walden^ 1424. (S. 

Bartholomew the Lefs.) 
Roger Walden^ Bifhop of Lond., 1406. 

(S. Bartholomew the Great) 
Will WaldroHy 1609. (S. Sepulchre.) 
Anne^ w. of Roger Waldrond. (S. Mars 

garet, Lothbury.) 
Francis^ d. Tho. Walker ^TOiA w. of Will. 

Bo/wely 1630. (S. Lawrence, Jewry.) 
Thomas WalkeryWintntr. [1599 : istw. 

Joaney 1592, & and Mary. [AUhals 

lows, Lombard Str.l 
Will. Walker, 1679. (S. Andrew, Hol^ 


Will. Walker, 1675. & w. Sufanna. (S. 

Eli%. Wall, wife of John Wall. 
Frances VValler, daughter of the late 

Thomas Waller of Beconsfeild, Efq ; 

and wife of the late Dr. William Boiwcl, 

Doctor of Divinity. 
Sir William Waller, Knight, very an^ 

tiently of Groombridge in Kent and 

Father of William Waller, Efq ; at 

this day living. 
Ralph Walles, Efq. (S. James*, Picca$ 

Joanna, d. of Nich. Wallron & wid. of 

Thos Tale, D.C.L. (S. Gr^orysby« 

S. Paul.) 
John Walpole, 1349. (Allhallows, Bread 

John Walpole. (S. Botolph, Alderfgate.) 
Robert Waljingham, Clerk of the Spicery 

to King Henrie the Eighth. 
Thomas Walftngham, Efq., 1465. (S. 

Catherine's, E. Smithfield.) 
George Walter, hofpitii prsedicti, Efq. 
Hanbury Walter, 1690. (S. Cathanne 

Hugh Walter. (S. Bartholomew the 

Robert Walter, hofpitii praedict. Armig. 
Hugh Waltham. (S. Peter, Cornhill.) 
John Waltham. (S. Lawrence, Jewry.) 
John Walton, Gent., buried anno Dim. 

1 40 1. [S. George, Botolphdane.l 
Sir William Walworth, Knight, Lord 

Maior. [1385 : S. Michael, Crooked 

Sir Chriftopher Wandesford, one of the 

anceftors to that worthy family of 

the Wandesfords in Yorkfhire. 
Sir Rowland Wandesford, Knight, and a 

member of that honourable Society. 

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Tho. Wandefford^ 1448. (S. Michael 

William Wandefford of Pickhill in the 

county of York, Efq. 
Laurence Warcam. (S. Sepulchre.) 
Elizabeth Warcop (or lVarcup\ eldeft 

Daughter of Rodolph Warcup of 

Englifh, in the County of Oxford, 

j4nne Warcup. 

John Ward. (S. Maryde^Bow.) 
Sir Patience Ward^ L. Mayor, 1696. 

& w. Elizabeth^ 1685. (S. Mary 

William Ward. 
T. Wardburyy 1545. (S. Pancras, Soper 

James Ware^ 1672. & w. Eliz.y 1699. 

(S. Lawrence, Jewry.) 
Thos. Warlingworth. (S. Matthew, 

Friday Str.) 
Edward Warner^ Efq ; fon of Sir Ed. 

Warner, Knight. [1628 : S. Andrew 

Henry Warner^ Efq; fon of Sir Ed. 

Warner, Knight. 
John Warnery SherifF, 1494. & s. Robert ^ 

1 5 16. (AUhallows, Lombard Str.) 
Richardus Warner. [1476: S. Au^ 

Robert Warner ^ & w. Dame Alice. (S. 

Bartholomew the Lefs.) 
Sarah Warner ^ 1699. (S. Catherine's, 

E. Smithficld.) 
Nicholas Warren^ Gen. [16 14: S. 

Michael, Wood Str.] 
Sir Ralph Warren^ Knight, Alderman, 

and twice Lord Maior. [1553: S. 

Bcnet's, Sherehog.) 
Edw. Warrington. (S. Benet's, Shere- 

Tho. Warjle, & w. I/abel. (S. Giles, 

Johannes Wartenfis. [.? Wartanis : 1662 : 

S. Helen's.] 
Edmund Warter. (S. Giles, Cripples 

John Warton, & w. Eli/abeth. (S. Bars 

tholomew the Great.) 
Chriftopher Wafe^ Goldfmith, one of 

the anceftors to that eminently 

learned M. Chriftopher Wafe, S.T.B., 

and Schoolmaftcr of the FreesSchool 

of Tunbridge. [1605 : S. Vedaft 

Edmund Watar. (S. Giles, Cripples 

John Water ^ York Herald, 1520. 

(Chrift Church.) 
Francis Waterhouje^ Efq ; and Bridget 

his wife ; father and mother of the 

worthily honoured Edward Waters 

houfe of Greenford in the county of 

Middlefex, Efq. 
Hugh Waterhouje & Edward^ their fons 
Mary Waterhouje^ wife of the laft 

Edward Waterhoufe of Greenford in 

the county of Middlefex, Efq. 
Lady Elizabeth Waterman^ relict of 

Robert RufTel, & w. of Sir George 

Waterman. 1675. (S- Dunftan's in 

the E.) 
Edward Waters^ Efq., SeijeantsatsArms, 

1558. (S. Dunftan's in the E.) 
Richard Water/on. (See A. Byng.) 
John Watford. (S. Bartholomew the 

Alderman Wathal. (S. Peter, Comhill.) 
John WatSy Inhabitant of Redriff. 
George Watts. 
Sir John VVatts^ Knight, one of the 

anceftors of the honourable Sir John 

N 89 

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Wats in the county of Hertf. Knight 

and Colonel, &c. 
Richard fVayte^ of Hampfhire, 1492. 

(Mercers' Chapel.) 
Mr. John Weaver^ that writ the Acts 

and Monuments. [S. James, Clerks 

Henry Web^ Efq ; Gentleman ufher to 

M' 8. [1553. & w. Barbara^ ^SS^^ 

S. Catharine Coleman.] 
Thos. Webb, 1681. (Temple.) 
John JVelbe. (S. Benet Fink.) 
Sir William Welbe^Knight, Lord Maior. 

[1599 : S. DunftanVinsthesE.] 
Jonas a Weely of Amfterdam. [S. 

Catharine Coleman.] 
Mris Marfton Weely. 
Sir Henry VVeever, or Weaver, Knight. 
Sir Humphry Weld, Knight, Lo. Maior, 

one of the anceftors to Humphry 

Weld of Lulworth^Caftle, Efq ; and 

Sir John Weld, Knight, his younger 

brother. [S. Olave, Jewry.] 
Henry Weldtm, fecond fon of Ralph 

Weldon of Swanficomb in Kent, 

James Well. (S. Chriftopher.) 
Henry Wellens. 
Anne, d. of John Vifcount Welles. 

(Auftin Friars.) 
John Welles ^ a memorable Citizen. 

[1431: S. Mary Magdalen, Guilds 

Rev. Richd. Welles (or Willowes)y 1391. 

(S. Nicholas Olave.) 
S. Welles, 161 2. (S. Andrew, Holbom.) 
James Wellington^ Draper, 1684. (S. 

Catharine Crce.) 
Anthony, s. of John Wells. (S. James', 

John Wels. (Mercers' Chapel.) 

Jeffreys, Lord Wem. (Pennons above 

Communion Table : S. Mary, Alder? 

John Wenlocke, l^^^. (S. Andrew 

John Went. (S. Martin, Ludgate.) 
Wentworth, Efq., 1 5 10. (S. Olave, 

Peter Wentworth, Efq ; anceftor to Sir 

Peter Wentworth of Oxfordfhire; 

an ancient Knight of the Bath. 
Will. Wentworth. (Whitetriars.) 
Ludolphus de Werdcr, 1628. (S. Olave, 

Hart Str.) 
Henry Werney, Efq. (Chrift Church.) 
John Weryn^ I47S- (S. Mary Ab 

Mary, d. of Robert We/enhamy 1674. 

(S. Catharine Coleman.) 
Dame Ide, w. of Sir Thos. Weft. (Auftin 

John Weft, Alderman, 1517. (S. Mary 

Magdalen, Milk Str.) 
John Weft, Efq. [1408 : S. Mary 

Dame Margaret Weft. (Auftin Friars.) 
Dr. Reginald Weft, S.T.D. [1563 : S. 

Margaret Pattens.] 
Tho. Weft. Efq. (Auftin Friars.) 
Richard Wefterne. [1602 : S. Giles, 

Mris Elizabeth Weftfield, wife of Dr. 

Thomas Weftfeild, Biftiop of BriftoL 

[1653 : S. Botolph, Alderfgatc.] 
Mary Wefton, 1694. (S. Peter, Cornhill.) 
Sir William tPefton, Knight, Prior of 

S. John's of Jerufalem. 
Thomas Weftrop, or Weft row. [1625 : 

S. Peter, Cornhill.] 
Anne Weftwick. [1556 : S. Bartholo? 

mew the Lefs.] 

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Sir Weftye. (S. Anne, Blackfriars.) 

Gabriel Wettenhal^ 1682. (S. Sepulchre.) 
Elizabeth Whaley^ wife of Roger 

Whaley of London, Salter. 
Thomas WhartoHy M.D., 1673. (S. 

Michael Baflifhaw.) 
John Wheatly, 1428. (S. Mary, Alders 

Anna^ w. of Nicholas fTheler, Efq., 

1 6 10. (S. Olave, Jewry.) 
Benjamin IVhichcote, S.T.D., 1686. (S. 

Lawrence, Jewry.) 
Elifabeth, w. of John Whiltcny 1697. 

(S. Alphage.) 
Robert Whitchcoty Efq., fon of Thomas 

Whitchcot, Efq., both anceftors to 

the honorable Sir Jerom Whitchcot, 

Knight B. and Colonel, &r., and 

alfo of the moft learned Dr. Whitch? 

cot, late of Cambridge. [1557 : S. 

Dunftan in the Weft.] 
Andrew White (See H. Turner.) 
Edmund Whitey a memorable Citizen. 

[Window in S. Lawrence, Jewry, 

Mris. Frances White. 
Lady Anne White. 

BlqfeWhite, 1558. (S. Mildred, Poultry.) 
Ethelreday w. of Henry White^ Efq., 

1534. (S. Alban, Wood Str.) 
Lady Joan White, 1573. (S. Bcnet's 

R , w. of Tho. Whitey 1686. (S. 

John WhitCy Efq. [Temple.] 
Laurentius White, com. pnedict. Armis 

Wtlliam White, 1504. & wives Alice 

& Ellyn. (S. Alban, Wood Str.) 
William White, SherifF, 1482. (S. 


James, s. of John Whiting, 1676. (S. 

Bartholomew the Great.) 
John Whiting, 1681. & w. Margaret, 

1680. (S. Bartholomew the Great.) 
Dame Elizabeth Whitmore, Lady^mother 

to the now Sir William Whitmore 

of Shropfhire, Baronet, and his brother 

Sir Thomas, Knight of the Bath. 
Sir George VVhitmorCy Knight, Lord 

Maior, father of William Whitmore, 

Confiance Whitney, daughter of Sir 

Robert Whitney, of Whitney in the 

county of Hertford, Knight, ffff. 

[S. Giles, Cripplegate.] 
Sir Rich. Whittington, Knight, Lord 

Maior. [& w. Dame Alice : S. 

Camela, w. of Henry Whittony 1622. 

(Allhallows, Barking.) 
Tho. Whyteyne. (S. MichaekRoyal.) 
Edward Witty Armig. [1571 : S. 

Hugh Wichy L. Mayor, 1420. & w. the 

Lady Wich. (S. Dionis Backchurch.) 
Hugo Wickftead. [1625 : S. Botolph, 

Radolphus Widdrington. 
John Widnelly 1601. (S. Nicholas 

William Wight y Fifhmonger, 1672. (S. 

Andrew Undcrfliaft.) 
Tho. Wigmorcy Efq. (Auftin Friars.) 
Daniel Wig/all, 1698. (S. George, 

Richardus Wilbraham, Efq., Conunon 

Sergeant of the Citie of London, and 

anceftor to that worthy family of the 

Wilbrahams in Chefhire. 
John Wilcocks, 1561. (S. Bcnet Fink.) 
R. Wilcox, Efq. 


Digitized by 




Sir James JVilford^ 'SSO. (S. Bartholo^ 

mew, Exchange.) 
John Wilfordy Alderman, 1544. (S. 

Bartholomew, Exchange.) 
Thos. fVilford, & w. Eli/abet h, 1551. 

(S. George, Botolpfcflane.) 
Ellinory daughter of J. WilkeSy of 

MichelsGrove in the county of 

Suflex, Efq. 
JVilL fVilkin/oHy Alderman, 1519. (S. 

Mary Abchurch.) 
Henricus fVilks^ Rector Ecclejia Jancti 

Nicolai Olave. 
Andrew WillaWy Efq., 1700. & wives 

Elizabeth^ & Anne. (S. Botolph, 


IVilliamSj 1583. (S. Ethelburga.) 

Frances^ w. of Benjamin Williamsy 

1685. (S. Mildred, Bread Str.) 
Francis fVilliamSj nephew of Lord 

Williams, 1559. (S. Alphage.) 
John Williams^ and Alice his wife, 

1660. (S. Catharine's, E. Smithfield.) 
Sir John miliams, 1668. (Temple.) 
Lord Williams of Thame. (S. Alphage.) 
Ludovicus Williamsj Venedocus. [1609: 

Chrift Church.] 
Roger Williams, of Gray's Inn, Armig. 
Thomas Williams, Venedocus, Gtn. [1495 • 

S. Helen's.] 
Thos. Williams, 1645. (Temple.) 
Sir Thomas Williamfon, of Great Mark;: 

ham in the county of Nottingham, 

Knight and Baronet. 
Millejcent Willis, wife of Robert Willis. 
Robet Willowiy. (S. Bartholomew the 

Frances, w. of Will. Willys, Efq., 1676. 

& s. William. (S. Edmund.) 
Anne, w. of Tho. Wil/on, LL.I)., 1574. 

(S. Mary^t^Hill.) 


Henry Wil/on, Matter of the Bridget 

Jone, w. of Dr. John Wil/on, 1624. (S. 

Giles, Cripplegate.) 
Richard Wil/on, 1525. (S. Pancras, 

Rowland Wil/on, Efq ; Alderman. 
Rowland Wil/on, Vinter and Merchant 

of London. [Window in S. Laurence, 

Jewry. 161 8.] 
William Wil/on, & w. Joane & d. Alice, 

1572. (S. Alban, Wood Str.) 
John Wiltwater, ilain at Barnet, 1471. 

(Chrift Church.) 
Simon de Winchcombe, 1396. (S. Mary 

Simon Winchcombe, 13 91. (S. Mary, 

Sir John Windany, 1502. (Auftin 

Thomas Windent, & w. Katharine. (S. 

John Winderhall. (S. Bartholomew the 

Dame Grizald Wind/or, fole daughter 

of the L. Windfor. [1600: S. Olave, 

Silver Str.] 
John Winger, 1505. (S. Mary Wook 

Catharine Wingfield, daughter of Sir 

Thomas Wingfield of Lethringham 

in comit. Suffolk, Kt. -, and wife of 

the worthily honoured, and no lefs 

learned then exemplarily oblieging 

Francis Bacon comit. praedict. Efq ; 

and late Bencher of, and Reader in 

the honourable fociety of Graies 

Inne, &c. Both of which were 

Father and Mother of Francis Bacon, 

Efq ; and Counfellour at Law, in the 

fame Society. 

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John, s. of Sir John mngfielde. (Auftin 

Samuel Wtnne. 
John Winter. (Whitefriars.) 
Richd. Winter^ 1407- (S. Magnus.) 
Sir Ralfh fVinwood^ Knight, Secretary 

of Eftate to King James, and one 

of the anceftors of Ralph Winwood 

of Quainton in Buckinghamfhire, 

Sir Robert Wifeman^ 1684. (S. Benet, 

Paul's Wharf.) 
Sir Hugh Witchy L. Mayor, 1466. (S. 

Margaret, Lothbury.) 
Sir^ John Witham^ Bart., 1689. 

John Withers. (S. James, Garlickhithe.) 
William Withers^ 1700. (S. Mary^les 

Francis FFithins, E(q ; his fon. 
Robert VVithins^ Armig. Alderman 

and Sheriff. 
Mris Margaret Withy^ late wife of 

Mr. John Withy, Gent, and Painters 

Stainer of London. 
Nicholas Wolberghy Civis 6? Pifcenarius. 

[1407 : S. Nicholas, Cole Abbey.] 
Reginay d. of John Wolfe & w. Regina^ 

1690 : Reginay 1691 : & d. Lucy 

Wolfe, 1691. (S. Helen's.) 
John Wolle. (Whitefriars.) 
Catharine Wonton. (See JV. Cockaine.) 
Adam Woody 1681. fChrift Church.) 
Chrifiopher Wood, Elq. 
Francis Wood, 1684. (Temple.) 
Jane, w. of Laurence Wood. (S. Am 

drew, Holbom.) 
JoanCy w. of Robert Wood, Brewer, i6cx:>. 

(S. Botolph, Bilhopfgate.) 
John Wood, 1 53 1. (S. Michael, 


John Wood, 1658. s. John, 1670. & ist 

w. , 1645. & 2nd w. , 

1695. (S. Mary^tsHill.) 
Richard Wood. 

Rogerus Wood, Sergeant at Arms. 
Robert Wood, Efq ; Deputy of Billings* 

gate Ward, father of William Wood, 

Efq ; now living. 
Henry Woodboke. (S. Martin, Vintry.) 
Sir John Woodcock, Knight, Lord Maior. 
Ral/>h Woodcock, Alderman of London. 

[1586 : S. Mary, Aldermanbury.] 
Sufan,d. o(Thos. Woodcock^ 1637. (Alt 

hallows^n thesWall.) 
John Woodcocke, L. Mayor, 1405. (S. 

Alban, Wood Str.) 
Roger Woodcocke, Hatter, 1475. (S- 

Michael le Quern.) 
Thomas Woodfoldy Efq ; Alderman of 

S. Woodford. (See S. Herringbrook.) 
John Woodhoufe. (S. Bartholomew the 

Oliver & William, fons of John Wood^ 

houje, Efq. (S. Martin Outwich.) 
David Woodroffe, Sheriff, 1563. (S. 

Andrew Underfhaft.) 
Richard Woodroffe, Merchant^Taylor. 
1598 : S. Mary Magdalen, Old Filh 
Stephen Woodroffe. (S. Andrew Under? 

Mr. Woodroffe, Gent 
James Woods, 1700. & w. Elizabeth^ 

1690. (S. Dionis Backchurch.) 
Rev. Henry Woolnough, Rector of Brams 

ftiot, CO. Northampton, 1673. (S. 

Katherine Woodward^ widow. [S. Dionis 

John Wooljlon, Butcher, & wives Rqfe 



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& Catharine^ 1510. (S. Leonard, 

Tho. fVorall, D.D., Prebendary of S. 

Pauls, & Rector. 1639. (S. Botolph, 

Sir John Pipofte^ Earl of Worcefter. 

Beheaded 1470. (S. Anne^Blackfriars.) 
Countefs of Worcefter (? Gloucefter) 

& child. (S. James, Garlickhithe.) 
The Countefs of Worcefter y in Garlick;: 

Chriftopher Wormealy of Lambeth, Gent. 
Richard Worjely, of the Ifle of Wight, 

John Worthy 1693. (S. MaryAbchurch.) 
Edward Woton, M.D. (S. Botolph, 

Edw. Wottony M.D., 1555. (S. Alban, 

Wood Str.) 
Elizabeth VVotton. 
Maria Wotton^ of the noble family of 

the Wottons of Kent. 
Rev. Nicholas Wctton^ Rector. 1482. 

(S. Martin Outwich. 
Sir Edmund Wright, Knight, [?] Lord 

Maior, father to the Lady Harring^ 

ton, wife of Sir James.* [Window in 

S. Laurence, Jewry, 16 18.] 
Izan Wright J w. of Edwards, 

16 1 3. (Allhallows, Lombard Str.) 
Ro/amond Wright. 

Thomas Wright. 1700. (S. Alphage.) 
Sir John Wriotheftey [or Writhefly\ 

Knight, King at Arms, and anceftor 

to the late Thomas Earl of South- 
ampton, [with family, S. Giles, 

Thomas, Lord Wriotheftey ^ ^550- (S. 

Andrew, Holbom.) 
Eleanor, w. of John Writh &c. (S. 

Giles, Cripplegate.) 


Sir John Wroth, L. Mayor, 1407. (S. 
James, Garlickhithe.) 

Sir Thomas Wroth, of Petherly Park 
Com. Summerf., of the fame Family 
of thofe Wroths of Durance, in the 
County of Middlefex, and Sir John 
Wroth, whofe name and Family 
appeareth by the Authentique tcfti^ 
mony of old datelefs Records, to be 
one of the ancienteft in that County ; 
of which feat of Durance, Sir Henry 
Wroth, now living, is the incumbent 

Sir Walter Wrotftey^ 1473. (Chrift 

John Wyburne, Efq. 

Sir Hugh Wyche, Knight, Lo. Maior, 
one of the anceftors of the much 
honoured Sir Cyril Wyche, and Sir 
Peter Wyche, both brothers, Csff . 

Richard Wyche. [S. Dunftan s:sin5thcrE] 

Thos. Wyckham. (Whitefriars.) 

Sir William Wyde, Bart., 1 6 79. ^Temple.) 

Richd. Wye. (Temple.) 

Peter Wygich. (Whitefriars.) 

Philippus Wylander [Philip Van Wyllem 
der. 1553 : S. Olave, Hart Str.] 

Gilbert, s. of Sir Will. Wyld, Bart, 
1 67 1. (S. Bartholomew the Great.) 

George Wylde, 1679. (Temple.) 

Nicholas Wylfolde, & s. Thomas. (S. 
Pancras, Soper^lane.) 

Henry, s. of Sir John Wyn, of Guidder, 
CO. Carnarvon, Bart., 1671. (Temple.) 

Dr. Goulafton de Wymondham, M.D., a 
memorable Phyfician. 

John Wynch, 1675, & Robert, 1676. 
(S. Bride.) 

George Wyngar^ 1521. (S. Mary Wook 

Henry Wynn, 1671. (Temple.) 

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Richard Wynne y 1688. & w. Joyce. (S. 

Alban, Wood Str.) 
John WythenSy 1693. & s. Thos.^ 1679. 

(S. Giles, Cripplegate.) 

Grace ^ w. of Jojtph Tales ^ 1673. (S- 

Vedaft Fofter.) 
William Teardly. [1523. and w. Elijah 

bethy 1593 : S. Martin, Ludgate.] 
Sir James TerfordCy L. Mayor, 1527. 

& w. Elijabethy 1548. (S. Michael 

Henry YeveUy Frees Mafon to Edw. 3. 

Cffr. [1400 : S. Magnus.] 
Dame Margaret^ Countefs of the Tie. 

(S. Anne, Blackfriars.) 
Eilis Tongy Efq. 

James Tongy 1638. & Anne his wife, 

1666. (S. Dunftans^in::thesE.) 
Dr. John Tongy Dean of York, Matter 

of the Rolls. [1516 : Rolls Chapel.] 
Thomas TongCy 1476. (Chrift Church.) 
Elle Torky daughter of Edmond York. 
Sir John TorkCy 1549. (S. Stephen, 

Sir John Toung [or Tong']y Knight, and 

Lord Maior. [1466. & d. Agnes : S. 

Michael RoyaJ.] 
John Toungy Draper, 1670. (S. Michael, 


Dame Johaney w. of Sir John Zouchy 
1439. (S- Olave, Hart Str.) 

Printed by HaMll« WaiBon, & Vincy. \A„ London and Ayletbary. 

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